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Report SuperBio – new

Report SuperBio – new funding program for biobased value chains The European SuperBIO project supports the development of value chains producing biobased materials, chemicals, fermentation products, innovative food/ feed ingredients and advanced liquid or gaseous fuels – this includes biobased polymers and plastics. Value chains within the scope of SuperBIO use organic material as a process feedstock or enzymes/cells (algae, fungi, bacteria, plants etc) as processing tools. SuperBIO is a Horizon2020 innovation project that aims to develop and support new, innovative, cross-border and cross-sectorial industrial value chains in the biobased economy. The partner enterprises of the European value chain come at least from two European countries and include at least one small or medium enterprise (SME). Multinational companies are allowed to be part in the value By: Michael Carus and Asta Partanen nova-Institute Hürth, Germany 1. 2. SuperBIO’s 10 Innovation Services chain, but only small and medium enterprises have access to the SuperBIO support program. The project provides networking and advice on innovation opportunities, will help building new value chains – in cooperation with cluster organisations in Spain, France, Belgium and Poland – and provides 10 different innovation support services that are essential elements for business planning and creating further leverage. These innovation services are 75 % funded by SuperBIO. Eventually, the goal of SuperBIO is to bring the value chain closer to the market. The services are provided by Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BE), NNFCC - The bioeconomy consultants (UK), BCNP Consultants (DE), Biotech Subsidy (BE), Gill Jennings & Every (UK) and nova-Institut (DE), and include: • Scale up and proof-of-concept (1.) • Innovation capture and patent filing (2.) • Feedstock analysis (5.) • Techno-economic evaluation (3.) • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (7.) • Sustainability and regulatory appraisal (6.) • Market research (4.) • Business Planning (8.) • Subsidy and grant strategy (10.) • Access to investors (9.) Most of the services are interesting for start-ups and SMEs in the field of biobased polymers, plastics and composites, especially for the development of new applications and value chains. 3. 4. The project runs from 1 st of June 2016 until 30 th of November 2018. Applications can be submitted until 31 st July 2018. Companies or stakeholders interested in innovation services to bring their value chain closer to the market, find more information at the project website. 5. 6. SuperBIO in a nut shell: • For value chains with at least three stakeholders (at least one SME) from at least two countries • 10 different innovation services 75% funded by the project • Easy application & low bureaucracy • Each SME in the value chain can receive services for a maximal total value of € 60 000. Up to 25% needs to be • cofunded by the applicant. 7. 8. 9. 10. 38 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/16] Vol. 11

Report Industrial Solutions Polylactide Technology Uhde Inventa Fischer Polycondensation Technologies has expanded its product portfolio to include the innovative state-of-the-art PLAneo ® process for a sustainable polymer. The feedstock for our PLA process is lactic acid, which can be produced from local agricultural products containing starch or sugar. The application range of PLA is similar to that of polymers based on fossil resources as its physical properties can be tailored to meet packaging, textile and other requirements. bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/16] Vol. 11 39

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