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Show Review Dongguan Xinhai Dongguan Xinhai Environment-Friendly Materials Co.,Ltd have been engaged in production of raw materials and finished products for flexible packaging, especially biodegradable/ compostable ones according to EN 13432 or ASTM D6400. Their raw materials can be distinguished into the the following two categories: 1. Cornstarch based resins to be blended with PE (in order to enhance the biobased content, but NOT biodegradable) 2. Bioplastics, biodegradable/compostable according to EN 13432/ASTM D6400 (certified by Vinçotte with the Ok compost certificate No. S361). Dongguan Xinhai’s raw materials offer good physical properties and processability. For companies that consider to start production of biodegradable and compostable films and bags, according to Martin Ran of Dongguan Xinhai, the company can offer the most economical and satisfying solutions. Hanfeng: Suzhou Hanfeng New Material Co. Ltd. from Kunshan devote themselves to research, manufacturing and supplying of various biodegradable resins, mainly based on starch. According to the ASTMD 6866 standard, their products show a biobased content of more than 60 %. The materials derived from natural resources are 100 % compostable (EN 13432 certified). By using corn as their main raw material, they guarantee the raw material is 100 % organic with no contaminants. The materials can be used for food applications. With a temperature range of -20 °C to 120 °C they are even microwavable. Xinyuan packaging Xinyuan packaging Co., Ltd, from Qufu, Shandong Province, China, a company with more than 200 employees, produces 100% biodegradable raw materials and finished products. It can be distinguished into four categories: film products, nonwoven products, foaming products and moulding products. Samyang Samyang, headquartered in Soeul, Korea, is a chemical company that among other things makes essential materials for a broad range of industrial sectors, including electric and electronic material, automobiles, textiles, environmental engineering, foods and agriculture. Samyang’s chemical operations are developing special purpose products and alternative materials to ensure that life in the future to be convenient and plentiful. Areas of endeavor include engineering plastics, industrial fibers, PET bottles, PET bottle recycling, ion exchange resins, TPA, and electronic materials. At Chinaplas Samyang presented for example their biobased isosorbide, which can be used to make Bio-Polycarbonate (by combining isosorbide, diphenyl carbonate and comonomers) or PEIT (Polyethylene isosorbide terephthalate, see picture) and other products such as plasticizers or bio-polyester as bio-powder-coatings. The products can be degraded into water and CO 2 within 90 days in a compostable environment without any pollution. The biodegradable products, which are certified to the various worldwide standards including the American Standard ASTM D6400, the European Standard EN13432, and the Australian Standard AS4736, currently are all exported to Australia, England, Italy, and America, etc. At present the company is one of the leading enterprises in the field, as of a spokesperson. One of the new products is – as they claim it - the world’s first and only 100 % compostable non-woven bags, certified as to ASTM D6400 (BPI), EN13432 (Vinçotte OK compost), and the Australian Standard AS4736. The bags are made from PLA non-woven fabric. 26 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/16] Vol. 11

Polylactic Acid Uhde Inventa-Fischer has expanded its product portfolio to include the innovative stateof-the-art PLAneo ® process. The feedstock for our PLA process is lactic acid, which can be produced from local agricultural products containing starch or sugar. The application range of PLA is similar to that of polymers based on fossil resources as its physical properties can be tailored to meet packaging, textile and other requirements. Think. Invest. Earn. Uhde Inventa-Fischer GmbH Holzhauser Strasse 157–159 13509 Berlin Germany Tel. +49 30 43 567 5 Fax +49 30 43 567 699 Uhde Inventa-Fischer AG Via Innovativa 31 7013 Domat/Ems Switzerland Tel. +41 81 632 63 11 Fax +41 81 632 74 03 marketing@uhde-inventa-fi www.uhde-inventa-fi Uhde Inventa-Fischer

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