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Issue 03/2017

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Compostable, biobased

Compostable, biobased packaging for organic chips The introduction of Trafo Hummus Chips marks a further expansion of the range of organic crisps and snacks from FZ Organic Food, based in Wolvega, The Netherlands. Not only the delicious flavour of this product is exceptional, but also its packaging. FZ Organic Food has chosen a Bio4Pack packaging that is fully compostable, in accordance with the strict EN13432 standard – see the 7P0466 seedling logo – and is also four-star (i.e. > 80 %) biobased. In other words, more than 81 % of the raw materials used are renewable. In short, the packaging fits perfectly into FZ Organic Food’s mission and vision. Solution with vision This Bio4Pack packaging solution is entirely fitting for a company with vision such as FZ Organic Food, as it enables them to comply immediately with the wishes and requirements of the Dutch Lower House with regard to the use of metallised multi-layer packaging. In its current form, such packaging must be off the shelves by 2050. Bio4Pack’s sustainable multi-layer packaging already fulfils the Lower House’s requirements and, as it has the same material characteristics as the current multi-layer films, it can easily be processed with standard machines. What’s more, the film can be printed in up to eight colours. In a nutshell, Bio4Pack’s sustainable, compostable crisp packet provides FZ Organic Food with packaging that does justice to both the quality of the product and the future of our planet. MT | Market study on Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers Global Capacities and Trends 2016 – 2021 Bio-based polymers worldwide: Ongoing growth despite difficult market environment nova-Institute’s market study “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities and Trends 2016 – 2021” is unique and gives the most comprehensive insight into the bio-based world market with latest data on capacities and applications for all relevant biobased building blocks and polymers. What makes the report unique? ■ ■ We have formed a high-level expert group from Asia, Europe and the US with direct contact to the leading bio-based building block and polymer producers in the world. We show real data for the year 2016 and forecast for 2021. The data of the annual nova market report is regularly used by leading brands of the industry and constitutes the basis of European Bioplastics’ annual market update, relying on the proven high and outstanding quality of nova-Institute’s research. The report contains more than 50 figures and 140 tables, production capacities in North and South America, Asia and Europe from 2011 to 2021 for seventeen bio-based building-blocks and thirteen polymers, and the different application sectors per polymer. In addition, the report shows detailed company profiles of 104 companies, which produce 70 different bio-based building-blocks and polymers. Contact Guido Müller +49 (0) 22 33 / 48 14-44 guido.mü ■ We are updating our data every year, so we have now continuous data for the last 5 years. Don’t miss the future of building blocks and polymers – stay informed with the nova market report on “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers”. Order the full report The full report can be ordered for € 2,000 plus VAT at: 38 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/17] Vol. 12

Food Packaging PRESENTS The Bioplastics Award will be presented during the 12th European Bioplastics Conference November 28-29, 2017, Berlin, Germany 2017 THE TWELFTH ANNUAL GLOBAL AWARD FOR DEVELOPERS, MANUFACTURERS AND USERS OF BIOBASED AND/OR BIODEGRADABLE PLASTICS. Call for proposals Enter your own product, service or development, or nominate your favourite example from another organisation Please let us know until July 31 st 1. What the product, service or development is and does 2. Why you think this product, service or development should win an award 3. What your (or the proposed) company or organisation does Your entry should not exceed 500 words (approx. 1 page) and may also be supported with photographs, samples, marketing brochures and/or technical documentation (cannot be sent back). The 5 nominees must be prepared to provide a 30 second videoclip and come to Berlin on Nov. 28. More details and an entry form can be downloaded from supported by bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/17] Vol. 12 39

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