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Issue 05/2020

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Highlights: Fibres & Textiles Polyurethanes / Elastomers Basics: Resorbable Biopolymers

Materials PLA

Materials PLA 3D-printing filament for lighting Gantri (San Francisco, California USA) introduces Gantri Plant Polymers, the world’s first plant-derived polylactic acid (PLA) blends engineered specifically for premium lighting products. Co-developed with Dutch materials science company, colorFabb, Gantri Plant Polymers are a safe and sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Ruud Rouleaux, founder and CEO of colorFabb says: “Gantri’s need for a bespoke 3D printing filament fits perfect with colorFabb’s philosophy to develop materials for specific applications, like the high quality lighting products Gantri produces. Innovation is in colorFabb’s DNA and what we are known for. By utilizing our 3D printing experience, material knowledge and a sustainable way of manufacturing, with 480 solar panel array and geo-thermal installation powering our production plant, we are able to produce the exact right material Gantri needs.” The materials consist of two custom compounded PLA blends that are created to be durable, heat tolerant and diffuse light evenly. First is the diffusive blend that offers a frosted glass-like effect when lit. Second, the opaque blend, finished with a premium water-based paint, is 50 % more temperature resistant than traditional PLAs and safe to use near electronics. Gantri Plant Polymers also offer similar tensile strengths to common plastics such as ABS and PET. The base of Gantri’s materials are raw polylactic acids derived from non-GMO, sustainably farmed sugar crops such as corn, sugar beets and sugar cane. The resulting compounded blends produce 75 % less carbon dioxide per kilogram than conventional plastics and emits no carcinogens during production. “Gantri Plant Polymers is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” says Gantri founder and CEO, Ian Yang. “Our goal is to create great designs that you can feel good about. With our sustainable means of manufacturing, you can enjoy your new light knowing that it’s a better choice for the world.” Gantri Plant Polymers are used exclusively in Gantri lighting products. MT | 50 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/20] Vol. 15

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