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Highlights: Fibres, Textiles, Nonwovens Biocomposites Basics: CO2-based plastics


BECOME CIRCULAR WITH THE BIOPLASTIC SPECIALIST Produce, consume, throw away: that’s over now. Starting in September, we will again show you in person and onsite how FKuR bioplastics and recyclates support you on your way to a circular economy and achieving your sustainability goals. Visit us at our trade fair booths and learn more about circular economy, bioplastics, recyclability and sustainable product design. Together we make a shift towards innovation! 28.09. – 30.09. Fachpack 2021, Nuremberg, Booth 7-416, Hall 7 12.10. – 16.10. Fakuma, Friedrichshafen, Booth 4406, Hall B4 20.10. – 21.10. CosmeticBusiness, Munich, Booth E02, Hall 3

dear Editorial readers This September was a month of extremes – we hosted two international hybrid conferences, the bio!TOY in the first half (7 th and 8 th ) and the PHA platform World Congress just a couple of days before we were going into print. Both conferences were in their second edition and came with a totally new set of challenges. Going hybrid – a completely different beast than “normal” or digital conferences. It was a lot of work that involved new online platforms and many new considerations: how do we get digital speakers into the room, how do we get local ones online, how will discussions in this hybrid format work? At the end of it I can say, it was all worth it. Both conferences were well visited and well received – many participants told us that it was their first “real life event” in months or even years, and how much they missed really connecting with other people. One participant even nominated the bio!TOY for the 15 th Global Bioplastics Award. The discussions were enthusiastic and sometimes enlightening, which is why we have multi-page reviews of both conferences that focus more on the these aspects than the presentation themselves. And I am more than ever impressed with Michael, who never seems to tire to try out new technologies and innovations – sometimes during coffee breaks at the conferences. We are learning and improving constantly, but so far going hybrid has been a big success. In the meantime, we also had to fill, edit, and finalize the issue you are now holding in your hand (or see on your screen – even here we are hybrid). At the beginning of August we were wondering how we can juggle it all, two conferences and our normal efforts of bringing you the quality content you (hopefully) love as much as we do. When we had a team meeting in-between the conferences we realized how much content we had once again. And I am happy to present to you an issue that is packed with articles for the two focus points, the first being Fibres/Textiles/Non-Wovens and the second being Biocomposites. We even had articles that matched both focus points. Finally, in our Basics section we take a closer look at what kind of plastics can be made out of CO 2 . I hope you will enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed making it – maybe we can see each other on the upcoming bio!PAC (Nov 3 + 4, Düsseldorf, Germany), the FAKUMA (October 12 to 16 – Friedrichshafen, Germany), or during the 16 th European Bioplastics Conference (Nov 30 + Dec 1 – Berlin, Germany) – face-to-face and in colour. Yours WWW.MATERBI.COM as chestnut shell adv castagna_bioplasticmagazine_09.10.2020_210x297.indd 1 08/09/20 16:54 r4_09.2020 bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 16 Bioplastics - CO 2 -based Plastics - Advanced Recycling Highlights Fibres, Textiles, Nonwovens | 16 Biocomposites | 34 Basics CO 2 based plastics | 50 ... is read in 92 countries Cover Story Caroline Kjellme, entrepreneurial speaker at bio!TOY 2021 | 8 ... is read in 92 countries Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! 05 / 2021 ISSN 1862-5258 Sep/Oct Alex Thielen bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/21] Vol. 16 3

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