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Issue 05/2020

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Highlights: Fibres & Textiles Polyurethanes / Elastomers Basics: Resorbable Biopolymers

Textile News Innovative

Textile News Innovative biobased fabrics for fashion and athleisure DuPont Sorona ® and Sateri’s EcoCosy ® have together developed a new fabric called StretchCosy. The fabric uses a blend of Sorona, a partially plant-based fibre, and Sateri’s ultra-comfortable and near weightless EcoCosy fibres to achieve a soft material that is highly stretchable, shape-retaining and, most importantly, sustainably sourced. Sorona (Polytrimethylene terephthalate, PTT) by DuPont (Headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, USA) is partially made using renewable plant-based ingredients - one monomer is 1,3 bio-BDO (cf bM 04/2020). StretchCosy combines the mechanical stretch of Sorona stretch fibres, which gives it excellent stretch and longlasting, consistent recovery, with the soft, cotton-like breathability and smooth silk-like texture of EcoCosy for an unparalleled fabric that is high-performing and wellsuited for fashion and sportswear. Created in 2019, StretchCosy is a fabric breakthrough that made it possible for natural plant-based fibres to be more extensively used in various applications, e.g. t-shirts, shirting, bottoms, jackets, dresses, hoodies and underwear. Previously, cellulosic fibres were rarely found in sportswear, due to concerns such as pilling. The combination of Sorona and EcoCosy in StretchCosy has eliminated this concern, hinting at the future of activewear where performance combined with sustainability will be the norm. Combined with the rise of the athleisure fashion movement and an increase of stay-at-home workouts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for clothing that is high performing yet comfortable is expected to continue growing. StretchCosy embodies these characteristics, a win-win situation for sustainable clothing. Renee Henze, Sorona Global Marketing Director, said, “It is encouraging to see members of the same industry come together to collaborate for the better good. Our partnership with Sateri in creating StretchCosy combines innovation from both fiber offerings into a superior product that we believe not only will exceed consumer expectations, but is kinder to the environment.” MT | First ISCC Plus certified producer of nonwovens for hygiene and medical applications As part of the continuing journey to improve the sustainability of nonwoven products, Fibertex Personal Care has attained ISCC certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) for its plant in Aalborg, Denmark. This enable the site to sell ISCC Plus certified nonwovens. “We are very excited about this – and we are now ready to meet customer demand for more sustainable nonwovens and to support the development of a more sustainable supply chain for plastics,” Mikael Staal Axelsen, Group CEO, said. The new sustainable offering can be applied broadly as a drop-in solution since the nonwoven will maintain all the usual excellent properties. There are no changes to recyclebility and other waste management processes. ISCC Plus is a supply chain certification for circular (recycled) and bio-based materials providing traceability along the supply chain. It also verifies that certified companies meet high environmental and social standards. The ISCC Plus certification works on what is known as a “mass balance system”. The system makes it possible to track the amount and sustainability characteristics of circular and/or bio-based content in the value chain and attribute it based on verifiable bookkeeping with predefined and transparent rules. ISCC initiated the mass balance system to support a quicker scale-up of a sustainable bio-economy and circular economy, to gradually replace fossil resources and thereby significantly reduce climate emissions. “This achievement is a good example of our continuous effort to seek new sustainable solutions – we always start by asking: how can we reimagine, reduce and reuse. In this case we reimagined our raw material supply chain,” Mette Due Søgaard, QA & Sustainability Director, explains. Fibertex Personal Care looks forward to taking this commitment to the next level and to explore the many possibilities together with its customers. MT 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/20] Vol. 15

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