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Issue 06/2022

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Highlights: Films / Flexibles / Bags Consumer Electronics Basics: Chemical Recycling K'2022 review

K’2022 Review Di Mucci Di Mucci (Izola, Slovenia) is an innovative film-producing company committed to the development of innovative solutions, to replace conventional plastic films with compostable solutions for automatic packaging machines. Di Mucci is the first world producer of transparent low-thickness shrinkable film awarded as the best packaging innovation in 2021. Vincentius-POF is a transparent film with reticular molecular structure. It can weld and shrink at low temperatures and works as a cross-linked (irradiated) film that is not recyclable and can replace also the standard POF shrink film. It works with conventional packaging machines such as side sealers, L sealers, box motions and chamber machinery with shrink tunnels. It is certified for food contact and industrial composting. Vincentius-SuperPower is a film that replaces the classic PE film (also shrinkable) with compostable materials capable of degrading and composting without specific environmental conditions. So, even if accidentally dispersed in nature, it naturally decomposes without leaving microplastics or substances harmful to the environment and human health. The film has a natural porosity, able to keep good barrier to oxygen prolonged the shelf life of fresh food, can be laminated and can be used as lidding film. It is certified home compostable. Vincentius-BOVI is a bi-oriented compostable film able to replace the classical BOPP and or CPP films. It has good rigidity and transparency and works in high-speed flowpack, flow-wraps, VFFS vertical packaging machines and in all applications where the BOPP is applied. It can be coated, laminated, and metallized and it can keep food fresh longer, increasing shelf life compared to the standard BOPP film due to its natural porosity. It is certified for food contact and is industrial compostable. “Vincentius is not our arrival point, but our first step. We are not just imagining a greener future, but making it real”, said Luca Di Mucci, founder and CEO. Kompuestos To celebrate their first encounter with a general audience after the pandemic, Kompuestos (Palau Solità i Plegamans, Spain) officially launched Neory, their new brand for biodegradable and compostable resins. In addition to exhibiting at the K’2022, Kompuestos (Palau Solità i Plegamans, Spain) has also been presenting its latest R&D developments during the Bioplastics Business Breakfast event on the sidelines of the fair. These developments include compostable solutions for food packaging and catering services to tackle plastic pollution. Compostable plastics could have a role to play here, especially where products are contaminated with food residues. Compostable packaging and any leftovers can be disposed of together in a food waste bin for collection and treatment (where permitted). Neory is a range of duly certified compostable resins, based on completely or partially biobased raw materials such as starches and other renewable sourced polymers. Neory resins have been designed to cover the current demands of the plastics industry, with solutions for blown film extrusion, injection moulding, sheet extrusion, profile extrusion and cast extrusion. The fit-for-purpose materials have been designed to be processed on existing industrial equipment, offering the opportunity to replace traditional fossil plastics without added technological investment. Neory grades have been certified as OK Compost INDUSTRIAL and/ or OK Compost HOME following TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium certification schemes or are undergoing certification. These certifications ensure that the products fully biodegrade in the specified conditions, not leaving microplastics, heavy metals or toxic components behind. Kompuestos also believes in the potential of biodegradability in the soil for a more sustainable agriculture and in this sense has developed a special grade for biodegradable mulch films. In addition to suppressing weeds and promoting crop growth, biodegradability in the soil offers added benefits for agricultural and horticultural products, as when left in the soil to break down in situ after being used, the mulch films provide nutrients to the soil and enhance soil structure. 38 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/22] Vol. 17

Novamont Mix-Me, the multivitamin and multimineral nutritional supplement produced by DSM Nutritional Products, designed to combat malnutrition in developing countries and already distributed for years in numerous countries reaching millions of consumers, now comes to the market in a compostable pack with high renewable raw material content and low environmental impact. At K 2022 the first stick pack for a powdered multivitamin and multimineral supplement made of a paper laminate and Novamont Mater-Bi bioplastic film was officially launched. It is compostable and recyclable together with household food waste. It is a highly innovative application, which products to offer a highly sustainable product stability of the product. This packaging solution is the result of SAES Coated Films and Gualapack, an been engaged in intensive joint research and based on the companies’ respective expertise in and the transformation of these materials for on regenerating resources and decarbonising arises from the will of DSM Nutritional without compromising the quality and Novamont’s collaboration with Ticinoplast, entirely Italian industrial chain that has development for years. This association is biodegradable materials, functional materials the packaging sector, focusing in particular production processes. Unlike conventional packaging – employing PET, aluminium and PE – the new packaging is made of paper and film in Mater-Bi – the Novamont bioplastic produced from raw materials of agricultural origin. This means it is compostable in accordance with standard EN 13432, with a biobased raw material content of over 65 %. The water-based biodegradable coating technology Coathink ® from SAES Coated Films provides a high water vapour and oxygen barrier, necessary for optimum preservation of the powdered product and its micronutrient content throughout its shelf life. The pack is compatible with traditional automatic packaging lines thanks to its excellent sealability properties. The innovative pack not only guarantees shelf life and productivity similar to traditional laminates but also solves the difficulties of recycling small packaging made from non-separable laminated materials. K’2022 Review 23–25 May • Siegburg/Cologne 23–25 May • Siegburg/Cologne (Germany) The brightest stars of Renewable Materials The unique concept of presenting all renewable material solutions at one event hits the mark: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled are the only alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials. First day • Bio- and CO2-based Refineries • Chemical Industry, New Refinery Concepts & Chemical Recycling Second day • Renewable Chemicals and Building Blocks • Renewable Polymers and Plastics – Technology and Markets • Innovation Award • Fine Chemicals (Parallel Session) Third day • Latest nova Research • The Policy & Brands View on Renewable Materials • Biodegradation • Renewable Plastics and Composites ORGANISED BY NOVA-INSTITUTE SPONSORED BY COVESTRO1 INNOVATION AWARD RENEWABLE MATERIAL OF THE YEAR 2023 Call for Innovation Submit your Application for the “Renewable Material of the Year 2023” Organiser Award Sponsor Platin Sponsor Gold Sponsors bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/22] Vol. 17 39

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