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News EU project seeks to

News EU project seeks to improve sustainability in aviation industry Modern aircraft are made from synthetic, non-renewable materials. Many of these are composites such as carbon and glass-fibre-reinforced plastics that are man-made through energy-intense processes. To improve the sustainability of the aviation industry, researchers are investigating renewable and recycled materials to replace such composites. However, biobased and recycled alternatives must meet the strict requirements required for safe and efficient flight. The EU-funded ECO-COMPASS project has identified potential bio-sourced and recycled materials that can be developed into eco-friendly composites for aircraft. Fibre reinforcements are used throughout aircraft and can contribute more than half of their structural mass. The project team set out to look for alternative materials to create fibre reinforcements in planes and found that biobased fibres from plants and recycled carbon fibres have great potential. The team has also developed a biobased resin system that has promising properties for a range of in-aircraft applications. “The bio-materials, recycled carbon fibres and bio-resins should be suitable for use in the secondary structure and interior of aircraft,” says project coordinator Jens Bachmann of the German Aerospace Center (DLR, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt). “They typically require less energy to produce than the materials used at present.” Collaboration with China Key to the success of this project is the collaboration with researchers in China and industrial partners such as Airbus and Comac. By working together on a global scale, experts are combining their knowledge and expertise so that sustainable composites will be available to the aviation industry globally. “The aviation industry continues to grow worldwide – global partnerships help us share knowledge and make rapid improvements to technologies,” notes Bachmann. “This collaboration has helped us learn more about fibres grown in China, such as ramie, that could be a good alternative to flax which is a standard fibre grown and used in Europe. “Now, we are improving their properties by combining Chinese expertise in materials development with European expertise in modelling and simulation.” Identifying the materials to develop In future, the composite materials identified and developed during this project could become a part of planes in the form of interior panelling, gear doors, winglets and other secondary structures. Initial results have shown that biobased composites made from flax and ramie plant fibres have the potential to be used in natural-fibre-reinforced plastics for aviation. In addition, the Sino-European team is developing a new biobased epoxy resin made from rosin derivatives obtained from conifer plants. It is likely that this technique of embedding natural fibres into the resin will enable one component of the fibre-reinforced composite to be replaced with biobased constituents.. MT United Caps added bio-PE caps to its portfolio UNITED CAPS, an international manufacturer of caps and closures, has announced it is making significant progress on its growth initiatives. The company has completed an extension of its R&D facility in Messia, France, to meet the demands of business growth and deliver faster time to market for customers. It also recently acquired Spanish closures company Embalatap and has added bioplastics-based GREENER closures sourced from sugar cane and new anti-counterfeiting measures to its portfolio. In pursuit of more environmentally sustainable solutions, Uited Caps has collaborated with Braskem to deliver eco-friendly United Caps Greener bio-sourced plastic caps and closures made from sugar cane as an addition to the United Caps product portfolio. "We already have added bioplastics-based products to our portfolio: such as the victoria closure, a 30/25 screw closure designed for still drinks; and the Proflat Seal, ideal for dairy products and still drinks," said Benoit Henckes, CEO of United Caps. "These are being warmly received by our customers, and we expect their availability to drive new customer interest as well." generic photo 8 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/18] Vol. 13 Bäumer 4.0 – Enter the age of smart manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is more than a trend, it’s the future