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Highlights: Fibres, Textiles, Nonwovens Biocomposites Basics: CO2-based plastics

23 – 24 March •

23 – 24 March • Hybrid Event Leading Event on Carbon Capture & Utilisation • Strategy & Policy • Green Hydrogen Production • Carbon Capture Technologies • Carbon Utilisation (Power-to-X): Fuels for Transport and Aviation, Building Blocks, Bulk and Fine Chemicals, Advanced Technologies / Artificial Photosynthesis • Innovation Award “Best CO2 Utilisation 2022“ Innovation Award Sponsor Innovation Award Co-Organiser Call for Innovation Submit your application for the “Best CO2 Utilisation 2022” Organiser Contact Dominik Vogt Tel.: +49 2233 / 481449 The Success Story of Cellulose Fibres Continues Cellulose fibres are among the winners of the European “Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD)”, which has been in effect since July 2021 and entails plastic bans for a variety of single-use products 300 participants and 30 exhibitors are expected in-person and online • Latest technology and market trends • Market dynamics and stakeholders in the cellulose sector • New ecosystems and partnerships • Challenges in developing new value chains • Impact of plastic-bans on single-use products • Improvement of sustainability in production • Alternative raw materials for cellulose fibres CELLULOSE FIBRE INNOVATION OF THE YEAR 2022 I N N O V A T B Y N O V A - I N S T I T U T E I O N A W A R D Call for Innovation Submit your application for the “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2022” Organiser Gold Sponsor 46 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/21] Vol. 16

7 th PLA World Congress 24 + 25 MAY 2022 MUNICH › GERMANY organized by Save the Date PLA is a versatile bioplastics raw material from renewable resources. It is being used for films and rigid packaging, for fibres in woven and non-woven applications. Automotive, consumer electronics and other industries are thoroughly investigating and even already applying PLA. New methods of polymerizing, compounding or blending of PLA have broadened the range of properties and thus the range of possible applications. That‘s why bioplastics MAGAZINE is now organizing the 7 th PLA World Congress on: 24-25 May 2022 in Munich / Germany Experts from all involved fields will share their knowledge and contribute to a comprehensive overview of today‘s opportunities and challenges and discuss the possibilities, limitations and future prospects of PLA for all kind of applications. Like the five previous congresses the 7 th PLA World Congress will also offer excellent networking opportunities for all delegates and speakers as well as exhibitors of the table-top exhibition. Based on the good experices with the hybrid format (bio!TOY and PHA World Congress 2021) we will offer this format also for future conferences, hoping the pandemic does no longer force us to. So the participation at the 7 th PLA World Congress will be possible on-site as well as online. bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/21] Vol. 16 47

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