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Issue 04/2020

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Highlights: Bottle Applications Beauty and Healthcare Basics: bio-PDO, bio-BDO


2020 The Bioplastics Award will be presented during the 15th European Bioplastics Conference December 01-02, 2020, Vienna, Austria PRESENTS THE FIFTEENTH ANNUAL GLOBAL AWARD FOR DEVELOPERS, MANUFACTURERS AND USERS OF BIOBASED AND/OR BIODEGRADABLE PLASTICS. Call for proposals Enter your own product, service or development, or nominate your favourite example from another organisation Please let us know until August 31 st 1. What the product, service or development is and does 2. Why you think this product, service or development should win an award 3. What your (or the proposed) company or organisation does Your entry should not exceed 500 words (approx. 1 page) and may also be supported with photographs, samples, marketing brochures and/or technical documentation (cannot be sent back). The 5 nominees must be prepared to provide a 30 second videoclip and come to Vienna on Dec. 01. More details and an entry form can be downloaded from supported by 46 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/20] Vol. 15

Brand Owner Brand-Owner’s perspective on bioplastics and how to unleash its full potential In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and to address its consequences, L’Oréal announced in Mid May “L’Oréal for the future”, an unprecedented social and environmental solidarity programme to address the necessary priorities. Here we publish some selected statements from the document which can be downloaded in full under the link below.“ “This is a pivotal moment. The moment to choose what type of world we want for tomorrow. Our 2030 commitments mark a crucial new stage in rising to the challenges facing our world. Over the last ten years, we have undertaken an in-depth transformation to reduce our impact across our entire value chain. At times, we have even exceeded our already very ambitious objectives. However, as environmental and social concerns increase, we know that this is no longer enough. We want to keep rallying our suppliers and clients in this process of sustainable transition, co-creating disruptive solutions. Only together can we have a real impact.” (Jean-Paul Agon) Jean-Paul Agon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal “Since 2013, when we launched our first sustainable development program, the world has changed. The scale of the challenges we are facing is unprecedented. Our ambitions must be in line with these challenges. We must not do better, we must do what is needed.” (Alexandra Palt) With our new sustainability program, we want to demonstrate that companies can be part of the solution to some of today’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Alexandra Palt, Chief Corporate Responsability Officer and Executive Vice-President of the Fondation L’Oréal By 2030, 100 % of the biobased ingredients for formulas and packaging materials will be traceable and will come from sustainable sources. None of them will be linked to deforestation. By 2030, 100 % of the plastics used in our packaging will be either from recycled or biobased sources (we will reach 50 % by 2025). We will not wait to be perfect to share our efforts and progress, internally and externally. Through this in-depth transformation, we hope to be a catalyst of change in our own category and beyond, and to inspire our customers and all people to take action with us. Info Download L’Oréal for the future at bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/20] Vol. 15 47

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