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Highlights: Thermoforming Building & Construction Basics: Biobased Packaging

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Show Automotive Preview Jandi’s Industrial Co., Ltd. Jandi’s Industrial Co., Ltd. will showcase their manufacturing line for biodegradable T-shirt bags, where the steps of processing raw materials, film blowing, printing, bag manufacturing, recycling of residual materials and automatic packing all take place in a single production line, reducing workspace, managing costs, and human errors. As hot films are immediately processed, the sealing quality is satisfactory. The residual materials are recycled right away as well. Green materials are an excellent option because they are clean, simple, economical and energy-saving, resulting in lower carbon emission and carbon footprint. The solution can be used for single-layer blown films, high/low-density polyethylene, biodegradable raw materials or ABA threelayer blown films. 8.1B01 HEXPOL TPE Epseal thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) of Hexpol TPE are custom-made liner sealing compounds for the food and beverage industry. They are PVC free and conform to FDA and EU regulations. They offer consistent short, medium and long term opening torques, which provides consumer-friendly functionality, making it easier for children and senior citizens to open the bottles. Each individual sealing packaging system has extraordinary sealing property, great elasticity, and necessary flexibility and is shown in an organoleptic evaluation with the capability to preserve the original taste. The solution can be used for carbonated soft drinks, beer, wine, juice and milk-based beverages, and still performs satisfactorily after cold fill, hot fill, pasteurization or sterilization processes. Dryflex Green is a family of biobased thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds. A range of options has been developed containing raw materials from renewable resources that have been responsibly grown. Raw materials can be produced from various renewable sources, these include products and by-products from agricultural that are rich in carbohydrates, especially saccharides such as grain, sugar beet, sugar cane, etc. The biobased content could derive from different raw materials such as polymers, fillers, plasticizers or additives. The Dryflex Green family includes compounds with amounts of renewable content up to 90 % (ASTM D 6866-12) and hardness from 30 Shore A to 50 Shore D. Amut Group spa Italian Amut Group will present equipment from its Packaging Film Division, its Extrusion Division, its Recycling Division and its Thermoforming Division. “Go Green” is the motto adopted by Amut to enforce the recent circular economy trend to support the use of materials in extrusion and thermoforming process with low environmental impact. The ACF 820-PLUS thermoforming machine will be in operation at the booth using r-PET foil made with Amut-Erema extrusion line and Ingeo foil. Ingeo is the PLA provided by NatureWorks company. NatureWorks and Amut have recently started a collaboration to propose PLA for food contact packaging. 4.1C55 13.2E51 28 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/19] Vol. 14

Show Automotive Preview Spectalite Group Spectalite, headquarted in Heidelberg, Germany with manufacturing units in Quzhou, Zhejiang, PR China, is a global supplier of natural fiber reinforced material compounds and sheets for applications in the automotive, personal care, houseware, toys, agriculture and gardening industry. Spectalite is manufacturing durable grades with traditional thermoplastics (Spectadur) as well as 100 % biodegradable and biobased materials (Spectabio). The material comes in compounds and sheets. All grades are reinforced with mechanically extracted, performance bamboo fibers, rice husk, wheat straw/husk or other natural fibers; they are available for injection, extrusion, thermoforming and press moulding. Spectalite and Evegreen, a bioplastics manufacturer out of Slovenia, jointly developed a series of 100 % biodegradable products to replace single-use items made out of non-biodegradable plastics in the gardening, agricultural and hydroponics aindustry. The use of Spectalite´s Spectabio material effectively reduces the constantly rising traditional plastics accumulation in the environment. Spectalite´s fiber reinforcements in their proprietary material formulations do not only improve the mechanical performance of the final part, they also help to adjust the speed of biodegradation to customer expectations. Finally, the reinforcements decrease the material cost significantly compared to similar materials that are made out of biopolymers only. Only when end-consumer products, like plant or hydroponic pots, come with a really attractive price, end customers will accept eco-friendly solutions on a mainstream scale. Sneak Peek at Concurrent Events The show will not only feature more than 3,500 exhibitors but also will organize a series of concurrent events to explore how upstream and downstream enterprises can work together to overcome business hardships, enabling the packaging industry to flourish. • With “consumption upgrade” and the rapid growth of the young population, consumers look for aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and healthy products of better quality which can fit their needs. Experts from different fields, such as world-leading suppliers of green materials, major manufacturers of the flexible packaging industry and product brands will be invited to the forum “Innovative Development of Packaging Materials under the New Consumption Trend” to explore how innovative development of functional packaging materials can respond to the new consumption trend. • The “Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference and Showcase” will be held in Guangzhou on May 20, 2019 (a day before the opening of CHINAPLAS) with the themes of “Material Science for Sustainability”, “Recycling Technology” and “Environmental Packaging”, focusing on issues which participants in the industry are concerned with. Visitors can enjoy admission discount through online pre-registration from now till May 13, 2019, at an earlybird rate of USD 7.5 for a four-day pass. To pre-register, please visit | 5.1C27 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/19] Vol. 14 29

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