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Brand Owner

Brand Owner Brand-Owner’s perspective on bioplastics and how to unleash its full potential “Petroleum is a limited resource, so we believe that bioplastics will become ubiquitous. We need to research and develop bioplastics that meet all of the stringent performance and durability requirements for automotive applications, while developing the supply chain. This will be a challenge, given current depressed prices of petrol, but the benefits reducing our environmental impact and providing material choices for future generations are worth it.” Deborah F. Mielewski Senior Technical Leader, Sustainable Materials and Plastics Ford Research and Innovation Center Save the Date: Upcoming nova-Institute Conferences 6 – 7 December 2016 Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany 200 participants expected Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers Sessions: Policy & Visions ++ Artificial Photosynthesis & H 2 Generation ++ Chemicals & Polymers ++ CO 2 -based Fuels ++ Free booths available for the first ten exhibitors 10 – 11 May 2017 Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany 300 participants expected Bio-based Building Blocks for Polymers ++ Start-up session ++ Policy and Markets ++ Biotechnology ++ Innovation Award ++ Call for papers ++ Free booths available for the first ten exhibitors 24 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/16] Vol. 11 Contact: Mr. Dominik Vogt, +49 (0) 2233 48 14 49, All conferences at

Brand Owner ® Ecoworld® PBAT and its compounds can be widely applied to manufacturing of shopping bags, food packages, mulch films and garbage bags etc. Please visit us at: Hall 7,level 2/A12 100% bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/16] Vol. 11 25

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