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Issue 04/2020

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Highlights: Bottle Applications Beauty and Healthcare Basics: bio-PDO, bio-BDO


BIOBASED FOOD-PACKAGING APPLICATIONS WITH THE BIOPLASTIC SPECIALIST Dornburger Kunststoff-Technik is a supplier of injection-moulded plastic articles for the food industry and white label goods. With its biobased product line made from FKuR’s Terralene® LD 2509 CL the company offers sustainable food packaging. As a drop-in compound Terralene® is characterized by very good translucency and fl owability. The cups are amazing as they are: made from a compound of polypropylen and biobased polyethylen with a BCC of 50%, fully recyclable and food safe. Talk to us now and combine our bioplastic materials and applications just as you need them!

Editorial dear readers Even though – at least until now – the summer in Germany has not nearly been as hot as those of the past two years, thirsty readers will still appreciate this issue’s highlight topic of “Bottle applications”. Another highlight that we think you’ll enjoy is our new series called “On-Site”. We’ll be visiting companies active in the bioplastics space to catch up on what’s going on. The series kicks off with a report on our recent visit to Galactic and Futerro in southern Belgium (pp. 24). Another highlight, at least for me, is the number of opinion articles in this issue. I really appreciate it that readers are willing to contribute their point of view for publication. In this issue, we present opinions on oxo-degradables, on microplastics and on the mass-balance approach. In the Basics section, we are grateful to two experts who explain the basics of biobased 1,3 BDO and biobased 1,4 PDO, both of which are important building blocks - and not only for bioplastics. As the Coronavirus continues to rage worldwide, with thousands of new infections emerging every day in countries such as, among others, the USA, events can still not take place as usual, including our own conferences. We have therefore come up with a hybrid solution for the 6 th PLA World Congress, which will be held 7-8 October in Munich, Germany. Together with the Holiday Inn hotel, we are putting in place a comprehensive hygiene concept to ensure the safety and health of those able to attend. Speakers and delegates who cannot travel due to Corona restrictions will be able to WWW.MATERBI.COM as melon skin take part digitally. We’ll install a solution using ZOOM or a similar software tool. Please stay tuned for more details via our website. The 2 nd PHA platform World Congress in Cologne, Germany is now scheduled for March 2021. Register for the conference before end of August to join us for our webinar on 2 September 2020 free of charge. A webinar-only package is also available. See pp 8-9 for details. The end of August also marks the deadline for submissions for the 2019 edition of the Global Bioplastics Award. If you think your product or service deserves the award, or you’d like to nominate somebody else’s, please let us know. r3_06.2020 bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 15 ISSN 1862-5258 Jul / Aug 04 | 2020 Highlights Bottle applications | 12 Beauty & Healthcare | 26 Basics bio-PDO, bio-BDO | 48 New series On-Site at Galactic / Futerro | 24 Cover Story Bottle Up Drink the water - keep the bottle | 16 ... is read in 92 countries Follow us on twitter! Also, our newsletters and the printed magazine are being published as scheduled. And again, we will be offering this issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE as a free pdf download for everyone. Your printed edition will be arriving soon. Until we can again meet in person, hopefully soon, please enjoy the summer - and have a great time reading this latest issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE. Sincerely yours Like us on Facebook! Michael Thielen bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/20] Vol. 15 3

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