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Issue 06/2017

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News daily upated news at Erratum In our last issue we published an article about Cathay Biotech: "Advances in textile applications for biobased polyamide". However we made a mistake in the title of Fig 3. We sincerely apologize. Please find the correct picture below. MT 25 — 20 — 15 — 10 — 5 — 0 — 0 2 3 4 8 Terryl K/S PA6 PA66 Figure 3: Terryl uses less dye to achieve the same dyeing performance New PHA plant Hydal Corporation (headquartered in Singapore) will start the production of a PHA biopolymer (PHB) in Slovakia on the site of its Slovak partner. It is the first industrial plant for production of this biopolymer. Hydal biotechnology enables the production from used cooking oil. The production capacity of the factory in the first phase will be 1.000 tonnes with up-scaling up to 10.000 tonnes of PHB per year. Production will begin at the end of 2018. PHB will be used to develop and manufacture their own nonoilen bioplastic solution and for cosmetic applications. The Hydal Corporation was founded by two EU partners: NAFIGATE Corporation – owner of biopolymer PHA production technology know-how and Panara Ltd. – owner of biopolymer blends process technology know-how. Contribution of both companies in the form of patented, unique industrial know-how gives Hydal Corporation very big potential to succeed in the worldwide market expansion. Besides technology know-how, both partners are experts in the area of bio-technologies and bio-plastics processing. Both founders have strong R&D base and technical support which increases the potential of successful investments into project in each phase of its realization. Picks & clicks Most frequently clicked news Here’s a look at our most popular online content of the past two months. The story that got the most clicks from the visitors to was: New Studies Confirm: Biodegradable Plastics Boost Organic Recycling and Improve Mechanical Recycling (17 Oct 2017) Biodegradable plastics offer innovative solutions to improve recycling quality by facilitating the means for more efficient separate waste collection. more at This has been confirmed by a new study concerning the effects of biodegradable plastics on plastics recycling streams in Italy, where all single-use carrier bags have to be compostable since 2011.... Online toolbox for easier biobased procurement The European project InnProBio has launched an online toolbox for biobased procurement in the public sector. The toolbox includes an online database of biobased products and suppliers, good practice examples, procurement instruments and standard tender text blocks. The toolbox is available in English, German, Dutch and Polish. The toolbox is a starting point for public buyers to get informed about the various biobased products available on the market. It includes a database of products and suppliers of biobased products. Information about the biobased content, sustainability, functionality and end-of-life aspects such as biodegradability are also included. Claims are supported by references to standards, technical sheets, labels and certificates. Producers and suppliers of biobased products are invited to add their products to the database. In addition, the toolbox provides instruments that can support the procurement of biobased products: good practice examples showing how biobased procurement is successfully implemented in practice, information on procurement instruments most relevant in biobased procurement, and sample tender text blocks that can be used when putting together tender documents. 8 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/17] Vol. 12

organized by 5 th PLA World Congress 29-30 MAY* 2018 MUNICH › GERMANY is a versatile bioplastics raw PLA material from renewable resources. It is being used for films and rigid packaging, for fibres in woven and non-woven applications. Automotive industry and consumer electronics are thoroughly investigating and even already applying PLA. New methods of polymerizing, compounding or blending of PLA have broadened the range of properties and thus the range of possible applications. That‘s why bioplastics MAGAZINE is now organizing the 5 th PLA World Congress on: 29-30 May* 2018 in Munich / Germany Experts from all involved fields will share their knowledge and contribute to a comprehensive overview of today‘s opportunities and challenges and discuss the possibilities, limitations and future prospects of PLA for all kind of applications. Like the four previous congresses the 5 th PLA World Congress will also offer excellent networking opportunities for all delegates and speakers as well as exhibitors of the table-top exhibition. The team of bioplastics MAGAZINE is looking forward to seeing you in Munich. The conference will comprise high class presentations on › Latest developments › Market overview call for papers still open › High temperature behaviour › Blends and comounds › Additives / Colorants › Applications (film and rigid packaging, textile, automotive,electronics, toys, and many more) Sponsor: Contact us at: for exhibition and sponsoring opportunities * date subject to changes › Fibers, fabrics, textiles, nonwovens › Reinforcements › End of life options (recycling,composting, incineration etc) Supported by: bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/17] Vol. 12 9

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