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Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging for sustainable products “Be the change you wish for this world.” Inspired by these words, Regenbogenkreis produces and sells certified sustainable organic food supplements, tea and herbal blends. To complete their concept of sustainability they decided to use packaging not based on fossil based raw materials such as oil. As a result, for their range of natural products they use Braskem’s Green PE. This offers their customers improved holistic solutions based on the principle of continual development of responsible environmental management which is committed to the future of life on this planet. For more information visit •

Editorial dear readers “Where will this journey take us?” That’s the question our cover girl is pondering, and with good reason. Who knows what the beverage bottles of the future will be made of? This, and more, are the questions we explore in the Blow moulding / Bottle Applications highlight of this issue. Another focus of this issue is Bioplastics in Building and Construction. And, while initially intended as the topic of this edition’s Basics article, Foam subsequently blossomed out to become a third highlight. For this reason, I have reduced the actual basics article to a short, one-page piece. As always, this latest issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE is once again complemented by a number of industry and applications news items. While we hope that you are enjoying a well-deserved leisurely summer, our next event is already casting its shadow forward. The final programme for our first bio!CAR Conference on Biobased Materials for Automotive Applications (co-organized with the nova-Institute) has been announced. This conference will be held within the framework of the trade fair COMPOSITES EUROPE on September 24 th and 25 th in Stuttgart, Germany. Finally, I’d like to encourage all of you to send in proposals for the next Global Bioplastics Award (for details, see page 27). This “Bioplastics Oskar” will be presented this year for the 10 th time during the 10 th European Bioplastics Conference on November 5 th in Berlin, Germany. We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming events, and until then, enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 10 ISSN 1862-5258 Highlights Blow Moulding | 16 Building & Construction | 10 Basics 100% bio-PET? bio- Foaming Plastics | 41 Where will this journey take us? | 20 Jul / Aug ... or bio-PEF ? 04 | 2015 ... is read in 92 countries Follow us on twitter! Michael Thielen Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/15] Vol. 10 3

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