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Issue 06/2022

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Highlights: Films / Flexibles / Bags Consumer Electronics Basics: Chemical Recycling K'2022 review

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dear Editorial readers Looking back at this issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE I can’t help but notice two themes that currently seem very central in many different areas of plastics, be it in the topic of composting or (advanced) recycling. These two themes are also very related, on the one hand, we have the question of quality and on the other the view on and value of waste. Let’s start with quality. While I wrote an extensive review of the Advanced Recycling Conference hosted by the nova-institute I will repeat, or perhaps spoil, one central point here, the considerations around the quality of a feedstock and the quality of the resulting material. While the point of some advanced recycling technologies is to turn low-quality or highly contaminated feedstocks back into virgin level raw materials many processes need fairly clean streams. On the other hand, recyclate was for a long time seen as more of a low-quality necessary evil – the materials had little value and it was just a way to deal with waste. Similarly composting is for many just a good way to deal with waste. Now, however, especially in the recycling sector, there seems to be a shift away from recycling simply as an endof-life option towards seeing waste as a new value-adding feedstock. In our cover story on page 44 we report about an experiment of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH – a German non-profit) that touches on a completely different topic of quality – the quality of test design and scientific rigour, which, sadly, we found lacking and not up to par. However, we also touch on the view and role of biodegradable plastics in this report and how, e.g. biodegradable bin bags and certain forms of packaging, such as coffee capsules, can bring valueadding feedstocks to the compost, potentially increasing the quality of the compost (like coffee is known to do). Here again, the question is, what should be at the core of these considerations, getting rid of a certain of waste or compost as a product? And are these perhaps combinable? In any case, systems that have existed for decades seem to be slowly changing, things are in flux and, hopefully, will pick up more and more speed in the near future. Next to the conference reviews of the Advanced Recycling Conference and the Bioplastics Business Breakfast we also have our K-Review looking back at a couple of companies we noticed during the week-long plastics extravaganza in Düsseldorf. Beyond that, we have two Basics articles, one giving a comprehensive overview of Advanced Recycling technologies and another looking at digital bookkeeping and mass balance. And of course, we also have articles for our editorial focus points of Films, Flexibles, Bags and Consumer Electronics. I for one am now looking forward to more relaxed times after the K-show is over and the year is slowly coming to an end. In Germany, the time of Glühwein and Feuerzangenbowle (google it – it’s great fun) has begun, and I am all for it. And if we don’t run into each other in Berlin during the European Bioplastics Conference I already wish you happy holidays and a happy new year right now. Sincerely yours @bioplasticsmag Follow us on twitter! @bioplasticsmagazine Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/22] Vol. 17 3

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