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Barrier Cellulose‐based barrier solutions By: Andy Sweetman Marketing Manager Packaging & Sustainability Innovia Films Wigton, Cumbria, UK Selecting the right barrier is the single most important requirement in packaging. Whether this is to oxygen, aroma, water, gas, UV, light, mineral oil or, depending on the product being packaged, “All of the Above”. Innovia Films’ has a range of cellulose‐based filmic barrier solutions for packaging to help keep products in premium condition. The barrier properties of these films can be tailored for different markets such as fresh produce, dried foods and confectionery. NatureFlex is a bioplastic film manufactured from FSC ® / PEFC certified wood pulp (cellulose). It is available in transparent, white, metallised and coloured varieties. The films are available in different thicknesses ranging from 19 to 45 microns. They can also be combined with additional grades of NatureFlex or with other bioplastic films to come up with a further optimised packaging solution – what we call Biolaminates. Traditional flexible packaging laminates, such as pouches, employ a kind of ABC principle: • an outer printable layer for Appearance, typically a Polyester film • a middle metallised Polyester or aluminium foil for Barrier • and a strong, highly sealable layer on the inside for Containment, such as Polyethylene. There are now a number of similar constructions in the market using this principle the bio way; e. g. a transparent NatureFlex with a metallised NatureFlex and a starch, copolyester or PBS based film on the inside. These are being used for a range of high barrier need dry food applications Caffè Molinari SpA a leading Italian coffee company recently introduced a Bio range (see photo), which uses fully certified compostable packaging, and a unique new NatureFlex grade: The coffee pack is constructed using just two‐layers, comprising a white metallised high barrier NatureFlex outer layer which provides both the appearance and barrier functions in one film. This is then laminated to a biopolymer sealant inner layer, providing high seal strength and integrity. This innovative eco‐friendly integrated packaging system also includes an aroma protecting bio degassing‐valve, designed and patented by Goglio Plastic Division. The full pack construction with the valve complies with the EN13432 industrial composting norm and is certified to OK Compost’s composting standard by Vinçotte. Attilio Cecchi, Area Sales Manager Italy, Innovia Films stated “NatureFlex films are ideal for the coffee market as they fit well with concerns about sustainability and renewability. The environment continues to be a high priority in packaging and certified organic coffee products are a ‘good fit’ with more sustainable options. Innovia Films’ new high performance white metallised NatureFlex film is ideal for this application as it is based not only on renewable resources but also has excellent barrier properties – essential for keeping coffee in perfect condition.” Caffe Molinari Packs g/m 2 /day How various filmic structures compare to provide barrier (Water Vapour Transmission Rate, WVTR @ 38°C, 90%RH) 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 *NVS *NatureFlex *NVR PLA *NE PET STARCH *NK BOPP 42 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/15] Vol. 10

4 th PLA World Congress 24 – 25 MAY 2016 MUNICH › GERMANY is a versatile bioplastics raw PLA material from renewable resources. It is being used for films and rigid packaging, for fibres in woven and non-woven applications. Automotive industry and consumer electronics are thoroughly investigating and even already applying PLA. New methods of polymerizing, compounding or blending of PLA have broadened the range of properties and thus the range of possible applications. That‘s why bioplastics MAGAZINE is now organizing the 4 th PLA World Congress on: 24 – 25 May 2016 in Munich / Germany Experts from all involved fields will share their knowledge and contribute to a comprehensive overview of today‘s opportunities and challenges and discuss the possibilities, limitations and future prospects of PLA for all kind of applications. Like the three congresses the 4 th PLA World Congress will also offer excellent networking opportunities for all delegates and speakers as well as exhibitors of the table-top exhibition. The conference will comprise high class presentations on Call for Papers bioplastics MAGAZINE invites all experts worldwide from material development, processing and application of PLA to submit proposals for papers on the latest developments and innovations. Please send your proposal, including speaker details and a 300 word abstract to The team of bioplastics MAGAZINE is looking forward to seeing you in Munich. › Online registration will be available soon. Watch out for the Early–Bird discount as well as sponsoring opportunities at › Latest developments › Market overview › High temperature behaviour › Barrier issues › Additives / Colorants › Applications (film and rigid packaging, textile, automotive,electronics, toys, and many more) › Fibers, fabrics, textiles, nonwovens › Reinforcements › End of life options (recycling,composting, incineration etc) organized by

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