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Application News Outdoor

Application News Outdoor shoes with bio-succinic acid Reverdia’s Biosuccinium ® has been used in the production of bio-based materials for VAUDE’s new Skarvan range. As part of the completely redesigned Summer 2018 Shoe Collection, the Tettnang, Germany based company offers consumers a sustainable choice of trekking shoes with high-end design and were unveiled at the Out- Door 2017 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. “With the SS18 Collection, we have taken a big step toward becoming the most sustainable provider of functional outdoor and bike shoes,” said Oliver Korden, Vaude’s Head of Footwear. This is the first time the outdoor brand has used a bio-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for toe caps and heel counters. Vaude is committed to minimising the environmental footprint of its products and was the first outdoor company to receive certification under the EU’s Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). It now seeks to reduce dependency on oil by replacing conventional materials with sustainable bio-based alternatives. “Consumers can now find high-performance footwear which contains Reverdia’s bio-succinic acid on store shelves,” said Marcel Lubben, President of Reverdia. “This is a very exciting step for us, as it clearly demonstrates how Biosucciniumbased polyurethanes can support brands in these markets to meet customer demand for truly sustainable products.” Biosuccinium from Reverdia is the biosuccinic acid with best-in-class environmental footprint. Polyols derived from it enable polyurethanes (PU) with a significant share of bio-based content and a reduced carbon footprint which can be used in the manufacture of sustainable products. MT | Nespresso - increase aluminium recycling rate Still using aluminium for their coffee capsules for a good reason, namely aroma barrier, Nespresso (headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland) is trying to improve the overall carbon footprint per cup of coffee. The machines for example shall be more energy efficient and the weight of the aluminum per capsule to be reduced. And number 3, the company wants to further increase the recycling rate [1]. In Portugal, Nespresso launched the Recycling@home project at the end of last year, which allows used capsules to be more easily collected and recycled by providing a dedicated recycling bag for customers to exchange when they receive a Nespresso delivery. The company believes the scheme will significantly increase the collection of used capsules in addition to the already available network of 290 capsule recycling points, spread throughout the country, including boutiques and points of sale, among others. The collecting bags are made of Braskem’s I’m green sugar cane based polyethylene (PE) – a material which responds to Nespresso’s commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, Nespresso wants to focus its communication on recycling on the following main topics: 1. “Educate” - that aims to educate and promote a change of behavior of their clients in favor of the recycling and the valorization of resources. 2. “Make recycling easy” - which aims to facilitate and maximize the collection of used capsules, making recycling a simple and easy process for their customers. 3. “Creating value” - aims to create value-based projects with the community, involving civil society and private sectors to work in partnership, and to strengthen and accelerate sustainable development. “As for the use of I’m greenTM polyethylene for the recycling bags of our new project, we chose the material that best responds, in our view, to the commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, within the reality of the Waste management in Portugal”, says Stefano Goglio, Nespresso Portugal Market Director. MT www.nestle- | [1] 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/17] Vol. 12 SPM-FLP-639 Flex Foam Ad_145x165mm.indd 1 03/2017 JUNE/JULY Molded flexible foam with Honeywell Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent cuts weight up to 20% in seats, carpet underlayment, other acoustic parts, integral skin and more — all without sacrificing comfort, durability and acoustics. You’ll have the flexibility to meet desired designs while trimming weight to more easily meet MPG and environmental goals. Plus, it’s nonflammable and U.S. EPA SNAP-listed. Learn more at or 1-800-631-8138. © 2017 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. 