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Interpack Review

Interpack Review Bioplastics at interpack Bioplastics were again strongly represented at this year‘s interpack trade fair, which took place from 04 to 10 May in Düsseldorf, Germany. The world’s biggest and most important trade fair of the packaging sector and related process industries presented a new record attendance of 2,865 companies. 74 % of the approximately 170,500 visitors travelled to the metropolis at the river Rhine from more than 160 countries around the world. The show started with our personal highlight, the 2 nd edition of bio!PAC – the conference on biobased packaging. About 100 experts and interested visitors came to the Congress center on the first three days of interpack. The bioplastics companies represented at the exhibition again demonstrated that for a wide spectrum of packaging applications bioplastics offer solutions that can decisively reduce environmental impact. After our comprehensive preview in the last issue, the following pages shall give some more examples of what was presented in Düsseldorf. 2017 NatureWorks and Partners NatureWorks and other exhibitors showcased the latest functional innovations for Ingeo PLA. In terms of barrier properties, strength, heat resistance, material source reduction, and a range of functional characteristics, NatureWorks and its customers are extending the application range of Ingeo. “The functional extensions of Ingeo, one of the world’s most applied bioplastics, are due to NatureWorks and channel partner investments in manufacturing and converting technology and applications, tailoring grades, and research and development initiatives,” said Marc Verbruggen, President and CEO of NatureWorks. “Behind this creativity is the mutual desire to find new packaging solutions that perform better, move packaging into new areas, reduce reliance on fossil feedstocks, provide more varied recovery options for packaging, and lower the carbon footprint.” In addition to dozens of new examples of flexible and rigid packaging that were displayed at the NatureWorks stand the following companies presented their Ingeo-based products. Constantia Flexibles International Constantia Flexibles International demonstrated their latest work targeting the development of a renewably resourced pouch with functional barrier properties that provides the same food shelf life as petroleum based pouches. Suitable for four side seal machines, Constantia’s laminate combines paper and Metalvuoto’s Ingeo Propylester film to achieve high barrier structures with an easy tear opening feature. Target applications include dry soups, coffee, and nutritional supplements. See Box Corporation See Box, one of the world’s leading environmentally committed food serviceware manufacturers (Taoyuan City, Taiwan), announced its new multimillion-dollar capability to digitally print stunningly vibrant and attractive graphics on its Riiqi Cup brand of Ingeo cold cups for sporting and music events, festivals and fairs, and public and private food courts. These cups are now in the process of being certified compostable. See Box invested in the latest Swiss digital printing technology to add a new dimension to food serviceware, an aspect that has the potential to increase the use of compostable cups globally. One of the largest producers of Ingeo-based cups, bowls, and lids See Box believes this is the first application of digital printing on Ingeo bioplastic cold cup food serviceware. The company did extensive research into available technology and found in their Swiss supplier a digital printing technologist that shared its commitment to quality and the environment. See Box and its partner worked together to achieve the vibrancy desired. To take full advantage of its new digital printing technology, See Box is also launching a new V Cup series of Ingeo cups designed to maximize the print area available on the cup. 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/17] Vol. 12

Interpack Review Etimex Etimex featured its new Ingeo-based, heat stable thermoformed trays made in collaboration with NatureWorks. These new trays are designed to serve more demanding, high end, convenience packaging, including ready meal applications, and to allow hot fill applications like soft cheese. Etimex creates high-quality packaging solutions for pet, baby, and convenience foods; pharmaceutical and technical products; and meets the demands in packaging solutions made from a variety of plastic sheet. ISAP Packaging Based on the newest Ingeo performance grades, ISAP Packaging’s latest developments in thermoforming provide a unique, heat stable Ingeo cup for dairy/dessert packaging. Ideal for hot fill applications and those requiring sterilization, ISAP’s structure provides a 100 % renewably sourced performance alternative to many aspects of polystyrene packaging. Natur-Tec Also displayed was the new Ingeo based technology platform, recently introduced by Natur-Tec, that produces formulations for heat resistant serviceware with rigidity approaching that of injection molded polystyrene and higher toughness than either polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS) cutlery. Sidaplax (Plastic Suppliers) Sidaplax from Ghent, Belgium, and its parent company Plastic Suppliers Inc., USA, successfully launched their EARTHFIRST ® UL (Ultra-Light), the newest member of the EarthFirst PLA film-family. The large majority of generated leads were attracted by the opportunities for downgauging on thickness of laminates and reducing weight for flexible packaging structures, which EarthFirst UL offers by proposing highperformance 9, 12 and 15m films At the bio!PAC conference, EarthFirst UL was mentioned in the presentation of resin-supplier Natureworks as perfect sealant layer for flexible packaging. Different converters and brand-owners showed concrete interest in this new film and test rolls are being shipped to be get the first pilot projects started. The EarthFirst UL is a much thinner version of the existing PLA-film range. It can be used as a sealant layer in laminates, replacing significantly thicker (L)LDPE films. The stiffness of PLA allows extreme down-gauging without compromising on machine-ability. On the contrary, the high modulus guarantees smooth unwinding, perfect web flatness and non-curling laminates. The high yield (up to 89 m²/kg) has a positive effect on material cost, and makes EarthFirst UL competitive vs. traditional thicker PE-films. Additional advantages include higher productivity and reduced number of roll changes, less need for warehousing space and lower transportation cost. Taghleef Industries Taghleef Industries (TI), one of the largest global manufacturers of specialized films for the packaging of food and non-food products, labels, industrial and graphic arts applications, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, presented (among other products) their NATIVIA family of products. Nativia is a range of bio-based and industrially-compostable films made from 100 % renewable raw materials (Ingeo PLA). These bio-based films come in a variety of aesthetic appearances such as transparent, solid white and white voided. At interpack TI presented their new Nativia D808 20 µm film, that provides excellent barrier to grease and fatty juices from the foodstuff, protecting the paper packaging against grease penetration. Compostable and heat sealable, the new Nativia D808 transparent bi-oriented Ingeo film offers improved heat stability to the Nativia property set (MST= 85°C). Also during the show TI introduced Nativia NESS, the newest addition to the Nativia family. Nativia NESS, is the recently developed white voided film containing second generation starch derived from waste water of the potato processing industry. This film recently helped Taghleef, along with Mars, Rodenburg and Mondi, win the 11 th Global Bioplastics Award (by bioplastic MAGAZINE) for a chocolate bar wrapper developed for Mars and Snickers bars packaging. With thicknesses of 40 and 50 µm, Nativia NESS has a white pearlescent appearance, which reduces show-through. It can be converted on flexo or rotogravure presses and complies with EC regulations for direct food contact. bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/17] Vol. 12 17

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