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Highlights: Bottles / Blow Moulding Joining Bioplastics Basics: Carbon Capture


NORA AND HER FLYPHONE ON RENEWABLE CARBON Text: Michael Carus and Christopher vom Berg Graphics: Aaron Wilde and Pia Witt There are so many things to buy! All these items that make our lives simple and comfortable … FlyPhone, can you guess what they are made of? I have no idea. Almost all chemicals and materials are made of carbon! Currently, we take the required carbon out of the ground – from fossil sources like coal, crude oil and natural gas. Most of the carbon ends up as CO 2 in the atmosphere. Are fossil sources really a good idea, then? Woah, so I'm also made from fossil carbon. Additional CO 2 in our atmosphere accelerates global warming. This needs to stop! Are there other carbon sources than fossils? I’m a climate sinner! Actually, there are three different possibilities. First, there is biogenic carbon from biomass. Plants and trees take the carbon out of atmospheric CO 2 and become bio-based products. Plants are my heroes! Through advanced technology, you can also capture and use CO 2 from industrial emissions or capture it straight from the atmosphere. This is energy-intensive and requires the help of renewable energies – but it works! So, CO 2 is climate killer and feedstock! Finally, it is possible to keep all plastics in a circle, meaning that old plastics become new raw materials. So, the third alternative carbon source is recycling. My future generation will be made of me. Wow! available at © | 2021 30 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/21] Vol. 16

The term “Renewable Carbon” unites exactly these three alternative carbon sources under one umbrella. If we want to stop climate change and shift towards sustainability, we will have to replace all fossil carbon with these alternatives. How cool is that? This is what the future material sector might look like! Renewable carbon from biomass, CO 2 utilisation and recycling forms a sustainable basis for the highly interlinked production of most materials and products. The next version of me will be fossil-free! SOLAR WIND HYDRO CO2 BIOMASS RECYCLING DECARBONISATION RENEWABLE ENERGY INDUSTRY - HOME - MOBILITY STOP 2 HYDROGEN RENEWABLE CARBON-BASED FUELS RENEWABLE CARBON CHEMICALS - PLASTICS - OTHER MATERIALS STOP And this is our vision for the coming generations: Renewable energy and renewable carbon for a sustainable future! Fossil fuels and fossil carbon would no longer be required and climate change would end. Even the sun is happy. Fossil Fuels Fossil Carbon And companies already take action. Industry has to go beyond renewable energy. The members of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) are pioneers of a sustainable future. Together, they are leading the way towards implementing the raw material shift. Cool. I wish I could join! MEMBERS OF THE INITIATIVE PARTNERS OF THE INITIATIVE ... and almost 200 personal supporters available at © | 2021 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/21] Vol. 16 31

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