5/8/17 10:41 AM Mehr Tempo bei der Pultrusion: Die neuen iPul-Anlagen von KraussMaffei bieten Ihnen mehr Produktivität und Wirtschaftlichkeit bei der Herstellung gerader und gekrümmter Profile. Erfahren Sie mehr unter: Engineering Passion 03/2017 Juli Composites Europe, Halle 4, Stand D21 Leichtbau/Composites Automo mobil Inter terieur Obe rfläch en Iso lat ion/We iße Ware Son derlös lösung gen Josef Renkl, Ihr rKrau raussM sMaff ei Expert rte für Pul tru sion KM_Anz_Leadership_Pultrusion_DE+m_145x164+3.indd 1 26.06.17 15:28 27 TH –28 TH SEPT. SmartTraining SmartTrace SmartFace SmartRemain Application News Find more information about our Industry 4.0 products online: Beware of imitations. Volume 8, May 2017 Biodegradable shoe? Adidas, a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. Recently Adidas unveiled the world’s first performance shoe made using Biosteel ® fibre – a replication of natural silk – at a trade show in New York, USA. According the the press release, the Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric features include being 100 % biodegradable through a fully natural process. The Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric prototype shoe features an upper made from 100 % Biosteel fibre, a nature-based and completely biodegradable high-performance fibre, developed by the biotech company Amsilk (Planegg, Germany). The material offers a unique combination of properties that are crucial in performance, such as being 15% lighter in weight than conventional synthetic fibres as well as having the potential to be the strongest fully natural material available. In addition, Biosteel fibre also provides a far more sustainable offering. According to Amsilk, who have invested more than 200.000 bioengineer man hours and know-how into their products, the fibres are made of 100 % nature based biopolymers, are 100 % vegan and biodegradable. While Amsilk did not disclose any details on how they make their replication of natural spider silk before our deadline, the Technical University of Munich’s website ( says the world’s first artificial silk fibre is entirely made of recombinant spider silk proteins. And unveils: The company’s process uses genetically engineered E. coli samples to express silk protein derived from the DNA of the European garden cross spider, and is capable of generating about 20 different silk grades from four silk varieties. Announced as a biodegradable shoe, some questions are still open. Adidas did not clearly respond to the question on whether (or better when) the complete shoe (including sole etc) is biodegradable and what the suggested end-of-life options are (will be). However, they confirmed that the silk fibers will break down in under 36 hours after adding water with a special digestion enzyme (so-called proteinase). The sole is currently not biodegradable. It’s made from the same TPU plastic foam found in Adidas’ UltraBoost shoes. However, Adidas strives to realize a fully biodegradable solution before the official launch. At the end this is a prototype, as a spokesperson of Adidas told bioplastics MAGAZINE. MT | SEEING POLYMERS WITH DIFFERENT EYES... Biokraftstoffkompatibilität von FKM Silica/silane reaction mechanism self-healing tpu POLYURETHANES MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL Trim The Weight, Not The Comfort Interviews: ISL-Chemie, Dow, Magna, Vencorex PSE Europe 2017 preview High temperature foam PIR insulation CNSL-based polyols Blowing Agents FORUM FÜR DIE POLYURETHANINDUSTRIE PU MAGAZIN Strukture le Faserverbundbauteile PU-basierte Bedachungsmaterialien Polyole auf CNSL-Basis Polyesterpolyole Interview mit G. Burrow, Magna Führende Köpfe für führende Lösungen Pultrusion neu gedacht Relaxed Extrusion PEEK-PTFE-cg-Materialien Fachmagazin für die Polymerindustrie Peroxidvernetzung INNOVATIVE TECHNIK FÜR ROLL-EX ® ZAHNRADPUMPEN KAUTSCHUK TECHNOLOGIE SILIKON REIFEN DIE LÖSUNG FÜR PRÄZISE EXTRUSION, HOCHDRUCKANWENDUNGEN UND POLYMERDOSIERUNG 70. Jahrgang, Juli 2017 07| 2017 Magazine for the Polymer Industry SAVE THE DATE DESMA 4.0 CONNECTING PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES. Hybrid cure systems EPDM compounds Energy-efficient mixing Acrylic impact modifiers Volume 12, July 2017 03| 2017 tpu for wire & cable heat and oil resistant tpv stabilisers review: high-temperature tpe Visit us at stand 10.3T51 BORN AMBITIOUS. is the commercial brand of our products, all obtained with sophisticated mixing processes. Our product portfolio includes: TPE-S and TPO compounds based on SBS and SEBS. 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