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S12147 S12155 S12161 S12167 S12173 S12174 S12176 S12179 S12180 S12182 S12189 S12197 S12205 S14001 S14013 S14023 S14027 S14035 S14045 S14053 S14059 S14071 S14075 S14085 S14089 S14095 S14107 S14117 S14125 S14131 S14147 S14155 S14161 S14167 S14179 S14189 S14197 S14201 S14205 S15013 S15022 S15023 S15026 S15037 S15045 S15053 S15059 S15067 S15070 S15071 S15073 S15074 S15075 S15076 S15079 S15084 S15085 S15087 S15088 S15089 S15091 S15103 S15111 S15119 S15120 S15121 S15125 S15131 S15137 S15155 S15161 S15163 S15167 S15171 S15175 S15181 S15196 S15197 S15200 S15201 S15205 S15207 S16001 S16013 S16037 S16045 S16053 S16059 S16066 S16067 S16068 S16070 S16072 S16073 S16074 S16076 S16078 S16079 S16084 S16085 S16088 S16095 S16097 S16099 S16105 S16110 S16111 S16112 S16114 S16119 S16121 S16123 S16125 S16131 S16137 S16147 S16155 S16159 S16160 S16161 S16166 S16167 S16169 S16170 S16171 S16174 S16175 S16176 S16177 S16181 S16188 S16189 S16192 S16193 S16196 S16197 S16199 S16200 S16201 S16203 S16204 S16205 S16206 S16207 S17013 S17023 S17031 S17081 S17085 S17094 S17095 S17096 S17118 S17119 S17120 S17121 S17125 S17131 S17137 S17147 S17154 S17155 S17158 S17160 S17161 S17166 S17167 S17168 S17170 S17174 S17175 S17176 S17177 S17181 S17189 S17196 S17197 S17198 S17199 S17200 S17201 S17202 S17203 S17204 S17205 S17207 S18013 S18023 S18044 S18058 S18105 S18113 S18121 S18125 S18131 S18137 S18155 S18166 S18167 S18169 S18171 S18172 S18175 S18176 S18179 S18181 S18188 S18196 S18197 S18198 S18200 S18201 S18202 S18203 S18204 S18205 S18206 S18207 S19001 S19023 S19029 S19037 S19045 S19097 S19103 S19111 S19119 S19125 S19131 S19137 S19146 S19154 S19155 S19159 S19161 S19166 S19167 S19168 S19169 S19170 S19171 S19174 S19175 S19176 S19177 S19180 S19181 S19188 S19196 S19197 S19198 S19199 S19200 S19201 S19203 S19204 S19205 S20023 S20035 S20071 S20077 S20085 S20089 S20091 S20095 S20107 S20115 S20125 S20131 S20147 S20153 S20154 S20159 S20160 S20162 S20166 S20167 S20170 S20171 S20173 S20174 S20176 S20179 S20180 S20189 S20196 S20197 S20198 S20201 S20202 S20204 S20205 S20206 S21023 S21029 S21035 S21067 S21077 S21084 S21085 S21088 S21090 S21091 S21103 S21109 S21115 S21125 S21131 S21133 S21135 S21139 S21147 S21151 S21155 S21161 S21167 S21169 S21170 S21171 S21172 S21175 S21179 S21189 S21195 S21196 S21197 S21201 S21205 S22001 S22015 S22023 S22029 S22035 S22045 S22057 S22067 S22073 S22079 S22084 S22085 S22088 S22091 S22103 S22109 S22115 S22125 S22130 S22132 S22133 S22134 S22135 S22137 S22139 S22141 S22146 S22147 S22151 S22153 S22155 S22157 S22159 S22166 S22167 S22168 S22169 S22170 S22171 S22174 S22175 S22176 S22181 S22189 S22194 S22195 S22196 S22199 S22200 S22201 S22202 S22203 S22204 S22205 S23015 S23023 S23029 S23035 S23067 S23073 S23079 S23084 S23085 S23103 S23109 S23115 S23125 S23132 S23133 S23134 S23135 S23136 S23137 S23138 S23139 S23140 S23141 S23146 S23147 S23150 S23151 S23152 S23153 S23156 S23160 S23166 S23167 S23168 S23169 S23170 S23171 S23174 S23175 S23176 S23177 S23179 S23181 S23189 S23194 S23196 S23199 S23200 S23201 S23202 S23203 S23204 S23205 S23206 S24015 S24023 S24035 S24045 S24057 S24067 S24077 S24085 S24119 