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Issue 05/2019

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Highlights: Fibres/Textiles/Nonwovens Barrier Materials Cover Story: Lightweighting PBAT

6 th PLA World Congress

6 th PLA World Congress 19 + 20 MAY 2020 MUNICH › GERMANY organized by 02-03 Sep 2020 Cologne, Germany Save the dates! organized by 1D12 Hall 1 Fostag Formenbau Hall 3 3F23 Eurolaser 3C70-02 Lincore Depestele Hall 5 5D04-08 Actiplast 5E01 Adbio Composites 5D04-13 Addiplast Group 5C21– D21 BASF 5B18 Biesterfeld Plastic 5A25 Blow Moulding Technologies 5D04-03 Carbiolice 5C07-01 Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites 5E08 EcoForte 5D05 Ensinger 5C06-01 FRX Polymers 5B40 Gabriel-Chemie 5E01 ITENE 5F30-04 Kruschitz 5D04-10 Lactips 5D41 Montello 5B39 Polyscope Polymers 5D04-01 Polytechs 5E08 The Compound Company 5E08 Transmare Compounding 5B09 Victrex Europa 5C43 WKI Kunststoffe 5E08 Yparex 6A11 6B42 6C57 6B42 6D27 / 6.1W01 5E26 6B11 6B11 6C43 6C10 6E61 6D50 6B28 6E48 6D76 6E75\.. E77 6D76 6D76 6A23 6D43 6E80 6A20 6E27 6A58 6D75 6C11 6B55 6C50 6C50 6D11 6E16 6C50 Hall 6 Adeka Polymer Additives Europe Akro-Plastic Arkema France Bio-Fed Braskem Cabopol - Polymer Compounds DSM Engineering Plastics Europe DSM Engineering Plastics Europe DuPont Elastron Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret EMS-CHEMIE Deutschland Epsan Plastik Evonik Industries AG FKuR Kunststoff Fraunhofer-UMSICHT Grafe Advanced Polymers Grässlin Nord Hoffmann + Voss IMCD Deutschland Interpolimeri IRPC Public Company Kaneka Belgium Meraxis Novamont Omya Petrochemical Commercial Polimarky Polyblend Polymer-Chemie Reliance Industries Sidiac TechnoCompound 6C58-01 Teknor Apex 6E23 Total Corbion PLA 6E23 Total Petrochemicals & Refining 6E08 UBE Europe 6A10 Wacker Chemie 6E16 Weber & Schaer Hall 7 7.0B25 Agiplast 7.0B30 Daikin Chemical Europe 7.0B08 Finproject 7.0C23 Forplas Plastik 7.0SC01 Fraunhofer IGB 7.0B30 Heroflon 7.0A37 Meltem Kimya ve Tekstil 7.0C21 Nanox - Antimicrobial Protection 7.0B03 Silon 7.1A23 A.J. Plast Public Company 7.1B21 Biotec 7.1E03-13 Chnv Technology 7.1A38 Doill Ecotec 7.1D10 Elachem 7.1D10 Epaflex Polyurethanes 7.1C21 Gema Elektro Plastik 7.1E03-28 Guangzhou Lushan 7.1C06 Ingenia Polymers 7.1B45 Jiangsu Torise Biomaterials 7.1D01 Kandui Industries 7.1A10 Kompuestos 7.1B50 Merit Polyplast (Partnership) 7.1D39 Parsa Polymer Sharif 7.1C12 Ravago 7.1E44 Shandong Dawn Polymer 7.1C09 Soltex Petro Products. 7.1D24 Toyobo Chemicals Europe 7.1B19 UBQ Materials 7.2A07 Art Plast 7.2G11 Bajaj Superpack India 7.2E10 Gianeco 7.2C21 Greenage Industries 7.2A06 Jinhui Zhaolong High Technology 7.2E13 Laborplast 7.2C27 Mesgo 7.2G18 Stora Enso Timber 7.2A14 Sumika Polymer Compounds (Eu) 7.2C17 Technocom 7.2G21 Tecnofilm 7.2G31 United Biopolymers 7aC24 7aB10 7aD05 7aB10 7aD06 7aD25 7aD21 7aC30 7aD40 Bassermann Minerals bioplastics MAGAZINE Croda Europe European Bioplastics Kuraray Europe Marubeni Europe Plc. Nurel Sojitz Europe West-Chemie Hall 8a 8aH20 Add-Chem Germany 8aE12-08 AIMPLAS 8aB12 Alok Masterbatches 8aF12 Benvic Europe 8aE35 Beologic 8aJ11 Clariant 8aF20 Constab 8aF37 Cromex 8aH10 Dufor Resins 8aH34 Fortum Waste Solutions 8aK27 GCR Group 8aK27 Gestora Catalana de Residuos 8aH18 Hexpol TPE 8aF40 Imerys Talc Europe 8aB09 Inno-Comp 8aF20 Kafrit Industries 8aD12 LyondellBasell 8aF50 Metaclay 8aG41 Plastika Kritis 8aK05 Polyram Plastic Industries. 8aG41 Romcolor 2000 8aB28 Romira 8aH28 Sukano 8aE42 Tecni-Plasper 8aD01 Tosaf Group 8aK20 TPV Compound Hall 8b 8bA61 Albis Plastic 8bD60 almaak international 8bH54 Coating P. Materials 8bE68 Euro Commerciale 8bA31 Forever Plast 8bF22 Granulat 8bH70 Indochine Bio Plastiques 8bA52 Koksan Pet Ve Plastik Ambalaj 8bH83 Loxim Industries 8bE71-02 Maskom Plastik 8bF80 Mexichem Specialty Compounds 8bH28 MGG Polymers 8bE11-05 Nanjing Lesun Screw 8bC68 Nanocyl 8bC55 Pebo

8bH79-06 8bC66 8bH70 8bC32 8bH70 8bF63 8bH48 8bC37-02 Rák Antenna Raw Materials Recycling Respack Manufacturing SCJ Plastics Sheng Foong Plastic Industries Sirmax Taro Plast Woodplastic Group 16F71 FG Halle 4 / 04.1 FG04.1 FG04.1 Hall Sulzer Chemtech Outdoor area Nippon Gohsei Europe Mitsubishi Chemical - MCPP Mitsubishi Polyester 10C67 Hall 10 Ww Ekochem Hall12a 12A48 Aquafil Engineering 12C45 Bayern Innovativ 12A52-29 Intype Enterprise 12C45 Neue Materialien Bayreuth 12A27 Polykum 12E19 Tecnaro Hall 813 13A79 ICEE Containers Pty. Show Guide 14A68 Hall 14 Biofibre Note: All companies listed in this guide were found in the official K’2019 catalogue under bioplastics. About companies listed in bold you find a short K-Show preview on pp 28-35 bioplastics MAGAZINE, Polymedia Publisher GmbH Hall 07a, B10 1 BIOPLASTICS BUSINESS BREAKFAST B 3 17. - 20.10.2019 You can use this double page as your personal show guide. As there are usually a lot of last minute changes, you’ll find up-to-date information at PLA Bioplastics for a brighter future Visit us: Hall 6 / booth E23 Learn more about • Luminy® PLA Portfolio • Our 1st 75,000 tons p.a. plant • PLA applications

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