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Award And the winner is

Award And the winner is ... Rodenburg, Taghleef and Mars win the 11 th Global Bioplastics Award 2016 for a jointly developed Candybar-wrapper made from waste potato starch and recycled PLA Two family-owned businesses - the Dutch potatostarch processor Rodenburg and the US-based global food corporation Mars as well as the innovative film producer Taghleef Industries (Ti) were chosen to win the 2016 Bioplastics Award for their encouraging development of a new film packaging for food products, namely candybars. The international jury found it an outstanding example of research to develop a complex packaging fulfilling demanding requirements. The project covered the whole value-chain of packing material processing, ranging from the production of the bioplastic resin (waste starch based Solyanyl ® C, Rodenburg) through extrusion and stretching of the plastic films (Ti) to the actual packaging of food products (Mars). The development of a special Solanyl recipe consisting of waste starch from the potato processing industry and recycled PLA (sheet extrusion production waste) enabled the development of a packaging structure which has been found well performing in a Mars field test. The packaging was temporarily introduced in test markets in the Netherlands, France and Germany during 2015. Before, however, a comprehensive launch more work needs to be done. Nevertheless, it already is an awsome example of team spirit and will to succeed. Taghleef, Mars’ packaging converter, manufactured the film on a BOPP line, while Mondi printed the packaging; it took four production trials before an acceptable packaging film was manufactured. The development which started in 2012 is a highlight of what can be achieved if the right partners team up to develop a demanding packaging: Chocolate is not one of the easiest products in terms of smell and taste preservation and sensitivity, this new starch-based packaging material fulfils requirements for barrier and protection. “We have a compound that works, and is recyclable at production (film extrusion) which helps reduce production waste and bring material cost down.” Thijs Rodenburg, CEO of Rodenburg Biopolymers stated. “The focus was on using a packaging material that is sustainable and uses 2 nd generation feedstock,” he continued. Not only does the material require about 30 % less energy to produce, it also has a carbon footprint that is over 35 % lower than that of traditional packaging materials (PP). “Biodegradability was a packaging side-effect for Mars”, Thijs continued, “who didn’t consider it highly important because the company was concerned consumers might not understand what it means.” Rodenburg started with trading of plant-derived products for various industries in 1945. The company has been a family owned company since then, with currently the third generation joining the company. Taghleef Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BoPP)- and cast polypropylene (CPP) films in the world, headquartered in Dubai U.A.E.. Ti also supplies a new range of bio-based, compostable and biodegradable range of BoPLA (Bio-oriented PolyLactic Acid) packaging films branded NATIVIA. Mars started back 1911 and is a global manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products with US billion in annual sales in 2015, it is amongst the largest companies in the US. Solanyl is mainly based on reclaimed side stream starch from potato processing industry grain, seed, root or flour based resources. It does not compete with food or animal feedstock. The prize was awarded to the winning companies on November 29 th , 2016 during the 11 th European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin, Germany. MT 10 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/15] Vol. 10

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