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Issue 04/2018

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Eastlon BIO-PET

Eastlon BIO-PET RE-THINKING THE BOTTLE: Different Bioplastics for one Application. A fi ne and high-value bottle can be made from different types of bioplastics. Rebhan was spoilt for choice and fi nally took all for their biobased packaging portfolio GREENline: • Bio-Flex ® , a PLA blend, • Eastlon, the Bio-PET by Fenc, • Braskem's Green PE. All resins are supplied by FKuR, naturally.

Editorial dear readers This year is the hottest summer in Germany that I can remember in 15 years. Unbelievably, we’ve had bright sunshine and high temperatures since the end of May. And one of the fundamental rules in weather like this is to drink a lot. Preferably water. But I prefer coffee. As I’m trying to minimize coffee-related waste at my home, I usually drink my coffee freshly brewed from freshly ground coffee beans in a modern, fully automatic coffee machine. But I must admit that there are benefits to today’s conveniently pre-dosed coffee pods and capsules: the wide variety of tastes and flavours, the different strengths available - with or without caffeine - while at home… the same coffee in each and every cup… . On the other hand, (traditional) coffee pods and capsule are causing at least some – to put it mildly – environmental concern. Could coffee pods and capsules made of biobased and/or biodegradable plastics offer a sustainable alternative? This is one of the highlight topics discussed in this issue. We’ve even included an article about a coffee capsule made of (sugar cane) paper, which are not exactly bioplastics, but in my opinion, still an alternative to aluminium worth reporting on. The other highlight topic is Blow Moulding / Bottle Applications which this time also includes the Basics section, where we have a closer look at PEF. Two more things I’d like to direct your attention to are: The 1 st PHA platform World Congress on 4 and 5 September in Cologne. We are happy to have no fewer that 28 speakers lined up to present the latest PHA developments and who are looking forward to networking with you. Second, we’re currently calling for submissions for the 2018 edition of the Global Bioplastics Award. If you think your product or service from the world of biobased plastics deserves the award, or you’d like to nominate somebody else’s, please let us know. Until then, please enjoy the summer - and have a great time reading this latest issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE. Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/18] Vol. 13 3

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