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Report 20 years Tecnaro

Report 20 years Tecnaro Congratulations – but also some serious words of the founders Helmut Nägele and Jürgen Pfitzer Gucci sunglasses and shoe Biobrush A pioneer in bioplastics for 20 years, TECNARO from Ilsfeld, Germany is still acting with a fighting spirit. “First be smiled at, then fought against and finally regarded as a matter of course” - this was formulated by Arthur Schopenhauer for the truth and has now been transferred by the laudator in his speech to two pioneers from Heilbronn, Germany. Helmut Nägele and Jürgen Pfitzer, Managing Directors of Tecnaro, have resolutely pursued their idea of using renewable resources in order to manufacture their bioplastics named liquid wood- ARBOFORM ® , ARBOBLEND ® and ARBOFILL ® - with all properties of plastic. Today, in the company’s twentieth year of existence, they proudly say “we have succeeded”. All over the world, their formulas are contained in everyday objects such as fashion, automobiles, facades, craftsmen-, trade and industrial needs. Tecnaro’s formulas are used for Benetton hangers or Friedwald forest cemetery urns, for example. Of course, so many times Nägele und Pfitzer and their team have continued in research and development, have transferred their ideas into practice, have selected and discarded all changes and started again – until they developed formulas for a wide/broad application range. However, they are made from sugar, starch, natural wax, organic oil or wood extractives like cellulose and lignin. According to Helmut Nägele, up to 70 % of all conventional plastic may be replaced technically by Tecnaro resins or compounds. Tecnaro’s recipes are used in Audi R8, in punches and staplers from Novus, in shoes and sun glasses from Gucci and in the multiple-award-winning Biobrush toothbrushes. In Addition, the bio version of the glue sticks ReNature“ and the text markers Edding 24 which are well-known worldwide, are made from Tecnaro materials. For a long time, a leading manufacturer of corn mills has been using casings made of wood. Now, with good reason Mockmill as a first kitchen appliance wears a dress made from bio plastics Arboblend. Strong network created around the Tecnaro Team During the last 20 years, a most remarkable and strong plastic technology network has been created around the Tecnaro Team which comprises innovative customers, research and development partners, flexible suppliers, authorities and associations acting in a prudent manner, fair market players, keen understanding consultants and auditors as well as strong financial partners. Thanks to its competent sales representatives and Albis Plastic GmbH Hamburg, Tecnaro materials are reaching even the most far-away countries. “We need to grow even more but have already amazingly powerful partners in the entire world“, say the two managing directors and add “together we are everywhere!” 26 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/18] Vol. 13

Report “There’s nothing left to desire“ results Öko-Test Besides Arboform und Arbofill, Arboblend is one of Tecnaro’s basic formulas. And whether it concerns returnable coffee-to-go beakers, organic freezer bags, coffee capsules, cooking- or baby spoons, highest standards are valid for food contact. Therefore, the German magazine Öko-Test thoroughly tested the Ajaa Lunchbox made from Arboblend and awarded it the overall rating “very high quality” and drew a positive conclusion “there’s nothing left to desire“(6/2018 issue). Tecnaro‘s biopolymers leave the factory in form of granules. They are made from renewable raw materials and are biodegradable or long term resistant. The materials can be processed, for example, by injection molding, extrusion, calendering, pressing, thermoforming and blow molding. The trophies of Green Brands Germany, for example, are made via 3D printing process. And by using an additive manufacturing system Freeformer which is a revolutionary manufacturing technology from Arburg, functionally planetary gears (working similarly like a clockwork) are made in a single work step, without further assembly. Tecnaro also scores at another place on the playing field: the ball Binabo from TicToys (Leipzig, Germany) has accurately landed to the 2018 Football World Cup. Before they start playing with the Binabo, children can assemble it from pieces. However, from the Binabo parts, something else may be assembled, too. This different football made from Arboblend was designed based on an example from Myanmar which is made from rattan fencing. And of course, the new one is made from 100% renewable raw materials, too. Steadily in upward trend With a team of more than 30 employees and thereof a lot of highly qualified academics, the trend for Tecnaro is upwards. Besides a high media attention, the number of prizes and awards is increasing almost every year (see separate infobox). Today, the level of being laughed at has overcome. Does everything fit now? Shouldn’t the world embrace the German pioneers for their rescue visions about plastic replacement? And this in times in which the world’s oceans are in danger of suffocating in plastic waste whirls. The reversal away from fossil raw materials and oil to sustainable and renewable resources was never before as topical as today. Helmut Nägele, Managing director of Tecnaro, says: “like the turn in energy politics, the raw material shift should be propagated accordingly and repeated continually. It’s a fact that the world’s resources of oil are finite. Already today, oilmultis are buying forests on a large-scale in order to keep at least their market power within global competition. “ Ajaa lunch-boxes Binabo toy Edding highlighters Nighthawk Headphones bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/18] Vol. 13 27

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