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Highlights: Injection Moulding Basics: Mass Balance


PLAY NATURALLY WITH THE BIOPLASTIC SPECIALIST Children know and love it: the Mobby-Dig ride-on digger from BLS. The all-time classic among ride-on digger is now also available in a bioplastic version. The Bio-Mobby-Dig is made from the bio-based I'm green polyethylene and is in every way equal to its fossil counterpart in terms of durability and robustness. The Bio-Mobby-Dig stands up to its promise: made from renewable raw materials "made in Germany" durable and robust loadable even up to 100 kg

dear Editorial readers Spring is coming, bringing change to nature like every year. While it is still cold (here in Germany) I can already feel the air buzzing with energy and life. Spring – the season of change. Last year that change meant that we had to stay inside, conferences were cancelled or moved online, communication and networking moved from face-to-face to face-to-screen, many homes and offices fused together into one. And while many of us are still in some versions of lockdown I am quietly optimistic that once again, Spring will bring change. That is why we have planned our own events this year, the 2 nd PHA platform World Congress (July 6+7), the bio!TOY (Sep. 7+8), and the bio!PAC (Nov. 3+4) as hybrid events and hybrid includes actual face-toface meetings. The idea of hybrid events is also a change we welcome and will continue even after Corona is over – which we certainly all want sooner rather than later. However, there are still many uncertainties, but we cannot shy away from the challenges of today, we need to face them head-on. And I feel that the content of this issue fits perfectly with that sentiment. Next to our segment of Injection Moulding that features many articles that tackle current challenges head-on we also have a special article by our friend and supporter Michael Carus with the uplifting title “Bioeconomy is not alone” outlining future possibilities WWW.MATERBI.COM as orange peel adv arancia_bioplasticmagazine_01_02.2020_210x297.indd 1 24/01/20 10:26 or rather necessities for sustainable materials that also fits into the idea of change. And also, in our Basics segment, we look at the most recent developments of the Mass Balance approach, which will certainly be one more driving factor away from fossil to renewable carbon sources. r1_01.2020 bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 16 ISSN 1862-5258 Cover Story Mixcycling The second life of organic residues | 28 Highlights Injection Moulding | 14 Basics Mass Balance | 50 ... is read in 92 countries ... is read in 92 countries Mar / Apr 02 / 2021 And our long-time readers might have noticed that even bioplastics MAGAZINE itself has recently gone through some changes. We are currently working on a slight facelift both in our layout as well as in our content. While our main focus will remain on everything bio in and about plastics, we are broadening our scope to include more topics from the other areas that fall under Renewable Carbon. What that exactly means and how it will look is explained on page 56. However, it is important that with all that change in the air we also hold on to some things unchanged. For me, one of these things is enjoying a cold beer in my sunny garden, next to my beautiful wife. And I with the Easter Holidays in front of us I know I will be able to enjoy these things to my heart’s content – I hope you have things to enjoy in the sun as well, while staying safe and healthy. Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! Sincerely yours bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/21] Vol. 16 3

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