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Issue 05/2017

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Application News Pet

Application News Pet food bags Midwestern Pet Foods is packaging its newly launched Earthborn Holistic Venture line in sustainable packaging produced by Peel Plastics Products Ltd., utilizing Braskem’s I’m Green TM biobased polyethylene (PE). In an effort to mitigate the carbon footprint associated with its product, Peel Plastics has chosen to use biobased PE to manufactures the new Earthborn Holistic Venture pet food bags. The company said it was “very happy” to partner with Midwestern Pet Foods, a long-standing customer, and with Braskem, in its striving to as focus on “advanced solutions for sourcing renewable packaging materials”. Consumer response to the new PlantBag, said Jeff Nunn, Midwestern Pet Foods President, has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.” According to Gustavo Sergi, Renewables Director at Braskem, North America is gaining momentum in terms of its use of sustainable green PE. “It is encouraging that North America is catching up to other regions of the world with visionary companies such as Midwestern Pet Foods and Peel Plastics taking the lead to a more sustainable consumer lifestyle,” he said. “Stay tuned, you will only see more of these launches in the coming months and years.” Bioplastic toys Plasto, a toy company in Finland has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing high quality plastic toys. Their focus is very strong on safety and durability. Furthermore, they are extremely focused on environmental values. For several decades they have been using recycled plastic from their own production in order not to waste any material and they keep on investing more to save the environment and be good to nature. In spring 2017, Plasto launched their own I’m Green toy range. All the toys in this range are over 90 % biobased. The raw material which is used derives from sugar cane. By doing this, Plasto will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its toys as well as the use of fossil resources. For every kg of I’m Green Polyethylene used in Plastos’ toys more than 5 kg of CO 2 is saved. The toys are food contact safe and dishwasher safe. At the end of their life cycle they can be recycled and the raw material can be reused which is in accordance with Plasto’s philosophy. The I’m Green toys have been extremely well received. For Christmas Plasto will be expanding it’s range with new items. ”Our I’m Green toy range has been extremely well received by our customers. We have expanded our I’m Green range with crane and fire truck already for this Christmas. We are proud to offer a sustainable choice,” says Kennet Berndtsson, Managing Director at Plasto. MT | | PHA for eyeglass frames Bio-on, (Bologny, Italy) recently announced a partnership with Kering Eyewear to develop new materials based on Minerv PHAs. “This is the first time in the world that a company in the eyewear industry has decided to carry out research with our biopolymers,” explains Marco Astorri, Chairman and CEO of Bio-on. Kering Eyewear’s aim is to make an active contribution to the development of an innovative and sustainable business model, providing its team of designers with a series of cutting-edge materials to broaden their creative possibilities, setting new trends in the luxury and sport & lifestyle segments. Researchers from the two companies will collaborate to design, certify and put on the market new eco-sustainable materials to be integrated with the use of cellulose acetate, one of the most common materials used in the majority of the eyewear products on the market to date. “We are proud to be the first in the world to use our PHAs biopolymer together with such a prestigious and internationally renowned company as Kering Eyewear. Thanks to this collaboration, we are launching a new era in the eyewear world,” says Marco Astorri. “The union of creativity and technology will give rise to items with absolutely innovative characteristics. Our laboratories and scientists will develop a vast range of new formulations, giving free rein to the creativity of the most discerning designers.” “The partnership with Bio-on represents a tangible sign of Kering Eyewear’s attention to sustainability and its desire to bring innovation to a consolidated industry. In our Group,” explains Roberto Vedovotto, Chairman and CEO of Kering Eyewear, “we strongly believe that ‘sustainable business is smart business’. The materials developed by Bio-on, 100% natural and biodegradable, will be a revolution in the eyewear industry and completely dovetail our unique approach to the market, as well as our desire to offer increasingly high quality and innovative products. In the luxury sector, sustainability and environmental awareness are no longer an option, they are a must.” MT | Roberto Vedovotto (Photo: Albrecht Fuchs) 28 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/17] Vol. 12

Application News Your city - your cup Coffee to take away or beer in the stadium - we like to drink on the go. Usually such a drink comes in plastic or paper cups. Reusable cups can be reused very often (up to 500 times - or more) and are therefore more environmentally friendly (says DUH, Deutsche Umwelthilfe). Even the environmental impact of its production is comparatively low over the entire product life cycle. That is why the German company Bunzl from Marl initiated the Düsseldorf Becher (Düsseldorf Cup), a system of reusable cups that can be purchased in one store and returned in another. A total of 80 stores already participate in the system, including bakeries, cafés and restaurants. And what makes the Düsseldorf Cup special is the material. The 350ml cup is made of CPLA. Since PLA is not a heat-resistant product, for CPLA talc powder is added and helps the PLA to crystallize. This the C stands for crystallized PLA. CPLA consists of 70-80 % of PLA and 20- 30 % of talc powder. The cups are biodegradable according to EN13432 without the release of pollutants, however, not home compostable. It is BPA-free. The cup shows a high temperature resistance range: -20 °C - 100 °C. It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. MT The partners are spread all over Düsseldorf , Germany (Source: Google MyMaps) How about going bio? For almost every conventional plastic, there is a bioplastic alternative. Our PLA masterbatches can help introduce PLA into your portfolio. Make the switch today. bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/17] Vol. 12 29

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