S24121 S24125 S24132 S24133 S24134 S24135 S24136 S24138 S24139 S24140 S24141 S24146 S24147 S24150 S24152 S24155 S24157 S24160 S24161 S24163 S24166 S24167 S24168 S24170 S24172 S24173 S24176 S24179 S24180 S24189 S24197 S24198 S24200 S24202 S24204 S24207 S25119 S25120 S25121 S25130 S25132 S25133 S25134 S25135 S25136 S25137 S25138 S25139 S25140 S25141 S25143 S25152 S25155 S25156 S25157 S25158 S25160 S25161 S25162 S25163 S25165 S26003 S26011 S26015 S26023 S26035 S26045 S26053 S26059 S26071 S26079 S26085 S26118 S26119 S26120 S26121 S26125 S26131 S26133 S26135 S26137 S26147 S26151 S26153 S26155 S26157 S26167 S26179 S26189 S26193 S26195 S26197 S26199 S26203 S27001 S27009 S27015 S27023 S27033 S27067 S27079 S27084 S27085 S27118 S27119 S27120 S27121 S27125 S27127 S27130 S27131 S27132 S27133 S27134 S27137 S27146 S27147 S27149 S27150 S27152 S27153 S27156 S27158 S27160 S27167 S27171 S27173 S27175 S27181 S27188 S27189 S27192 S27194 S27195 S27196 S27199 S27200 S27204 S27205 S28047 S28061 S28079 S28084 S28085 S28118 S28119 S28120 S28121 S28124 S28125 S28126 S28130 S28131 S28132 S28133 S28137 S28141 S28146 S28147 S28153 S28155 S28157 S28161 S28166 S28167 S28168 S28170 S28172 S28174 S28181 S28183 S28189 S28194 S28195 S28198 S28199 S28201 S28203 S28205 S29001 S29007 S29009 S29011 S29013 S29023 S29027 S29029 S29035 S29045 S29049 S29051 S29053 S29057 S29067 S29069 S29073 S29075 S29077 S29079 S29081 S29084 S29085 S29093 S29095 S29097 S29103 S29113 S29115 S29118 S29119 S29120 S29125 S29130 S29131 S29132 S29133 S29136 S29137 S29138 S29139 S29147 S29152 S29153 S29154 S29155 S29156 S29157 S29159 S29161 S29167 S29169 S29171 S29173 S29175 S29177 S29180 S29181 S29182 S29183 S29188 S29189 S29194 S29195 S29198 S29199 S29202 S29203 S29204 S29205 S29207 S30000 S30001 S30003 S30004 S30006 S30007 S30008 S30009 S30010 S30011 S30013 S30014 S30015 S30016 S30022 S30023 S30026 S30028 S30035 S30044 S30045 S30048 S30050 S30051 S30057 S30066 S30067 S30068 S30070 S30072 S30073 S30074 S30076 S30077 S30078 S30079 S30080 S30085 S30087 S30089 S30091 S30092 S30093 S30095 S30097 S30102 S30103 S30106 S30107 S30109 S30110 S30111 S30113 S30114 S30118 S30119 S30125 S30127 S30130 S30131 S30132 S30136 S30139 S30146 S30147 S30149 S30150 S30151 S30152 S30153 S30154 S30155 S30156 S30157 S30158 S30159 S30160 S30161 S30166 S30167 S30168 S30170 S30172 S30174 S30176 S30180 S30181 S30182 S30183 S30189 S30193 S30194 S30198 S30199 S30200 S30201 S30202 S30203 S30204 S30205 S31000 S31001 S31004 S31005 S31006 S31007 S31008 S31009 S31010 S31012 S31014 S31015 S31023 S31029 S31033 S31037 S31045 S31049 S31051 S31053 S31055 S31056 S31060 S31061 S31062 S31067 S31072 S31073 S31074 S31075 S31076 S31078 S31079 S31084 S31085 S31087 S31088 S31089 S31090 S31091 S31092 S31093 S31094 S31096 S31097 S31102 S31103 S31106 S31107 S31108 S31110 S31112 S31115 S31124 S31125 S31129 S31137 S31146 S31147 S31150 S31152 S31154 S31155 S31156 S31158 S31160 S31161 S31167 S31171 S31173 S31175 S31177 S31180 S31181 S31188 S31189 S31192 S31193 S31198 S31199 S31200 S31202 S31204 S32000 S32001 S32004 S32005 S32006 S32007 S32008 S32009 S32013 S32014 S32022 S32023 S32028 S32030 S32032 S32035 S32044 S32045 S32049 