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Issue 05/2015

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Back to nature TELLUS ®

Back to nature TELLUS ® urna a personal farwell TELLUS ® urna is a beautiful and personalized urn that has been made from Bio-Flex ® , a PLA-based compound. Thus, it consists of a large portion of renewable raw materials and is biodegradable. A Swedish company, Millennium Design has opted for this material as an alternative to conventional ones. In the end, the product deteriorates in the ground. This allows a natural and also ecological pass of mortal remains into the cycle of nature. “It took me several months to find the right material. I searched for a material that was both biodegradable and which could provide a beautiful finish. The goal was to design and manufacture a burial urn that is both ecological, universal and personal.” Susanne Appel, designer & CEO, Millennium Design. For more information visit

Editorial dear readers Organising our first bio!CAR conference on biobased materials for automotive applications in parallel with the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair was an experiment – and it showed us that there is room for improvement… All in all, however, as the inaugural edition of a brand new conference, bio!CAR 2015 was a success. Read more about this event on page 8. The first highlight topic of this issue is Fibres / Textiles with a number of really interesting articles that run the gamut from PLA twines to PLA‐fibre recycling, from piezoelectric fibres to fibres in automotive applications, and much more. This edition also includes a comprehensive review of the challenges and very latest developments regarding Barrier issues. As the sheer number of articles reveals, this is a highlight topic that obviously hits the nerve of the packaging industry. And because of the many people interested in biobased plastics who are still concerned that biobased materials production may compete for land with food production, we once again address the Basics topic of Land use. Independent experts confirm that, even with the expected growth rates for bioplastics, there is more than enough agricultural land available for both food/feed and materials. bioplastics MAGAZINE is honoured to present the five finalists of the 10 th Global Bioplastics Award on pages 10 – 11. The Bioplastics Oskar will be awarded to the winner during the 10 th European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin, Germany on November 5 th , 2015. As always, we’ve rounded up some of the most recent news items on materials and applications in the present issue to keep you on top of the innovations and ongoing advances in the world of bioplastics. bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 10 ISSN 1862-5258 News PHA from sugar beet | 7 Sep / Oct 05 | 2015 Highlights Fibres / Textiles| 12 Barrier materials | 36 Basics Land use (update) | 48 ... is read in 92 countries Follow us on twitter! We hope you enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE. Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/15] Vol. 10 3

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