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Highlights: Additives/Masterbatches Marine Littering

From Science & Research

From Science & Research efficiency and profitability and reduce environmental impact. AIMPLAS also does research in areas such as recycling, biodegradable materials and products, and the use of biomass and CO 2 with the aim of developing innovative solutions that help solve current environmental challenges. References: [1] waste_statistics | PERCAL Representative selected MSW streams L P C Biotechnology routes Green Chemistry routes Separation and purification Enzymatic hydrolysis C Carbohydrates L Lipids P P Proteins Chemical intermediates C P Succinic acid Lactic acid Ethanol Fermentation by-products Final products L P Solvents for cleaning products, inks, etc. Hot melts, adhesives for cardboard, etc. Polyols for polyurethane industry Biobased surfactants for cleaning chemicals PERCAL processes, chemical intermediates and products. left: Reactive extrusion of PLA copolymers at the AIMPLAS pilot plant; right: lactide, PLA and PLA copolymer 44 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/20] Vol. 15

By: Miguel Ángel Valera, Chemical Technology Group Belén Monje, Chemical Technology Group Leader Rafa Alonso, Chemical Technology Group Livia López, Physical and Mechanical Characterization Laboratory AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Centre Valencia, Spain COMPEO Leading compounding technology for heat- and shear-sensitive plastics Determination of tensile lap-shear strength of PERCAL HMA in carboard Uniquely efficient. Incredibly versatile. Amazingly flexible. With its new COMPEO Kneader series, BUSS continues to offer continuous compounding solutions that set the standard for heat- and shear-sensitive applications, in all industries, including for biopolymers. • Moderate, uniform shear rates • Extremely low temperature profile • Efficient injection of liquid components • Precise temperature control • High filler loadings Test specimens of different carboard types glued with PERCAL HMAs after tensile lap-shear test bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/20] Vol. 15 45

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