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Issue 03/2016

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Basics and thermoset

Basics and thermoset applications, plastic formulators and compounders, plastic part converters, distributors and raw material suppliers, but also with universities, research institutes, PHA competitors and engineering companies. It is understood that the market potential for PHA products is large enough and that some competitive intensity is required for significant penetration. Such alliances take many forms: technology licenses, toll manufacturing, product distribution agreements, broadening the product offering and joint development agreements often combined with supply contracts. Figure 3: Injection moulded PHA beach toys (photo: Zoë B / Metabolix) Customers always ask questions about supply security and price development over time when new polymeric materials are offered to them. This becomes even more relevant when these new offerings are important for their brand image. Paying a premium price compared to their fossil-based alternatives is usually no problem, but within limits and based on the understanding that the price will become costcompetitive in the end. It is important to have a solid supply security plan for the market if a PHA supplier would be the single source for his specific product, which today often is the case. In summary PHA can be described as follows: Figure 4: Examples of PHBH applications. top: PHBH bed-pan (cf. bM 06/2013, 01/2014) bottom: PHBH particle foam, (photo: Kaneka, bM 01/2010) Strengths: • Versatile biodegradability, unlike most other bio-based polymers. • Fully based on renewable feedstock, including waste streams. • Can be bioresorbable. • The platform has a very large design space for property tuning. • Good in-use heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance and oxygen permeability. Weaknesses: • Crystalline products show very slow crystallization from the melt. • Molecular chain scission above 160 °C. • The cost/performance balance is still a challenge for some suppliers. Opportunities: • Very suitable for use in marine or sweet-water environments, because of degradability. • PHA containing debris less of a problem in a marine environment. • High potential for food contact and biomedical applications. • Strong value chain alliances for accelerated market penetration. Threats: • Inability to bring the manufacturing cost down to a competitive level. • Lack of competitive intensity. • Underestimation of requirements for certifications, registrations and regulatory approval processes. 40 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/16] Vol. 11

new series Brand Owners Brand-Owner’s perspective on bioplastics and how to unleash its full potential In this issue we continue our new series with statements of representatives of well known brand owners. We are grateful that Tim Guy Brooks of LEGO System A/S, Billund, Denmark is sharing his thoughts with us: For the LEGO Group, sustainable materials contribute to our vision of positive impact and reduces our environmental footprint. We are looking for a sustainable material that meets our high quality and safety standards; have no non-desirable chemicals; has key environmental and social sustainability attributes and maximize the play value of our products. With the guidance of World Wildlife Fund, we have established comprehensive criteria for a sustainable material, which considers the entire lifecycle; everything from sourcing feedstock, minimizing waste in the value chain, and ensuring durability to last generations. We will continue our work to further improve our approach to bioplastics and our environmental sustainability. Tim Guy Brooks, Vice President Environmental Sustainability at LEGO advertentie_bioplasticsmagazine_final.pdf 3 18-5-2016 10:00:59 Find The Right Bioplastic. FAIR - INDEPENDENT - FAST 1. Filter bioPlastics - based on process - based on composite formulation - biobased content - biodegradability 4. Checkout & Delivery Easy checkout and various delivery and payment options. 2. Compare bioPlastics Instant access to material documentation and material visualisation. 3. Choose bioPlastic & Quantity Starting with quantities as low as 20kg up to 100kg. bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/16] Vol. 11 41

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