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Report GO!PHA

Report GO!PHA Introduction of the Global Organization for PHA F ollowing a successful conclusion of 1 st PHA platform world congress, in September 2018, a group of four experts conceived the idea of establishing a global initiative to accelerate the development of the PHA-platform industry by sharing experiences, knowledge and developments, and by communicating objectively towards policy development organizations, NGOs, OEMs/Brand Owners, plastics processors and the general public, and to facilitate joint development initiatives. The result is GO!PHA, a Global Organization for PHA, an initiative of Jan Ravenstijn, Rick Passenier (PACE), Anindya Mukherjee (i2i Consulting) and Michael Carus (nova-Institut). Polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers (PHAs) provide a unique opportunity as a solution for reducing greenhouse gases and environmental plastics pollution and offer numerous design opportunities in the new global plastics ecosystem. However, legislators, brand owners and the common public are largely unaware of the potential benefits and as of today commercial success has been limited. The founding members of Go!PHA believe that significant effort is needed to highlight and promote the benefits of PHAs to the global consumer community, OEMs/Brand Owners and plastics processors on PHA’s durability, sustainability and its impact on accelerating The Circular Economy via growing demand for a range of sustainable, high-quality and competitive products and materials based on renewable feedstocks and offering diverse end-of-life options. With this article, Go!PHA is presenting the start and general outline of the Global Organization for PHA; GO!PHA, and would like to invite interested stakeholders to share their feedback and support for this initiative. The Global Organization for PHA The Global Organization for PHA will serve the entire PHA-platform industry and its downstream markets in demonstrating its benefits and encouraging the development and commercialization of PHA polymers as new solutions and as a beneficial alternative to existing petroleum polymers and plastics, by engaging in three major areas: • Communication, policy and legislation Educating key public and private stakeholders about the benefits of PHA-polymers, by developing objective technical, environmental and pre-commercial communication. Advocating legislative and market adoption drivers and identifying and overcoming barriers for further PHApolymers adoption, by actively representing the industry interests in key global and local forums. • Market proliferation Improving market perception about the application development options and multiplying on success, by showcasing best practices. Creating an informative channel to present the realm of product and application development options and to develop objective inter-material replacement data. Create a forum to allow members to help match market demand and supply, and application development. • Technical and scientific knowledge development Accelerating the implementation of technical and scientific developments across the industry, by sharing processes, methods and tools to improve the overall PHA-polymer competitiveness. Facilitating pre-competitive research and create a forum for development partnerships on matters of common interest. Structure The Global PHA Organization will be a non-profit organization, backed by its members, with a lean management structure. It will have a global scope and the organization aims to have representation/ambassadors at all geographic locations. For the daily support, management, on- and offline representation and ancillary expenses, an initial annual budget requirement of approximately 300,000 EUR is foreseen. Engagement GO!PHA welcomes all parties that want to support and/or to join efforts in developing, producing and commercializing PHA polymers, from feedstock to product to end-oflife. Membership provides access to the global PHA community, workshops and knowledge sharing, technical and commercial communication towards public and private stakeholders, involvement in product assessments and sideby-side comparisons, case studies and position papers and concrete project and partnership opportunities. Membership options and financial contributions will be based on engagement level, in two brackets: • General membership fee (discriminating small and medium sized enterprises, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and multi-national companies) • Project related fees for involvement in particular programs and projects Additionally, the organization will propose founding member contributions for establishing the organization, sponsorship packages and donations from various stakeholders. Next steps The Global Organization for PHA will be shaped in the coming months with a targeted formal establishment date in Q1-2019. The team has scheduled the following process: • December 2018: gathering feedback on function, structure and support 32 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/18] Vol. 13

Report Rick Passenier (PACE) Anindya Mukherjee (i2i Consulting) By: Rick Passenier PACE Amsterdam, The Netherlands • December 2018-January 2019: formal proposal and request for support • February 2019: first-members-meeting to shape the foundation • February 2019: formal foundation of the organization. The founding members kindly ask all interested stakeholders to provide feedback, ideas, questions and support, before December 14 th , 2018 to the contacts published at the website Platform activities Jan Ravenstijn Michael Carus (nova-Institut) External communication and recommendations Objective and pre-commercial data generation Communication, policy and legislation Lobby and influence Clear and collective voice Market proliferation Education Showcasing Design tools Technical & scientific knowledge development Exploration Joint development Project and partnership facilitation nova-Institute Events in 2018/2019 1 – 2 October 2018 · Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany 6 – 8 November 2018 · Messe Stuttgart, Germany 20 – 21 March 2019 · Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany 16 th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association June 5 th – 6 th 2019 15-16 May 2019 · Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany 5-6 June 2019 · Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany Contact: Mr. Dominik Vogt, +49 (0) 2233 48 14 49, · All conferences at bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/18] Vol. 13 33

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