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Application News

Application News Cosmetics line for sun protection Since mid-July MyKAI, the Ocean-Friendly cosmetics line created out of the alliance between Bio-on (Bologna, Italy) and Unilever is available at NORTH SAILS stores. Mykai sun protection products contain no microplastics and their formulation is enriched with an “oceanfriendly” system made from 100% mineral filters and a powerful SPF (Sun Protection Factor) booster. Mykai sunscreen lotion is available in three face and body types: SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50, which protect the skin from UVB rays, responsible for sunburn, and UVA rays, associated with long-term sun damage. Mykai’s SPF booster is made from the revolutionary MinervPHB RIVIERA polymer micro powder made by Bio-on, which also enables fewer filters to be used whilst guaranteeing the same level of protection. The biopolymer synthesized by Bio-on is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, 100% biocompatible, Cosmos and Natrue certified and GMO free. Mykai sun protection products are also a pleasure to use, thanks to their light texture and summer fragrance for an exclusive sensory experience that leaves no residue. “The future of our seas and oceans depends on us, on the choices made by individuals and businesses,” says Bio-on Chairman and CEO Marco Astorri. “We are extremely pleased that North Sails too has chosen Mykai. Their decision shows just how focused on the environment and innovation the North Sails brand has always been.” “North Sails is the perfect home for Mykai,” adds Elisa Riva, Head of Marketing North Sails. “Our love of the ocean drives us to take concrete action to save our seas. It isn’t too late. That’s why we offer ocean-friendly alternatives in our stores to raise consumer awareness and offer products that meet the new market demand, especially from younger people.” The new Mykai brand is designed to safeguard the seas and oceans and references the Hawaiian terms Kai (sea) and Makai (to the ocean). It is inspired by the principles of Hawaii, one of the countries at the cutting edge in marine ecosystem protection and where Bio-on began its work in the early days. The Mykai launch is part of Bio-On’s “Cosmetics save the ocean” project, backed up by the company’s major research and development, which aims to help solve the serious problem of oceanic pollution, to safeguard the environment and come up with new ways of making cosmetics more sustainably. MT | Vegware adds a new branch to their Green Tree collection – sandwich boxes Vegware, Edinburgh, Scotland, a manufacturer and visionary brand, the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging, recently announced their Green Tree sandwich wedges and boxes are perfect for hearty meals and sarnies on the go. A crisp white design with on-pack eco-based messaging intertwined within a Green Tree motif. A clear identifier of a sustainable product. These premium boxes are made from sustainably sourced board and fully lined with renewable, plant-based PLA to keep sandwiches fresh for longer. The clear PLA front window and leaf-shaped cut-outs on the side offer extra visibility. A simple design for easy assembly. The boxes are top loading and the wedges front-load with a side closure. Pair with soup containers, napkins and hot & cold cups from the eye-catching Green Tree collection for a stylish combo meal that provides a unified look.MT 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/19] Vol. 14

Industrial Solutions for Polymer Plants Polylactide Technology Uhde Inventa Fischer Polycondensation Technologies has expanded its product portfolio to include the innovative state-of-the-art PLAneo ® process for a sustainable polymer. The feedstock for our PLA process is lactic acid, which can be produced from local agricultural products containing starch or sugar. The application range of PLA is similar to that of polymers based on fossil resources as its physical properties can be tailored to meet packaging, textile and other requirements. bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/19] Vol. 14 19

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