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Issue 05/2022

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Highlights: Fibres / Textiles / Nonwovens Building & Construction Basics: Feedstocks K'2022 preview

Events Bioplastics

Events Bioplastics Business Breakfast Programme: For details of the event, see next page or visit Thursday, October 20 th , 2022 8:00–8:05 Welcome remarks Michael Thielen, bioplastics MAGAZINE 8:05–8:25 The current policy situation in Europe Stefan Barot, EUBP 8:25–8:45 The commercialization roadmap for the recycling of PLA bioplastics François de Bie, TotalEnergies Corbion 8:45–9:05 CO 2 reduction by using renewable PP for thermoformed packaging applications Martin Bussmann, Neste 9:05–9:25 PLAIR - a new material made from plants and air Philippe Wolff, Ricoh 9:25–9:35 Questions & Answers 9:35–9:55 Compostable solutions for food packaging to tackle plastic pollution Gregory Coué & Carlos Duch, Kompuestos 9:55–0:15 Biobased coating for Packaging application opportunities & challenges Lorena Rodríguez Garrido, AIMPLAS 10:15–0:35 Advanced biobased and compostable films for packaging & amination application Frank Hoebener, Natur-Tec Europe 10:35–0:45 Q&A 10:45–1:05 Coffee / Networking break 11:05–1:25 Second generation feedstock for PLA to improve sustainability of packing Albrecht Läufer, BluCon Biotech 11:25–1:45 Packaging films based on BO-PLA, PHA, and bio-PP Allegra Muscatello, Taghleef Industries 11:45–2:05 Added value of compostable products in packaging applications Erik Pras, Biotec 12:05–2:25 Compostable packaging - Pros & Cons Bruno de Wilde, OWS 12:25–2:30 Q&A Friday, October 21 st , 2022 8:00–8:05 Welcome remarks Michael Thielen, bioplastics MAGAZINE 8:05–8:25 Natural PHAs - Niche or Mainstream Jan Ravenstijn, GO!PHA 8:25–8:45 A new family of PHA for biomedical and other applications Ipsita Roy & Andrea Mele, Univ. of Sheffield 8:45–9:05 PHA: Turning challenges into opportunities Ruud Rouleaux, Helian 9:05–9:25 PHA Application Development Amir Afshar, Shellworks 9:25–9:35 Q&A 9:35–9:55 A Better Circular Solution: Incorporating Amorphous PHAs into Your Polymers Hugo Vuurens, CJ Biomaterials 9:55–0:15 Application examples for PHA compounds Eligio Martini, MAIP 10:15–0:35 Happy Cups – How it’s made Thiemo van der Weij, LIMM Recycling 10:35–0:45 Q&A 10:45–1:05 Coffee / Networking break 11:05–1:25 Colors with a purpose Daniel Ganz, Sukano 11:25–1:45 Joining efforts to address PHA adaptation to packaging technologies Fred Pinczuk, BEYOND PLASTIC 11:45–2:05 Renewable Carbon Plastics Michael Carus, nova-Institute 12:05–2:25 Japan’s policy for bioplastics towards 2030 and 2050 and expectation to PHA Hiroyuki Ueda, Mitsubishi UFJ Research 12:25–2:30 Q&A Saturday, October 22 nd , 2022 8:00–8:05 Welcome remarks Michael Thielen, bioplastics MAGAZINE 8:05–8:25 Can biopolymers contribute to a carbon positive chemistry? Lars Börger, EUBP 8:25–8:45 PLA in technical applications Alexander Piontek, Fraunhofer Umsicht 8:45–9:05 Recyclable, durable and circular biopolymer solutions Christina Granacher, BeGaMo 9:05–9:25 Bio-PE and Bio-PP for durable applications Floris Buijzen, Borealis 9:25–9:35 Q&A 9:35–9:55 Polymer architecture for custom-made biomaterials with adaptable end-of-life Stefaan De Wildeman, B4Plastics 9:55–0:15 Biobased raw materials for high performance composites Stefan Seidel, Bond-Laminates 10:15–0:35 Biobased polymeric flexibilizers Christian Müller, Emery Oleochemicals 10:35–0:45 Q&A 10:45–1:05 Coffee / Networking break 11:05–1:25 Biocomposites based on biodegradable bioplastics and degradable glass fibre reinforcements Ari Rosling, ABM Composites 11:25–1:45 Short Fiber Reinforced Polymer (SFRP) Emanuel Martins, Earth Renewable Technologies 11:45–2:05 Bioplastics in durable applications Juliette Thomazo-Jegou, AIMPLAS 12:05–2:25 Bioplastics for toy applications Harald Kaeb, Narocon 12:25–2:30 Q&A Subject to changes 8 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/22] Vol. 17

8. Generation The all-rounder – for many applications Register now organized by 20–22.10.2022 Messe Düsseldorf, Germany BIOPLASTICS BUSINESS BREAKFAST B 3 Bioplastics in Packaging PHA, Opportunities & Challenges Bioplastics in Durable Applications Gold Sponsors Media Partner Silver Sponsor Supported by JOINING PLASTICS FÜGEN VON KUNSTSTOFFEN RFP Rubber | Fibres | Plastics At the World‘s biggest trade show on plastics and rubber: K‘2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany, bioplastics will certainly play an important role again. On three days during the show bioplastics MAGAZINE will host a Bioplastics Business Breakfast: From 8am to 12pm the delegates will enjoy highclass presentations and unique networking opportunity. Venue: CCD Ost, Messe Düsseldorf The trade fair opens at 10 am. On-site registration is possible

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