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Issue 03/2017

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A GREEN ALTERNATIVE – WITH A FUTURE. As a manufacturer of plastic products for household articles, we are aware of our ecological responsibility. The sustainable use of our valuable natural resources is an important part of our corporate culture. We are constantly working on the development of products that are sustainable and in harmony with our environment. Production processes are also continuously optimized therefore positively contributing to the environmental balance. The eco-friendly greenline series is produced with Braskem‘s Green PE supplied by FKuR. ✓ Biobased – renewable resources ✓ Saving fossil resources ✓ Reduction of CO 2 emissions ✓ 100 % recyclable ✓ Food safe ✓ Dishwasher safe ✓ BPA free

Editorial dear readers About a year ago, I became a beekeeper. One of the reasons I took up this new and exciting hobby was because our bees are in trouble, and with their numbers in decline, I wanted to do something to help. That - and because I really like honey. Hence, the recent news picked up by virtually all media - who outdid themselves with catchy headlines, such as “A Very Hungry Caterpillar Eats Plastic Bags” – struck a real chord. Please read my comment on pp 40. This was also the reason for our cover photo: I though an attractive young beekeeper was greatly preferable to an ugly caterpillar. After a successful 2 nd bio!PAC conference and a busy week at interpack, I did not make it to Chinaplas this year. So, our review is rather short. The interpack review, however, is more comprehensive. ISSN 1862-5258 Basics FAQ (update) | 44 Highlights Injection Moulding | 14 Food Packaging | 36 May/June 03 | 2017 Other highlight topics of this issue are Injection moulding and Food packaging. Since a number of questions tend to be asked again and again by newcomers to the field of bioplastics, European Bioplastics has compiled a comprehensive set of FAQs. In the Basics section, we present some of these, hopefully whetting your appetite for a visit to their (soon to be updated) website to read them all. The first speakers have already confirmed their participation in our next bio!CAR conference, among them Ford Motor Company and Renault. End of September, Stuttgart, Germany will again be the place to be for anyone and everyone involved in Automotive Applications. The Call for Papers for the second edition of this event is still open (see pp. 10). And we are also again encouraging all our readers to submit proposals for the 2017 edition of the Global Bioplastics Award competition. Do you have a product or service relating in some way to the world of biobased plastics that you think deserves the award or you perhaps know someone who does? Please, let us know! Meanwhile, enjoy the summer, and keep your fingers crossed for a good harvest of yummy honey. bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 12 ... is read in 92 countries Review Beekeepers are concernded: Don‘t breed wax-moths | 40 Until then, please enjoy reading this latest issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE. Sincerely yours Michael Thielen In this issue we wanted to have special focus on the People’s Republic of China. But we weren’t that successful. Our Chinaplas report is rather short and we did not get as many articles from Chinese companies as anticipated. After all my respected colleague John Leung (Biosolutions) helped me out and contributed his deal to the “China Special “. bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/17] Vol. 12 3

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