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Award And the winner is

Award And the winner is ... The 13 th Global Bioplastics Award 2018 was given to Aakar Innovations for their biobased sanitary pads for girls and women in rural India Aakar Innovations Pvt. Ltd. from Belapur, Mumbai, India developed a fully compostable sanitary pad for girls and women in rural India. The pads are manufactured in local decentralized workshop locations by the local women of the region. Arunachalam Murugananphan is the social entrepreneur that made this all happen and received the innovation award from the President of India. Aakar Innovations follows in those pioneering footsteps and takes it a step further by introducing the element of environmental and social responsibility. Using biobased and fully compostable materials, Aakar is manufacturing sanitary pads using rural, low cost manufacturing and also providing jobs to women in rural villages. Aakar is a hybrid social enterprise that enables women to produce and distribute affordable, high-quality, 100 % compostable sanitary napkins within their communities while simultaneously raising awareness and sensitization of menstrual hygiene management. That’s why Aakar launched a 100 % compostable sanitary pad under the brand name Anandi. Anandi is a 100 % compostable sanitary napkin using biobased compostable polymer film. It uses virgin soft pine wood pulp containing more than 97 % of cellulose and hemi-cellulose. The wood pulp as used has pure cellulose materials with complete uniformity of fibers allowing it to decompose easily. Activated by an only eco-friendly ozone treatment process and using compostable bioplastic. The root sources of the material used is from naturally available corn starch. The judges were impressed with the holistic concept, addressing the social, economic and environmental elements at the same time. A perfect example of what sustainability is all about! It is tangible, helping millions of women in rural India, and shows how bioplastics can advance the cause of environmental and social justice in a responsible manner. All bioplastic components are certified compostable as per EN 13432 or ASTM D6400. A certification for soil degradability is being awaited and will complete a truly remarkable story of empowerment, social justice and environmental responsibility The prize was awarded to the winning company on December 4 th , 2018 during the 13 th European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin, Germany. MT 10 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/17] Vol. 12

Events bioplastics MAGAZINE presents a first of its kind: call for papers Conference on Biobased Materials in Toy Applications 27 - 28 March 2019 - Nürnberg, Germany The biobased polymer supply chain meets the toy maker industry and trade. • More than 20 presentations with focus on suitable materials and user experiences • Background information on regulation / policy, and funding opportunities in EU • Table-top exhibition of business and technology leaders • Time and atmosphere supporting business development through dialog • Media and PR programme to spread the news • Supported by the German Toy Maker Association DVSI Driving innovation, sustainability and product safety to the next level. Explore new ways with biobased plastics. Confirmed speakers include: Lego, Bioseries, Bioblo, eKoala, Braskem, FKuR, Tecnaro, Hexpol TPE, nova-Institute and DVSI Call for Papers is still open. For updated information and opportunities on programme, exhibiting, sponsoring, etc. visit the website or contact Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Coorganized by Innovation Consulting Harald Kaeb supported by Media Partner 1 st Media Partner #bio-toy

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