and it’s what Bäumer believes in. Our intelligent services pave the way to take your production into tomorrow, with the connected data and production systems that make your processes seamlessly easy, efficiently economical and predictably reliable. Bäumer 4.0 – log-in to tomorrow. WWW.BAEUMER.COM Anzeige-145x165-Digitalisierung-EN-18_4_18.indd 1 18.04.18 16:25 Adiprene ® Urethan-Prepolymere nun ein Leistungsversprechen von LANXESS LANXESS Urethane Systems bekennt sich zum bewährten Qualitätsversprechen von Adiprene ® . Adiprene ® Prepolymere werden weltweit in den anspruchsvollsten Anwendungen verwendet und sind bekannt für ihre Verschleiß- und Abriebbeständigkeit und Tragfähigkeit. Der Kunde steht im Fokus unserer Aktivitäten, um gemeinsam individuelle Lösungen zu entwickeln. Lesen Sie mehr über uns unter Oder kontaktieren Sie uns direkt via Email Wir freuen uns auf Sie! SmartFace SmartTraining SmartTrace SmartRemain Nähere Informationen zu unseren Industrie 4.0 Produkten unter: Hansen & Rosenthal KG E-Mail: Cover-Story New convenient and compostable waste bags have hit German retail stores Frankenthal, Germany-based RKW has launched a biodegradable star-sealed bag for organic household waste in Germany. Certified as fully compostable, it is also the first T-shirt star-sealed bag available on the market made from more than 50 % renewable PLA - material. For family-owned film manufacturer RKW, sustainability is an integral part of its business mission, and this includes the use of biodegradable or biobased films. RKW Vietnam, which is specialized in consumer packaging, produces the compostable bags in Ho Chi Minh City. Star-sealed, the new bag is created without gussets and sealed in a single spot, making it highly practical and virtually leakproof. For organic waste, many people use paper bags, which, while fully biodegradable, tend to become soggy and tear easily when taken out of the bin. The bags come with carrying handles that can be used to tie them shut, and the star-sealed bottom that consumers are familiar with from conventional plastic-based trash bags. Fully compostable and hence suited for organic waste, the bags will be supplied by major retailers. “RKW is a pioneer on the market,” says Manh-Hung Ngo, Product Manager at RKW Vietnam. “So far, bags with up to 40 % renewable content have been available in markets such as France or Italy. We were able to design bags with a significant higher proportion. Hence, these waste bags are another milestone towards a more sustainable future.” The bag is fully compostable and certified to European standard EN13432 by the DIN Certco institute in Berlin (Germany). The bag is suited for bins with different shapes and prevents the leakage of liquids. Multiple layers strengthen the bottom, avoiding damage to the bag. Combining the practical features with benefits in terms of sustainability, the new bags are a more environmentally friendly and a convenient option for consumers. MT ALL ABOUT POLYMERS DKT 2018-Vorbericht DKT 2018 preview tpe markets POLYURETHANES MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL 03/2018 JUNE/JULY Interview with R. Trippler, Hennecke & E. Lombardini, OMS Blowing agents Polyisocyanurate insulation Additives for PIR rigid foams YOUR MACHINES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. FORUM FÜR DIE POLYURETHANINDUSTRIE PU MAGAZIN 03/2018 Juli Interview mit N. Beyl, Fa. KraussMaffei Interview mit A. Fi l, Fa. Fi l Europäischer Weichschaummarkt CO 2 -basierte Polyole Polyisocyanurat-Dämmstoffe QUALITY PERFORMS. Qualität von LANXESS Fachmagazin für die Polymerindustrie SAVE THE DATE 02. – 05. JULI Prognose für den Naturkautschukmarkt Amine in Kieselsäure/Silan-NR-Systemen Entwicklungen für Lkw-Reifen Schwefeldiffusion in Rezyklatmischungen DESMA 4.0 PRODUKTE UND PROZESSE VERNETZEN. Your experts in rubber and silicone injection moulding. 24/7 Outlook for the NR market Shape memory polymers CO 2 diffusivity Magazine for the Polymer Industry Revisiting sulfur vulcanisation The Drop That Makes The Difference Hansen & Rosenthal is the Producer of Anti Ozone Waxes and Plasticizers sustainable edpm for tpv high molecular weight mineral oil 3d printing of tpe dkt 2018 preview 71. Jahrgang, Juni 2018 06| 2018 Volume 13, June 2018 3| 2018 Volume 9, April 2018 2| 2018 · Stay informed with our free newsletters: bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/18] Vol. 13 9

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