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Issue 06/2020

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Highlights: Films / Flexibles Bioplastics from waste-streams Basics: Eutrophication


Films/Flexibles/Bags Fabbri Group (Vignola, Italy) is pursuing a strategy, based on offering complete and effective packaging systems thanks to the most complete synergy of machines and films specific for different applications. Recently their Nature Fresh project received the historic Italian Award Packaging Oscar for the Technological Innovation category. Fabbri Group’s project includes different high-productivity wrapping machines with hybrid operation, i.e. able to fully exploit the potential of both traditional plastic films and the innovative certified compostable Nature Fresh film, officially introduced by Fabbri Group on the market in early 2020. The Jury, which awarded the Prize to the Group’s CEO, Stefano Mele, during the RE-ECONOMY SUMMIT event (October 14, 2020) at the headquarters of Il Sole 24 Ore - the most important Italian economic-financial newspaper - motivated the choice as follows: “The versatility of the Automac NF machines is significant as they allow packaging both with traditional stretch films and with Nature Fresh - the first certified compostable cling film for automatic packaging worldwide. The machinability is therefore optimized and allows to package and label supports of different kinds.”Nature Fresh, a film based on the Ecovio ® and Ecoflex ® polymers by BASF, is the first certified compostable stretch film for automatic packaging on a global scale and is certified as suitable also for domestic compostability. Nature Fresh combines excellent aesthetic qualities (transparency, anti-fog) with an optimal presentation of the product: it is thus able to guarantee performance equivalent to plasticized PVC films and better water vapor transmission than traditional cling films. The Automac NF packaging machines, in addition to optimizing the machine cycle of the film, allow to combine Nature Fresh with equally compostable labels and trays; they are also compatible with all the other stretch films proposed by Fabbri Group (plasticized PVC films, PE-based films, biobased films) or available on the market. “Today more than ever, preserving the environment, preserving food and avoiding waste are part of Fabbri Group’s DNA - comments Stefano Mele - These are the factors that five years ago led to the creation of the Nature Fresh project, a project that later also received official recognition from the European Union. But they are also the present and future promise that we want to keep towards our customers and towards ourselves: this Award indicates that we are on the right path, which is also confirmed by the rapidly growing number of applications for the packaging of fresh products (fruit and vegetables, meat and fish) of Italian and foreign customers.” On the market for 70 years, Fabbri Group is an international industrial leader in the production and sale of machines, films and software for the packaging of fresh and very fresh food. In addition to applications in stretch wrapping, Fabbri Group also stands out with a specific offer of machines and films for MAP and skin packaging, which has been further expanded thanks to the recent acquisition of Caveco, leading company in the production of automatic tray-sealers and lines for dosing and packaging food, with a historical position on the domestic and international market. MT Machinery for certified compostable cling film 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/20] Vol. 15

Films/Flexibles/Bags Mineral filler compound for biodegradable plastics CABAMIX is a family-owned company specializing in mineral compounding for the plastics industry. Installed in 2013 in the South of France, close to a quarry of great purity CaCO 3 , it exports its products to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. The first range of products was for conventional applications, particularly in the plastic film sector. Aware of the importance of the role of raw material suppliers in the development of eco-design, the CEO wanted to develop new formulations that are more beneficial to the environment and that meet the expectations of converters: finished product performance, process optimization and the possibility of reducing formulation costs. Cabamix now offers bio-compounds. The new range named Carbomax ® Bio is composed of compounds based on CaCO 3 , biodegradable, compostable and partially bio-based that are the subject of various certificates issued by TÜV Austria (OK Compost Industrial, OK Compost Home, OK Compost Soil). They are usable with different materials such as PBAT, PLA, PBS, PHA and their compounds or in starch base compounds. The main applications are film extrusion, fiber, injection and thermoforming. Thanks to Carbomax Bio many customers have found technical solutions to problems related to certain materials. New products are being developed and are expected to be offered to processors in 2021. From 2023, the aim is to use only bioplastics or recycled plastics in 100 % of the products manufactured by Cabamix. In order to be better identified, Cabamix is launching a new website carbomaxbio. com in eight languages and entirely dedicated to the Carbomax Bio range. This site will be enriched in the coming weeks with many topics related to the uses of different grades and customer relations (making available many regulatory documents in direct access for customers). Although Cabamix believes that human and personal connection with customers is essential, the current Corona pandemic requires developing new ways to establish and keep up the relationship with customers. Cabamix has therefore decided to intensify the use of digital tools to maintain a high quality of services. MT Think Sustainable M·VERA ® Bioplastics With our M·VERA® range of biobased and biodegradable plastics (certified to EN 13432), we provide you with customised solutions for your application: • Film Such as shopping bags, fruit and vegetable bags or agricultural films • Injection Moulding Such as packaging, coffee capsules, cutlery and others • Color, Carbon Black and Additive Masterbatches Our team of highly experienced plastic specialists is pleased to help you – contact us! | BIO-FED Branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH BioCampus Cologne · Nattermannallee 1 50829 Cologne · Germany Phone: +49 221 88 8894-00 Fax: +49 221 88 88 94-99 · bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/20] Vol. 15 19

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