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Issue 05/2022

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Highlights: Fibres / Textiles / Nonwovens Building & Construction Basics: Feedstocks K'2022 preview

Application News

Application News Sustainable PLAYMOBIL toys With the new PLAYMOBIL (Zirndorf, Germany) product series Wiltopia, children discover our Earth, its special features and its inhabitants. Without dry facts, but with lots of play fun and sustainable material in proven Playmobil quality! Playmobil and plastic recycling partner Coolrec (Waalwijk, the Netherlands) show exactly how this works in their Explainer clip, which is being released to coincide with the launch of the product series. Long-lasting quality – designed with the environment in mind Wiltopia is the first product range from Playmobil to be made from an average of over 80 % sustainable material. PCR plastics – i.e. plastics that have already been used by consumers and subsequently fed into the recycling loop – and biobased plastics are used. This conserves unused resources and above all the environment by giving already used materials a new life. All of the new items in the Wiltopia range naturally match the proven Playmobil quality. The explainer video clip: From the old refrigerator to new Playmobil sets. But how does it actually work exactly? Playmobil and recycling specialist Coolrec, a subsidiary of Renewi (Milton Keynes, UK), have produced a clip ( for this purpose. In a child-friendly way, it shows how the Wiltopia items are made from recycled plastics that Coolrec extracts from discarded refrigerators. Pretty cool and really good for the planet! In the spirit of transitioning to a circular economy, the old refrigerators are stripped of the materials that are no longer needed. The plastics from the refrigerators are then shredded and turned into flakes. The flakes are turned into Coolrec pellets using advanced mechanical recycling processes, and you can make just about anything from them! Like all the animals and playsets in the new Playmobil product line Wiltopia and much, much more! AT/MT | Industrial compostable stretch film Anhui Jumei Biological Technology (Anhui, China) is a focused developer and manufacturer of compostable raw materials and products. Until June 2022, Anhui Jumei has supplied a total of 3,500 tonnes of compostable cling wrap to the market. These new cling wrap products are delivered to customers in 22 countries and regions worldwide to replace traditional plastic wrap and to reduce environmental pollution. The compostable cling wraps of Jumei were approved for the OK Compost label in March 2019 and certified home compostable one year after. In recent years it became a trend for households to embrace more disposable compostable products as the public is increasingly concerned about environmental issues. New regulations and legislative restrictions banning toxic plastics placed on the market prevailed soon, making the compostable cling wrap a popular substitute for households. So, it is no surprise that compostable cling wraps are broadly used in households, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and industrial food packaging. The current annual output is 1,000 tonnes. Jumei compostable cling wrap meets various requirements for food packaging applications: 1. Food grade with no odour and high transparency 2. Safe for microwave oven and refrigerator 3. Good for fresh and cooked food packaging 4. Biodegradable and compostable Jumei has made every effort to make as many compostable alternatives as possible to reach more end consumers. They are never satisfied and feel an obligation to improve their products even more. It is their mission to address the global plastic problem with the most viable and sustainable products. AT/MT Wiltopia by PLAYMOBIL [m] (Photo: Playmobil) 14 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/22] Vol. 17

Hall 6 Stand C52 M·VERA ® Biocompounds Discover our wide range of biodegradable and/or biobased materials for injection moulding, extrusion, thermoforming, 3D printing and films – with various end-of-life scenarios. The M·VERA ® grades have different amounts of renewable carbon content and are food contact approved. Matching color and additive masterbatches are also provided. BIO-FED · Member of the Feddersen Group 50829 Cologne · Germany · Phone: +49 221 888894-00 · ·

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