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Issue 06/2021

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Highlights: Coating Films, Flexibles, Bags Basics: Cellulose based bioplastics


BECOME CIRCULAR WITH THE BIOPLASTIC SPECIALIST Produce, consume, throw away: that’s over now. Starting in September, we will again show you in person and onsite how FKuR bioplastics and recyclates support you on your way to a circular economy and achieving your sustainability goals. Visit our website and learn more about circular economy, bioplastics, recyclability and sustainable product design. Together we make a shift towards innovation!

dear Editorial readers Alex Thielen, Michael Thielen The Cover Story this time may only look like a “small news” segment on page 7, but we felt that it was a story worthwhile to highlight. The first straw ban toppled in California. The community of Fort Myers Beach decided to update its plastic straw ban ordinance to allow for marine biodegradable bioplastic straws. The decision is based on the insight that new marine biodegradable technologies have emerged including PHA. One year ago, we wrote on this page to be optimistic that in 2021 we can return to normal, step by step. However, even if it looked promising in late summer, our conference business has unfortunately suffered another corona-related setback. Due to an again significantly rising number of new infections in the so-called fourth wave, we had to postpone our 4 th bio!PAC to March 2022. We sincerely hope to be able to hold the event then as well as the 7 th PLA World Congress in May or June. The call for papers is open. We are looking forward to your proposals. The issue you are holding in your hand right now or read online features Coatings as one highlight. Other highlights include an opinion article about the versatility of natural PHA materials that, in addition to traditional plastic applications can also be used in other application areas, such as animal feed, medical care (both humans and animals), denitrification, or cosmetics. One article is not exactly about a renewable carbon plastics topic, but interesting enough to find its way in this issue: Scientists are developing a ship to clean the oceans from plastic waste converting the collected waste into, what they call “Blue Diesel” to fuel to ship. So that it doesn’t even have to go back to a harbour for refuelling. Finally, in our Basics section, we take a closer look at cellulose as a raw material. We hope you will enjoy reading this issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE.. We also hope to go to Berlin next week to meet some of you at the 16th European Bioplastics Conference. Here, we will present our 15th Global Bioplastics Award. This year, for the first time, the winner will be chosen by the audience of the conference. And finally, we hope you all find some rest during the holidays to come. Stay safe, stay healthy. Yours. bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 16 Bioplastics - CO 2 -based Plastics - Advanced Recycling Highlights Coating | 10 Films, Flexibles, Bags | 40 Basics Cellulose based bioplastics | 50 Cover Story First straw bans begin to topple | 7 Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! 06 / 2021 ISSN 1862-5258 ... is read in 92 countries Nov/Dec bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/21] Vol. 16 3

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