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Issue 02/2019

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Highlights: Thermoforming Building & Construction Basics: Biobased Packaging

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Booth Company Location (12.2) 13.2M65 Anhui Jumei Biological Technology 1 9.3J61 Anhui Tianyi Environmental Protection Technology 9.2G45 Apply Carbon 13.2K55 Arctic Biomaterials 2 10.3R47 Auserpolimeri 11.2A41 BASF (China) 13.2L55 Biologiq Limited 3 13.2L65 bioplastics MAGAZINE bM 13.2T23 Bright Direction Plastic Technology 4 10.3J65 Cathay Industrial Biotech 11.2M31 CGN Juner New Materials 13.2P69 Chiao Fu Material Technology 5 11.3D59 Chongqing Aocai New Material 13.2T27 Doil Ecotec 6 13.2T31 Dongguan Mingfeng Biomass Technology 7 13.2M49 Dongguan Xinhai Environmental-Friendly Materials 8 11.2A31 Dupont China Holding Shanghai Branch 10.2A61 Emery Oleochemicals Hk Ltd 13.2P71 Gehr Plastics Hongkong 9 13.2T33 Gianeco 10 13.2M47 Gio-Soltech 11 11.3K41 Guangdong Caihong Masterbatch Limited Company 13.2M61 Hangzhou Xinfu Technology 12 9.3K39 Hebei Jingu Plasticizer 13.2E51 Hexpol Compounding (Foshan) 13.2M69 Huainan An Xin Tai Science & Technology 13 13.2L45 Hubei Guanghe Biotech 14 13.2K51 Jiangsu Jinhe Hi-Tech 15 13.2L71 Jiangsu Torise Biomaterials 16 13.2K59 Jiangxi Hrs Biotech Material 17 13.2M45 Jiangxi Keyuan Bio-Material 18 13.2L59 Jindan New Biomaterials 19 13.2L61 Jinhui Zhaolong High-Tech 20 11.2T41 Kraiburg TPE Technology 13.2L69 Liaoning Jm Technology 21 10.2G41 Lotte Chemical Corporation 11.2D41 Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation 13.2L75 Multiplex Screen Supplies 22 11.2C61 Nanjing Julong Science & Technology 13.2T41 Nanjing Juying Science And Technology Development 35 11.2L51 Nanjing Lihan Chemical 23 13.2L41 Natureworks 24 10.3D25 Orinko Advanced Plastics 11.2L71 Plenty Polymeric Technology 13.2T21 Pujing Chemical Industry (Sha) 25 12.2S15 Quatek inc. (shanghai) 13.2A15 Rikevita Fine Chemical & Food Industry (Shanghai) 13.2K41 Roquette 26 11.2C31 Samyang Corporation 13.2L21 Shandong Jiqing Chemical 13.2T25 Shandong Landian Biological Technologies Corp. 27 10.2G01 Shenzhen Korllin Ecoplastics 13.2T37 Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association 28 5.1C27 Spectalite 13.2K45 Stora Enso 29 13.2L49 Suzhou Hanfeng New Material 30 11.2K41 Teijin Kasei (HK) 13.2T39 Tianjin Plastics Research Institute 31 10.2C67 Tongxiang Small Boss Special Plastic Products 13.2T35 TÜV Rheinland (Shanghai) 32 9.3A05 Weifang Graceland Chemicals 12.2B71 Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Energy 13.2L51 Yat Shun Hong Company 23 9.3D67 Yingkou Dazheng Plastics Technology 11.3K43 Yun Fu Hong Zhi New Materials 13.2L79 Zhejiang Guzhiyuan Biotechnology 33 13.2M41 Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials 34 Hall 13.2 号 馆 Show Gui 26 24 bioplastics MAGAZ 14 29 30 15 2 23 3 17 19 25 4 27 6 7 10 32 28 3 30 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/19] Vol. 14 In this Show Guide you find the majority of compa compounds, additives, semi-fini

de INE 20 34 18 12 1 110 pages full color, paperback ISBN 978-3- 9814981-1-0: Bioplastics ISBN 978-3- 9814981-2-7: Biokunststoffe 2. überarbeitete Auflage bM 21 11 8 13 P 5 ‘Basics‘ book on bioplastics 1 16 22 33 35 P71 9 This book, created and published by Polymedia Publisher, maker of bioplastics MAGAZINE is available in English and German language (German now in the second, revised edition). The book is intended to offer a rapid and uncomplicated introduction into the subject of bioplastics, and is aimed at all interested readers, in particular those who have not yet had the opportunity to dig deeply into the subject, such as students or those just joining this industry, and lay readers. It gives an introduction to plastics and bioplastics, explains which renewable resources can be used to produce bioplastics, what types of bioplastic exist, and which ones are already on the market. Further aspects, such as market development, the agricultural land required, and waste disposal, are also examined. An extensive index allows the reader to find specific aspects quickly, and is complemented by a comprehensive literature list and a guide to sources of additional information on the Internet. Layout Plan courtesy Adsale Exhibition Service The author Michael Thielen is editor and publisher bioplastics MAGAZINE. He is a qualified machinery design engineer with a degree in plastics technology from the RWTH University in Aachen. He has written several books on the subject of blow-moulding technology and disseminated his knowledge of plastics in numerous presentations, seminars, guest lectures and teaching assignments. Order now for € 18.65 or US-$ 25.00 (+ VAT where applicable, plus shipping and handling, ask for details) order at books, by phone +49 2161 6884463 or by e-mail Or subscribe and get it as a free gift (see page 57 for details, outside Germany only) nies offering bioplastic products, such as resins, shed products and much more.

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