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Highlights: Thermoforming Building & Construction Basics: Biobased Packaging

Thermoforming / Rigid

Thermoforming / Rigid Packaging Waste becomes raw material With the introduction of a new series of paddy straw trays for fruit and vegetables on the European market, Bio4Pack (Nordhorn, Gewrmany) once again introduces a new revolutionary product that can rightly be called sustainable. The basis for the dishes is waste from rice plantations in the north of Malaysia. Until recently, this waste was “cleaned up” by burning it. This not only resulted in air pollution, but valuable raw material was also lost. With the development of a, now patented, processing technique by the Malaysian “Free the Seed” initiative, this waste is now becoming raw material for high-quality fruit and vegetable trays that are compostable in accordance with the EN 13432 standard. The unique sustainable properties of the product were confirmed by obtaining the silver Cradle to Cradle certificate, which can be called a unique achievement. The rice dishes are offered in various sizes and shapes. They are suitable for all types of fruit and vegetables and can optionally be supplied with transparent compostable lids and cover film. Free the Seed’s green, circular economy initiative is implemented in the northern region of Malaysia and involves 1,300 paddy smallholders. The post-harvesting waste of paddy straws are purchased directly from the paddy farmers and converted to biodegradable packaging products using Free The Seed’s innovative biotechnology process utilizing protease serene enzymes, delignified cellulose fibers and enzymatic gratification methods to produce biodegradable packaging products for the global market that compost organically in 180 days in compliance with current sustainable packaging initiatives. As these waste stockpiles deplete, so does the incidence of open burning while the readily compostable nature of the end product ensures no further addition of harmful waste material to the envrionment. As the project progresses, the sector will see a stream of direct and indirect benefits in the form of additional income for the purchase of paddy waste material and associated pre-processing activities and the introduction of sustainability and stewardship standards which will lift the paddy sector overall, as well as reductions of carbon footprint due to mitigation of open burning of paddy waste. Bio4Pack has a lot of faith in the paddy straw trays but also has an eye for the positive impact that the ‘Free The Seed’ initiative has on rice farmers in the area. The product is a win-win solution for both the environment and the farmers in Malaysia and therefore fits perfectly with companies that are committed to a sustainable and circular economy. SB Magnetic for Plastics • International Trade in Raw Materials, Machinery & Products Free of Charge. • Daily News from the Industrial Sector and the Plastics Markets. • Current Market Prices for Plastics. • Buyer’s Guide for Plastics & Additives, Machinery & Equipment, Subcontractors and Services. • Job Market for Specialists and Executive Staff in the Plastics Industry. Up-to-date • Fast • Professional 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/19] Vol. 14

Automotive PRESENTS The Bioplastics Award will be presented during the 14 th European Bioplastics Conference December 03-04, 2019, Berlin, Germany 2019 THE FOURTEENTH ANNUAL GLOBAL AWARD FOR DEVELOPERS, MANUFACTURERS AND USERS OF BIOBASED AND/OR BIODEGRADABLE PLASTICS. Call for proposals Enter your own product, service or development, or nominate your favourite example from another organisation Please let us know until August 31 st 1. What the product, service or development is and does 2. Why you think this product, service or development should win an award 3. What your (or the proposed) company or organisation does Your entry should not exceed 500 words (approx. 1 page) and may also be supported with photographs, samples, marketing brochures and/or technical documentation (cannot be sent back). The 5 nominees must be prepared to provide a 30 second videoclip and come to Berlin on December 3 rd , 2019. An entry form can be found at bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/19] Vol. 14 19

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