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Highlights: Films / flexibles / bags K-Show Review Basics: Multilayer Packaging Cover Story: Modern laminates

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Content Imprint 34 Porsche launches cars with biocomposites Nov / Dec 06|2019 Publisher / Editorial Dr. Michael Thielen (MT) Alex Thielen (AT) Samuel Brangenberg (SB) Head Office Polymedia Publisher GmbH Dammer Str. 112 41066 Mönchengladbach, Germany phone: +49 (0)2161 6884469 fax: +49 (0)2161 6884468 Media Adviser Samsales (German language) phone: +49(0)2161-6884467 fax: +49(0)2161 6884468 Michael Thielen (English Language) (see head office) Bioplastics Award 8 And the winner is ... Films, Flexibles, Bags 16 Bioplastic barrier films for packaging 18 Avoiding food waste 19 Additives improve the property profile of bioplastics 21 Compostable Courier Bags Office & Consumer Electronics 26 Defining Green 3 Editorial 5 News 20 Cover Story 22 K-Review 28 Application News 32 Patents 34 Basics 36 Brand Owner’ Statement 37 10 years ago 42 Suppliers Guide 46 Companies in this issue Layout/Production Kerstin Neumeister Print Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala Ltd. 1004 Riga, Latvia bioplastics MAGAZINE is printed on chlorine-free FSC certified paper. Print run: 3,700 copies bioplastics magazine ISSN 1862-5258 bM is published 6 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (169 Euro for 6 issues). bioplastics MAGAZINE is read in 92 countries. Every effort is made to verify all Information published, but Polymedia Publisher cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any losses that may arise as a result. All articles appearing in bioplastics MAGAZINE, or on the website are strictly covered by copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied, scanned, photographed and/or stored in any form, including electronic format, without the prior consent of the publisher. Opinions expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect those of Polymedia Publisher. bioplastics MAGAZINE welcomes contributions for publication. Submissions are accepted on the basis of full assignment of copyright to Polymedia Publisher GmbH unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing. We reserve the right to edit items for reasons of space, clarity or legality. Please contact the editorial office via The fact that product names may not be identified in our editorial as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trade marks. bioplastics MAGAZINE tries to use British spelling. However, in articles based on information from the USA, American spelling may also be used. Envelopes A part of this print run is mailed to the readers wrapped bioplastic envelopes sponsored by Taghleef Industries, Italy Cover 5 second Studio ( modified by Kerstin Neumeister Follow us on twitter: Like us on Facebook:

daily upated news at News Avantium opened plant-based MEG demonstration plant Avantium inaugurated on November 7 th its plantbased MEG demonstration factory in Chemie Park Delfzijl, the Netherlands, bringing industry yet another solution to reduce the reliance on fossil resources. Avantium also said it had named its innovative technology to produce plant-based MEG ’Ray Technology - A Bright Step to The Future’. The opening celebrated a significant milestone in commercializing the production of plant-based MEG (mono-ethylene glycol), a vital ingredient in the production of polyesters widely used in textiles and packaging. Today, 99 % of MEG is produced from fossil resources representing a value of approximately €23 billion. This market is expected to rapidly grow in the coming decades, providing a great opportunity for the introduction of plantbased MEG as part of the transition to a more renewable world. In addition to its sustainability advantages, the production of plant-based MEG with Ray Technology is cost competitive to fossilbased MEG. The Ray Technology demonstration plant with an industrially relevant capacity of 10 tonnes annually will also produce plant-based MPG (mono-propylene glycol) which is used in a diverse set of industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food flavouring, and deicing. The end-to-end plant-based Ray Technology demonstration plant will cover all process steps in converting industrial sugars to glycols, allowing for the production of MEG and MPG samples that are representative of the final product from subsequent commercial-scale plants. MT New collaboration between nova-Institute and BT2i As of November 2019, BT2i (Rueil-Malmaison, France) and nova-Institute (Hürth, Germany) have signed a long-term agreement to accelerate and enlarge the success of a brand new TWatch Program dedicated to Greener Plastics. TWatch Programs have been offered successfully for many years by technology intelligence and marketing company BT2i on a diverse range of topics. In light of the many challenges faced today by the plastics and chemicals industry, the technology scouting will support companies on their way to a more sustainable path of making and using plastics. The multi-client TWatch Program provides its customers with the latest information on innovation and market developments in the plastic sector. Specifically included topics are bioplastics, biocomposites, natural fibres, non-toxic plastics and substitution of chemicals, recycled plastics, “plastic-free” materials, case studies by sectors (packaging, transport …), new regulations and trends as well as market data. Benefits are a database of information which is fed yearround and a monthly newsletter highlighting the most important innovations. Webinars, individual consultant sessions and an annual event are included in the package as well. A much needed support system for companies looking into greener plastic solutions. “There are so many important questions about technologies, politics and markets that many companies need to have answered in order to design their future strategies,” said Michael Carus, managing director of nova-Institute. He continued: “Often, getting a substantiated answer to all of them is too expensive for any single company. In a multi-client study, a lot more can be offered – if it is implemented with a lot of experience and professionalism. And that's why we cooperate with BT2i!” nova-Institute will promote the Greener Plastics TWatch Program in Germany and other German speaking countries, in the Netherlands and Nordic Countries. For interested companies a webinar will will be offered on 16 January 2020, 15:00. MT Picks & clicks Most frequently clicked news Here’s a look at our most popular online content of the past two months. The story that got the most clicks from the visitors to was: Greenpeace publishes inaccurate, misleading information on bioplastics (14 November 2019) It would behove a well-respected and globally operating organisation like Greenpeace to do its homework when publishing reports on important issues. The false assertions and half-baked facts presented here harm Greenpeace's credibility and cast doubt on the organisation's 'green' credentials. This is The Plant Based Products Council's response to the report published by Greenpeace. bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/19] Vol. 14 5

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