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Highlights: Toys Thermoforming Basics: Bio-Polypropylene

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Events bioplastics MAGAZINE presents: The fourth bio!PAC conference on biobased packaging in Düsseldorf, Germany, organised by bioplastics MAGAZINE together with Green Serendipity, is the must-attend conference for anyone interested in sustainable packaging made from renewably-sourced materials. The hybrid (on-site and online) conference offers expert presentations from major players in the packaging value chain, from raw material suppliers and packaging manufacturers to brand owners experienced in using biobased packaging. bio!PAC offers excellent opportunities for attendees to connect and network with other professionals in the field. A preliminary programme of the conference is provided below. Please visit our conference website for full details and information about registration. bio PAC biobased packaging conference 03-04 Nov. 2021 maritim düsseldorf Preliniary Programme Maija Pohjakallio, Sulapac Microplastics and packaging Caroli Buitenhuis, Green Serendipity The world of retail packaging in 2050 Bineke Posthumus, Avantium Jojanneke Leistra, Superfoodguru Bastin Pack - Speaker unknown yet Erwin Vink, NatureWorks Thijs Rodenburg, Rodenburg Biopolymers Lise Magnier, TU Delft Jane Franch, Numi Organic Tea Patrick Gerritsen, Bio4pack Lars Börger, Neste Albertro Castellanza, Novamont Constance Ißbrücker, European Bioplastics t.b.c., Taghleef Industries Patrick Zimmermann, FKuR Remy Jongboom, Biotec Vincent Kneefel, TIPA t.b.c., Sidaplax - PSI Avantium’s plant-based solutions to realize a fossil-free and circular economy PLA bottles, brand owner perspective Biobased Pouches for Food t.b.c. Starch based compounds for packaging applications Insights in consumer behaviour in relation to sustainable packaging t.b.c. Asked for Sponsoring, he promised to bring brand-owners as speakers. Renewable carbon solutions for packaging applications (t.b.c.) t.b.c. t.b.c. t.b.c. t.b.c. t.b.c. t.b.c. t.b.c. This is a preliminary programme. A few speaking slots are still available. Please contact or for your proposals. We are continuously watching the development of the pandemic. We still hope that we don’t have to postpone the event or hold it strictly online only. Even if together with the Maritim Airport Hotel a sphisticated hygiene concept is beeing elaborated and by November significantly more people will be fully vaccinated, this conference will in any case be held in a hybrid format. Speakers and/or attendees that may not / cannot / do not want to come to Düsseldorf can participate online. Please visit the conference website for the most up-to-date version of the programme. bio!PAC 2019 38 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/21] Vol. 14

ioplastics MAGAZINE presents: bio PAC #biopac Conference on Biobased Packaging 03 - 04 Nov 2021 - Düsseldorf, Germany Most packaging is only used for a short period and therefore give rise to large quantities of waste. Accordingly, it is vital to make sure that packaging fits into natures eco-systems and therefore use the most suitable renewable carbon materials and implement the best ‘end-of-life’ solutions. That‘s why bioplastics MAGAZINE (in cooperation with Green Serendipity) is now organizing the 4 th edition of the bio!PAC - conference on packaging made from renewable carbon plastics, i.e. from renewable resources. Experts from all areas of renewable carbon plastics and circular packaging will present their latest developments. The conference will also cover discussions like end-of-life options, consumer behaviour issues, availability of agricultural land for material use versus food and feed etc. The full 2-day conference is planned to be held on 03-04 Nov 2021 in Düsseldorf, Germany (Maritim Airport Hotel). Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor Coorganized by supported by Media Partner

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