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Ecolopy: Anhui Jumei

Ecolopy: Anhui Jumei Biotechnology Ecopoly, established in 2013 is engaged in research and manufacture of fully biodegradable materials and related applications. The company from Wuhu, China is committed to be the leader of biodegradable plastic industry, providing plastic manufacturers and consumers with top grade full-biodegradable TPS/ PBAT, PLA resin and related derivatives, such as shopping bags, food packaging and films etc. What’s more, their product have been exported to Asia, Europe, The United States and other countries and regions. The product range includes: agriculture film, mulch film, packaging for food, medicals and gifts, seafood cases, food trays, industrial packaging such as carrier bags, sacks, cling film, etc., automotive applications such as toxine free interior parts. Further examples are phone cases, PC and ipad cases and 3D printing materials. The products were tested for their biobased content by the US based BETA laboratory as well as Vincotte (OK-Biobased four star certification). Biodegradability/ compostability tested in accordance with EU EN13432, American ASTM D6400 and China GB/T 20197. Finally also a FDA food contact safe inspection was performed. Ecopoly cooperates with Jiangsu Science and Technology University, building a research laboratory on biobased polymer materials that has got investment from the Anhui province government. The 800 m² workshop features equipment including of extruder, injection moulding machine, film blowing line and tensile testing equipment (among others). Green Day Green Day is China,’s leading OEM manutacturer of PSM and CPLA cutlery. The company from Xiamen, China supplied to the most renowned and respected brands in North American, European and Australian markets since 2005. Their supply covers various sectors of foodservice industry, such as restaurants, catering, hospitality, healthcare, inflight catering, cafeteria, schools, etc. The product range includes CPLA /PSM Cutlery, CPLA Cup Lids, etc. All Green Day products are certified (BPI, DIN Dcertco) to the international standards for compostability, such as ASTM D6400 and EN 13432. Green Day is a fully integrated manufacturer with in-house design, prototype development and product manufacture. Their R&D team consists of technical experts specializing in the fields of macromolecular compounds, biotechnological engineering, bioplastic research and prototype development. The comprehensive industrial experience and expertise will help customers to create the desired products to meet the specific market demands. The CPLA (crystallized PLA) cutlery is strong, sturdy and stylish. The cutlery as well as the CPLA hot drink lids are heat resistant up to 90°C. It is available in different sizes and colours. Firstpak Packaging Firstpak Packaging Co., Ltd (Jiangsu, China) is a leading green packaging solution provider covering disposable clinical materials, food holders, gardening containers, craftworks, single–use daily life articles, and industrial packages. At interpack Firstpak presented their renewable pulp tableware. The different round plates, bowls, take away food boxes, three compartment plates etc. made from sugarcane bagasse are made from a 100 % renewable waste material and are completely compostable the tableware can be used for hot and cold food and it is even microwavable. Among others the products are FDA approved and certified according to EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400 Ningbo Futur International Trading Futur International (Ningbo, China) is a marketer and manufacturer of high quality food packaging products for the foodservice, retail and consumer markets for the domestic (Chinese) and international customers. The company’s extensive range of quality products consists of cutlery, cups, containers, bags etc. made from paper to plastic and compostable materials. The product range includes CPLA Cutlery - made from crystallized PLA and fully renewable resources. BPI & DIN Certco certified compostable in commercial or industrial composting facilities. PLA coated paper hot cups are lined with Ingeo PLA, which is compostable in industrial composting facilities and made from food grade heavy duty 320 gsm paper. PLA hot lids are made from crystallized Ingeo PLA in natural white color which is also certified compostable. In addition the company also offers sugarcane (bagasse pulp) tableware. This includes mainly sugarcane clamshells, plates and bowls which meet ASTM D6400 compostable standard. Ideal to replace the traditional plastic or foam products. A switch to sugarcane products does not cost more but customers can make a big difference to the environment. 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/17] Vol. 12

Interpack Review ICEE Containers ICEE Containers Ltd Pty Ltd, Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia has been offering collapsible EPS airpop ® boxes for quite a while. Their new development is now a collapsible or foldable and thus reusable insulating box made of E-PLA particle foam. The ICEE folding airpop box reduces spoilage in fresh produce and keeps contents safe. It is ideally suited for the growing demand in online grocery shopping, farm gate to consumer direct deliveries, and the grower to supermarket supply chain. The ICEE folding airpop box can be easily security-sealed, protecting against biohazards and environmental factors for safe delivery to homes and supermarkets. Fresh produce and other perishable and fragile items such as flowers, electronics, seafood, meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical products arrive safe and uncontaminated. The low storage volume makes the ICEE folding airpop box ideal for courier companies wishing to provide customers with a thermally insulated, high protection package for perishable and fragile items. The boxes are delivered flat and picked up flat for return and re-use. The convenience of storage and transport for the ICEE folding airpop box also makes it ideal for humanitarian aid programs to remote regions and military supply logistics. The new version made from PLA is even compostable. Coexpan The Spanish company Coexpan from Madrid presented thermoformable PLA Sheet. The rigid sheet and lid material is made from renewably sourced PLA and offers excellent stiffness, good thermoformability and can also be modified (laminated) to produce high barrier (film and sheet) cups. Applications can mainly be found in the dairy sector (e.g. yoghurt cups and lids) A.J. Plast A.J. Plast, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand is a manufacturer of biaxially oriented films. Their capacity for BOPLA films is about 5,000 tonnes per annum. The biaxially oriented PLA films are available in transparent and metallized versions and heat sealable versions, both in gauges from 15 – 35 µm. The renewably sourced and biodegradable films offer a good moisture barrier, excellent transparency and printability as well as excellent twist retention. Applications range from flexible packaging, such as salad bags, flower wraps, magazine pouches, candy packaging (twisted) to cups and tray lids. Labels, paper lamination and bakery bags are other examples. Another product presented at interpack is the world’s first BOPA (biaxially oriented polyamide) films from biomass. More details about this product were not available. Plantic Plantic Technology Limited from Altona, Victoria, Australia, now part of Kuraray, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, offers Plantic ® sustainable materials based on starch. Water soluble when directly exposed to water, Plantic offers ultra high barrier properties when embedded between layers of other materials. The thickness of the Plantic HP layer used in the final structure can be varied to meet consumers desired performance as well as sustainability credentials (see graph). Unlike other providers, whose primary material is developed in a refinery, Plantic is grown in a field. The company has developed a biodegradable, renewable, organic alternative to conventional plastics based on amylose rich starch. OTR Measured 0,20 0,15 0,10 0,05 OTR Measurement of Plantic HP cm 3 /m 2 /24hr∙atm: 10°C, 90/50% RH (Mocon test data) 0,00 100 120 150 200 300 Plantic HP Thickness (μm) bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/17] Vol. 12 19

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