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Bioplastics from waste

Bioplastics from waste streams Valorizing Plant pots Biodegradable plastic pipe (Heijmans) Rodenburg Biopolymers’ activities started in 1945, trading plant-derived products for various industries. Soon Arie Rodenburg added side stream activities, by buying defects from potato sorters. This was when the long-term relationship with potato side streams started. Who would have known that a forage business would turn into Bioplastics half a century later? Collaboration In the 1960’s, Rodenburg started working together with French Fry Factories and pioneered in collecting and valorizing industrial side streams. Rodenburg was characterized by tight collaborations and innovation on every step in the value chain. At the beginning of the chain, the processes of the factories needed to be adjusted to make the collection of side streams possible. Rodenburg introduced new innovative processing techniques, like grinding the steam peels. At the end of the chain, Rodenburg created a market for its products and revolutionized the forage industry. This was also the start of its R&D activities. The various side streams were split and tested for optimal results on different cattle species. Aaik Rodenburg recalled: “We partnered up and started a bull farming business to raise top quality cattle on our side stream products. This way we could optimize the valorization processes and show our customers excellent quality meat.” During these decades Rodenburg built the bedrock and the fundamentals for the business. Collaboration and innovation are still King for success at Rodenburg Biopolymers. Innovation In the year 2000, Aaik Rodenburg made a turnaround to Biodegradable polymers, in cooperation with Wageningen ATO (Food and Biobased Research). Building further on the essence of the company; the valorization of co-products and waste streams. An intensive period of R&D followed, with many obstacles to overcome. Resulting in various certified and awardwinning biodegradable products. For example, the biobased packaging material for Mars’ candy bars, awarded with the 11th Global Bioplastics Award by bioplastics MAGAZINE. These innovations took time, flexibility and continuous improvement. “We were so proud to produce our first, biodegradable plant pots,” Aaik recounted. “During the opening of our new factory, we handed out dozens of those with a flower in it. Unfortunately, the product appeared to evoke a special reaction from dogs; diggingup the pots and ruin the gardens. Other uncalculated side-effects were the increasing odor over time and the violets changing their color. Apparently, the protein in the potato was the culprit.” Biodegradable plastic pipe (Heijmans) Drawing from this anecdote, it shows the persistence and grit needed to achieve the desired products, 24 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/18] Vol. 13 Bäumer 4.0 – Enter the age of smart manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is more than a trend, it’s the future and it’s what Bäumer believes in. Our intelligent services pave the way to take your production into tomorrow, with the connected data and production systems that make your processes seamlessly easy, efficiently economical and predictably reliable. Bäumer 4.0 – log-in to tomorrow. WWW.BAEUMER.COM Anzeige-145x165-Digitalisierung-EN-18_4_18.indd 1 18.04.18 16:25 Adiprene ® Urethan-Prepolymere nun ein Leistungsversprechen von LANXESS LANXESS Urethane Systems bekennt sich zum bewährten Qualitätsversprechen von Adiprene ® . Adiprene ® Prepolymere werden weltweit in den anspruchsvollsten Anwendungen verwendet und sind bekannt für ihre Verschleiß- und Abriebbeständigkeit und Tragfähigkeit. Der Kunde steht im Fokus unserer Aktivitäten, um gemeinsam individuelle Lösungen zu entwickeln. Lesen Sie mehr über uns unter Oder kontaktieren Sie uns direkt via Email Wir freuen uns auf Sie! SmartFace SmartTraining SmartTrace SmartRemain Bioplastics from waste streams Nähere Informationen zu unseren Industrie 4.0 Produkten unter: Hansen & Rosenthal KG E-Mail: side streams even before entering the market. “We have 50 Years of experience in valorizing side streams, strong in-house R&D and a track record in co-creation. Still, every innovation involves a lean, innovative approach and customization,” said Thijs Rodenburg, CEO of the company. The violets are still standing in the office as a reminder for that, next to Mars’ packaging. TRANSITION During the last decade, there has been a change in business needs, manufacturing demands and ethical standards. However, the customer is still not ready to pay the premium for innovative processes or biodegradable materials. Rodenburg Biopolymers found the gap: value adding propositions and unique product performances. Thijs Rodenburg: “Two years ago, we produced biodegradable plant support sticks. We hoped customers would embrace the cradle to cradle or biodegradable concept. Unfortunately, we could not compete with the cheaper, plastic alternatives. We continued R&D with our partners Growfun and Wageningen University and looked for the right proposition to reach our target audience. We found a way to add fertilizer to the sticks, so not only would they provide support, but also feed the plant nutrition over time. This product was launched at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair this year, under the brand Voodstock, with great success.” According to Rodenburg, the market is in transition. It is only a matter of time before the mass will embrace bioplastics as a sustainable alternative. And waste streams will play an important role as a feedstock. MT from left: Thijs, Joost and Aaik Rodenburg, ALL ABOUT POLYMERS DKT 2018-Vorbericht DKT 2018 preview tpe markets POLYURETHANES MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL 03/2018 JUNE/JULY Interview with R. Trippler, Hennecke & E. Lombardini, OMS Blowing agents Polyisocyanurate insulation Additives for PIR rigid foams YOUR MACHINES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. FORUM FÜR DIE POLYURETHANINDUSTRIE PU MAGAZIN 03/2018 Juli Interview mit N. Beyl, Fa. KraussMaffei Interview mit A. Fi l, Fa. Fi l Europäischer Weichschaummarkt CO 2 -basierte Polyole Polyisocyanurat-Dämmstoffe QUALITY PERFORMS. Qualität von LANXESS Fachmagazin für die Polymerindustrie SAVE THE DATE 02. – 05. JULI Prognose für den Naturkautschukmarkt Amine in Kieselsäure/Silan-NR-Systemen Entwicklungen für Lkw-Reifen Schwefeldiffusion in Rezyklatmischungen DESMA 4.0 PRODUKTE UND PROZESSE VERNETZEN. Your experts in rubber and silicone injection moulding. 24/7 Magazine for the Polymer Industry Outlook for the NR market Shape memory polymers CO 2 diffusivity Revisiting sulfur vulcanisation The Drop That Makes The Difference Hansen & Rosenthal is the Producer of Anti Ozone Waxes and Plasticizers sustainable edpm for tpv high molecular weight mineral oil 3d printing of tpe dkt 2018 preview 71. Jahrgang, Juni 2018 06| 2018 Volume 13, June 2018 3| 2018 Volume 9, April 2018 2| 2018 · Stay informed with our free newsletters: bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/18] Vol. 13 25

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