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Issue 05/2022

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Highlights: Fibres / Textiles / Nonwovens Building & Construction Basics: Feedstocks K'2022 preview

K’2022 Preview TotalEnergies Corbion Biobased, recyclable, compostable, and innovative. Discover Luminy ® PLA at TotalEnergies Corbion’s booth. In the modern world, not only the “beginning of life” but also the most sustainable “end-of-life” options are important. Produced from sugar cane, PLA bioplastic is not only 100 % biobased but also 100 % recyclable. TotalEnergies Corbion (Gorinchem, The Netherlands) is proud to present the first commercially available recycled PLA (rPLA) with properties identical to virgin PLA. In Düsseldorf, the company presents a real-life closed loop system: PLA water bottles (made from recycled PLA) are used, collected, cleaned, and reprocessed into PLA! The Luminy recycled PLA grades boast the same properties, characteristics, and regulatory approvals, including food contact, as virgin Luminy PLA. Biodegradation and industrial compostability are also key features of Luminy PLA that can be best used to help divert organic waste from landfill or to prevent leakage of plastics into the environment. The stand will feature a special display to showcase teabags, coffee capsules, and organic waste collection bags – all applications that are best made from compostable materials. Visitors will also see a commercially available 3D printed surfboard, and with a 3D pen you can write in 3 dimensions with Luminy PLA. Luminy PLA has also been the material of choice to replace thermoset caps and closures for a luxury cosmetics brand. Visit our stand and learn about PLA, from feedstock to end-of-life options. 6 E20 Wyve PLA surfboard (Photo: Helene Cascarino) DSM DSM Engineering Materials (Geleen, The Netherlands) has been active in biobased plastics for decades. Its extensive portfolio consists of three traceable biobased polyamide solutions – EcoPaXX, Stanyl ECO, and ForTii ECO – as well as three mass-balanced polyamides: Stanyl B-MB, EcoPaXX B-MB, and Akulon B-MB. It also produces two biobased polyester solutions: Arnitel ECO and Arnitel B-MB. Its latest advance is Stanyl B-MB, an industry-first 100 % biobased high-temperature polyamide that delivers the same performance as conventional Stanyl with half the carbon footprint. As with its fossilbased equivalent, Stanyl B-MB’s high-temperature mechanics, flow and processing, and wear and friction resistance make it suitable for applications across the automotive, electronics, and consumer goods industries. The only difference is that both monomers used in Stanyl B-MB are derived from renewable sources, enabling a 3.3-tonne reduction in CO 2 emissions per tonnes produced. This industry-first product is part of DSM Engineering Materials’ commitment to providing bio – and/or recycled-based alternatives for its entire portfolio by 2030 while promoting sustainable thinking across the value chain. 6 B11 Automotive application (Chain tensioner) AIMPLAS AIMPLAS (Paterna, Valencia, Spain) will present its developments in biodegradable materials and materials from renewable sources, as well as its R&D&I projects on biotechnology and the use of biomass, among others. One of the projects to be presented will be the EOCENE project, which aims to obtain all composite compounds from renewable sources and develop sustainable technologies for obtaining controlled processes for the recyclability and valorisation of generated residues. The project will allow the development of new biobased and more eco-friendly thermoset resins by reducing the use of fossil-based compounds, which will reduce the carbon footprint by 20 %. Regarding technological services, the technology centre will present its technical assistance capabilities in the field of ecolabels and certifications, as it has the necessary capabilities to carry out biodegradability and compostability tests. AIMPLAS will also present its training courses in bioplastics and seminars on biopolymers and biotechnology, among others. 8a E12-05 38 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/22] Vol. 17

LANXESS Like many other industries, the urethane industry is facing the challenge to develop sustainable systems with reduced carbon footprint. Under the brand name Adiprene Green LF LANXESS (Cologne, Germany) provides a range of biobased, low free monomer prepolymers for polyurethane CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers) applications. Biobased LF prepolymers focus on renewable chemical building blocks that are designed to the specific needs of many different applications by exploring additional chemistries and optimization of molecular weight and structure. Progress has been made in developing biobased LF MDI prepolymers over a wide range of NCO content (free reactive isocyanate groups) which yield systems with lower viscosity at application temperature, improved high crystallinity, better wetting ability, and fast green strength in reactive hot melt and two-component adhesives formulations. The new LF MDI prepolymers enable hot-melt formulations with a bio-content of up to 75 %. Other Adiprene Green systems allow the manufacturing of PU elastomers with a biocontent of up to 90 %. 6 C76-C78 Biotec As a leading European bioplastics compounder since 1992, Biotec (Emmerich, Germany) has always taken on the challenge to develop new sustainable biopolymer resins made from plant-based renewable resources. With 100 % biodegradable materials, the GMO-free and plasticizer-free products can be returned to their source to complete the natural life cycle that ends where it begins. One of their newest innovations is the Bioplast 120, a flexible alternative starchbased thermoplastic material with an ISCC+ certification suitable for blown film and sheet film extrusion. Completely biodegradable this product is compostable according to EN 13432 at both industrial composting facilities and in well-maintained home composting units. As for all their grades, it can be processed on conventional equipment. The K-Show 2022 is the occasion where Biotec will also reveal its new identity. Visit their booth to witness the unveiling of further smart solutions for a better life! 5 B24 K’2022 Preview 8. KOOPERATIONSFORUM UND PARTNERING Biopolymere 10. November 2022 | Online Bildnachweis: iStock©Petmal Jetzt anmelden! bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/22] Vol. 17 39

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