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Issue 07/2022 Special Edition

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Highlights: Advanced Recycling Carbon Capture & Utilisation

Since starting the

Since starting the journey to opening up the range of topics bioplastics MAGAZINE has historically covered, we have been considering publishing a special edition issue focusing exclusively on the newly added topics of Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) and Advanced Recycling. And oh boy did we underestimate how many articles we already had in the last two years in these topical areas. We have classical categories, like Automotive, Fibres / Textiles / Nonwovens, or Blow Moulding – and newer topics, like Feedstock or Technology. The latter of these two focuses on new, and in some cases not-so-new, advanced recycling technologies. The biggest category in this issue is From Science & Research, which also shows how much is still being developed, optimised, and tinkered with – but also how much interest these fields enjoy. There is much to explore and read in this quite massive special edition of bioplastics MAGAZINE, there are Reports and Opinion pieces, Basics articles and even a bioplastics MAGAZINE classic, 10 Years Ago. The sheer amount of content that CCU and Advanced Recycling have to offer may lead to us making these special editions more often – but that is a consideration for another time. In any case, the timing for this special edition could not be better with the K’2022 right around the corner and lots of (hopefully) innovative solutions to tackle the plastics crises (feedstock and end-of-life) on the horizon. Be it biobased or CO 2 -based, biodegradable or (advanced) recycled, new solutions need to be pushed – the days of fossil-based plastics are numbered. dear readers bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 17 Bioplastics - CO 2-based Plastics - Advanced Recycling Editorial Highlights Fibre / Textile / Nonwoven | 10 Building & Construction | 20 Basics Feedstocks, different generations | 56 ... is read in 92 countries ISSN 1862-5258 Sep/Oct 05 / 2022 I hope you enjoy this special edition of bioplastics MAGAZINE just as much as our regular issues, even if the focus this time is not on “bio” – or perhaps you enjoy this change of pace even more than the “regular flavour”. Sincerely yours Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! 3

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