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Report Holland

Report Holland Bioplastics New association shares knowledge and connects parties around bioplastics Attention for bioplastics is increasing in the Netherlands. There are both national and international companies that focus on the production and processing of bioplastics. However, there is still a need for further awareness of the benefits of using bioplastics both in the public and business domain. In an attempt to increase awareness and understanding of bioplastics in the Netherlands, Holland Bioplastics was recently formed. NatureWorks, Braskem, Bio4Pack and Corbion are the founding partners who took the initiative to start Holland Bioplastics with the aim to share and provide unified, clear and objective information regarding bioplastics and their advantages. In addition, it is the aim to connect interested parties to further strengthen the bioplastics value chain. François de Bie, Marketing Director Bioplastics at Corbion: “Innovation and investments are taking place in new materials, knowledge and technologies in order to make the transition from an oil-based, linear economy to a more bio-based, circular economy. This provides an important contribution to the Dutch economy and serves to create new jobs. But to achieve this, parties need to be able to find each other.” “Until recently, The Netherlands remained behind with bioplastic developments, but now we are catching up” says Patrick Gerritsen of Bio4Pack. “Bioplastics are already widely accepted worldwide, and are being used by leading brands such as Ford, Nike, Puma, Toyota, Mercedes and The Coca Cola Company. In the Netherlands, bioplastics are a strong, upcoming market and are already being used by Albert Heijn, The Greenery, M+N, KLM, Rabobank, Desch, Heineken and Grolsch.” The association is represented by Caroli Buitenhuis, bioplastics expert, and not related to one specific bioplastics producer or convertor. “This makes it easier for entrepreneurs and brand owners to get objective information on bioplastics”, she tells. “But we have more ambitions. We also aim to clarify emotional assumptions around bioplastics with objective hard facts, proven with scientific research. Therefore we also work together with international knowledge institutes and universities.” Holland Bioplastics is also committed to streamlining processes; from crop to end-of-life, and vice versa. Therefore the association participates in a special working group Bioplastics, initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Within this working group there are also representatives from the composting industry, plastics recycling industry, knowledge institutes and retailers/brand owners. Participation in this new association is open to all those who are involved directly or indirectly in the production, manufacture, research and / or marketing of bioplastics and if they share the same aim. 42 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/15] Vol. 10

4 th PLA World Congress MAY 2016 MUNICH › GERMANY is a versatile bioplastics raw PLA material from renewable resources. It is being used for films and rigid packaging, for fibres in woven and non-woven applications. Automotive industry and consumer electronics are thoroughly investigating and even already applying PLA. New methods of polymerizing, compounding or blending of PLA have broadened the range of properties and thus the range of possible applications. That‘s why bioplastics MAGAZINE is now organizing the 4 th PLA World Congress on: May 2016 in Munich / Germany Experts from all involved fields will share their knowledge and contribute to a comprehensive overview of today‘s opportunities and challenges and discuss the possibilities, limitations and future prospects of PLA for all kind of applications. Like the three two congresses the 4 th PLA World Congress will also offer excellent networking opportunities for all delegates and speakers as well as exhibitors of the table-top exhibition. The conference will comprise high class presentations on Call for Papers bioplastics MAGAZINE invites all experts worldwide from material development, processing and application of PLA to submit proposals for papers on the latest developments and innovations. Please send your proposal, including speaker details and a 300 word abstract to The team of bioplastics MAGAZINE is looking forward to seeing you in Munich. › Online registration will be available soon. Watch out for the Early–Bird discount as well as sponsoring opportunities at › Latest developments › Market overview › High temperature behaviour › Barrier issues › Additives / Colorants › Applications (film and rigid packaging, textile, automotive,electronics, toys, and many more) › Fibers, fabrics, textiles, nonwovens › Reinforcements › End of life options (recycling,composting, incineration etc) organized by

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