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Polyurethanes &

Polyurethanes & Elastomers Biobased polyols and polymer additives Innovative, high-performance specialty chemicals to meet the increased demand for more natural-based products Emery Oleochemicals Group (headquartered in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia) is a world leading producer of innovative specialty chemicals made predominantly from natural oils. Founded in 1840 in Ohio, USA as a candle factory, the company today offers an expanding base of leading product brands and sustainable solutions to meet the increasing demand for more natural-based products. Emery runs manufacturing operations and Technical Development Centers in the USA, Europe and Asia. Polyols for Polyurethanes - Engineered for Performance & Sustainability The Eco-Friendly EMEROX ® Polyols business unit at Emery Oleochemicals recently launched four new biobased products for the C.A.S.E. market which are all compliant with REACH standards: • EMEROX 14060 (aliphatic 2,900 MW EG azelate triol), • EMEROX 14511 (aliphatic 1,000 MW EG azelate diol), • EMEROX 14550 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol) and • EMEROX 14555 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol with enhanced hydrophobicity). These products are designed to provide performance in a broad range of applications, often with improved tensile and tear strength, higher elongation, along with oxidative, UV, and solvent resistance. While rapidly renewable and biobased products continue to be important to consumers, natural-based products must still maintain or exceed established product performance to satisfy end-use demand. Emerox renewable content polyols for polyurethanes deliver exceptional performance enhancements rivalling or exceeding the performance obtained from petroleumbased products. Dr. Mark Kinkelaar, Global Business Director, Eco- Friendly Polyols said, “We work directly with our customers to develop the right product for their specific application; optimizing performance and improving environmental properties while reducing time-tomarket. Backed by a strong team of in-house technical experts, the Eco-Friendly Polyols business is wellpositioned to serve the industry’s needs for performance and sustainability.” Emerox polyols are made with biobased feedstock using a similar manufacturing process to traditional petrochemical polyester polyols, but with a smaller ecological impact. Emerox biobased polyols are made from natural oil resources as outlined in Figure 1. Emery Oleochemicals’ process starts by splitting natural oils into fatty acids and glycerin. The fatty acids are separated into saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and purified. From there, the unsaturated fatty acids are processed via Emery Oleochemicals’ proprietary ozonolysis technology which utilizes ozone chemistry to cleave the unsaturated carbon acid chains (C18) into C9 dibasic (e.g. azelaic) and C9 monobasic (e.g. pelargonic) acids, respectively. The dibasic acids are separated/purified and converted to polyols via reaction chemistry identical to petrochemical polyols; by reaction with diols, glycerin, and/or higher functional alcohols via esterification. Overall, this oleochemical process provides all the design freedom of building polyol structures similar to a petrochemical process with the added benefit of high biobased content. Emerox polyols can be better optimized than NOPs for coatings, adhesives, and elastomer applications by engineering functionality, hydroxyl reactivity (primary and/or secondary), and polymer hydrophobicity. Other Emerox polyester polyols used in C.A.S.E. applications include: Emerox 14001 (aliphatic low viscosity, low functionality) and Emerox 14050 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate, with functionality 2.4). Figure 1: Process flow chart of Emerox polyols indicating Emery Oleochemicals’ back integration and unique process technology. 50 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/16] Vol. 11

Polyurethanes & Elastomers The First Choice in Sustainable Polymer Additives Offers a Greener Alternative Emery Oleochemicals’ Green Polymer Additives (GPA) business unit has been delivering high-performance sustainable solutions in plastics additives for over 60 years. The company’s polymer additives product portfolio is recognized for its ability to improve processing efficiencies, deliver outstanding technical performance, and enhance environmental safety. Designed to improve the properties as well as the manufacturing process of various resins, Emery Oleochemicals’ polymer additives are predominantly made from natural oils and fats, such as rapeseed, palm and coconut oil. This makes their products a perfect complement to bioplastics, which are also made from natural feedstock. “We know that the demand for bioplastics is constantly growing due to increasing environmental awareness. Therefore, we are committed to setting trends by developing solutions suitable for this market,” emphasizes Dr. Harald Klein, Global Platform Head of the Green Polymer Additives business at Emery Oleochemicals. Additionally, Emery Oleochemicals maintains the highest quality standards, which include strict waste limits and control of emission limits during the entire production chain. Subsequently, the entire production process is geared to be sustainable and environmentally friendly which contributes to reducing the carbon footprint in the plastics and rubber industry. Emery Oleochemicals polymer additives are readily biodegradable and compliant with RoHS and REACH standards. As natural alternatives continue to replace synthetic products, the company’s GPA business constantly develops and improves its product solutions by making significant product and application technology development investments to set new trends and exceed the performance expectations of their customers. Emery Oleochemicals offers natural-based polymer additives with food contact approval for safer, more consumer-friendly packaging. Quality meets Quality at the new Peeze biobased coffee packaging The GPA portfolio of leading brands EDENOL ® , LOXIOL ® and EMEROX ® encompasses natural-based products for automotive, building and construction, electronics, packaging, toys, and sports equipment applications. A broad portfolio of standard products includes plasticizers, lubricants, surface finish agents and viscosity regulators. The company also provides customized polymer solutions to meet specific customer requirements. In addition, polymeric building blocks offered under the Emerox brand are an ideal base for the preparation and modification of high molecular weight polymers in many industries. 8bA58 Bio4Pack GmbH • PO Box 5007 • D-48419 Rheine • Germany T +49 (0) 5975 955 94 57 • F +49 (0) 5975 955 94 58 bioplastics • MAGAZINE [05/16] Vol. 11 51

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