S32050 S32051 S32053 S32054 S32055 S32056 S32057 S32061 S32066 S32070 S32071 S32072 S32074 S32075 S32079 S32084 S32085 S32086 S32088 S32089 S32090 S32091 S32092 S32097 S32102 S32106 S32107 S32111 S32119 S32124 S32125 S32128 S32130 S32133 S32147 S32155 S32161 S32166 S32167 S32168 S32170 S32172 S32174 S32176 S32179 S32188 S32189 S32192 S32193 S32199 S32205 S33000 S33004 S33006 S33016 S33038 S33044 S33050 S33052 S33054 S33056 S33058 S33060 S33070 S33074 S33084 S33090 S33106 S33110 S33114 S33116 S33118 S33188 S33192 S33194 S34000 S34010 S34022 S34034 S34044 S34056 S34066 S34067 S34084 S34090 S34102 S34103 S34110 S34111 S34112 S34113 S34116 S34124 S34136 S34146 S34156 S34166 S34172 S34178 S34188 S34196 S34204 S35001 S35013 S35023 S35035 S35045 S35053 S35057 S35061 S35067 S35075 S35080 S35085 S35091 S35097 S35105 S35107 S35110 S35111 S35112 S35113 S35119 S35127 S35139 S35146 S35147 S35149 S35150 S35151 S35152 S35153 S35154 S35155 S35156 S35157 S35159 S35161 S35169 S35175 S35181 S35207 S36045 S36049 S36052 S36053 S36056 S36057 S36061 S36067 S36075 S36079 S36081 S36085 S36104 S36106 S36111 S36113 S36119 S36125 S36127 S36129 S36131 S36133 S36135 S36137 S36139 S36141 S36146 S36147 S36148 S36150 S36151 S36152 S36154 S36155 S36156 S36161 S36167 S36173 S36188 S36194 S36201 S36205 S37001 S37005 S37007 S37009 S37011 S37015 S37023 S37027 S37029 S37031 S37033 S37035 S37037 S37044 S37045 S37046 S37048 S37049 S37051 S37052 S37053 S37054 S37055 S37056 S37057 S37061 S37067 S37073 S37074 S37075 S37078 S37079 S37083 S37087 S37089 S37118 S37119 S37120 S37124 S37125 S37126 S37128 S37129 S37130 S37131 S37132 S37133 S37134 S37135 S37136 S37137 S37138 S37139 S37140 S37146 S37147 S37150 S37151 S37153 S37155 S37157 S37159 S37161 S37167 S37171 S37175 S37179 S37181 S37191 S37197 S37200 S37201 S37202 S37204 S37205 S37207 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 bioplastics MAGAZINE South Hall Level 1 - Expo Hall

On this floor plan you find the majority of companies offering bioplastics related products or services, such as resins, compounds, additives, semi-finished products and much more (as listed in the official NPE catalogue). South Hall Level 1 - Exhibit Floor A. Schulman, Inc. S24023 27 ALBIS Plastics Corporation S35127 47 AMCO Polymers S21179 19 AMCO Polymers S26045 34 Arkema, Inc. S34146 45 BASF Corporation S15023 8 bioplastics MAGAZINE S19198 14 Braskem S22001 20 Butler MacDonald, Inc. S33084 43 Carbon S24160 31 Cathay Industrial Biotech S37179 51 Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites S19203 15 Chase Plastic Services, Inc. S21035 18 China XD S12133 6 Cimbar Performance Minerals S31097 42 Clariant Corporation S18155 12 Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd. S22103 23 Colors for Plastics, Inc. S30095 39 Danimer Scientific S34084 44 Domo Engineering Plastics US, LLC S24077 29 Domo Engineering Plastics US, LLC S24085 30 Essentium Materials, LLC S23156 25 Evonik Corporation S17167 10 Fostag Formenbau AG S35147 48 Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co., Ltd. S26189 36 Heritage Plastics Inc. S24057 28 Jamplast Inc. S10022 1 JinHui ZhaoLong High Technology Co., Ltd. S37061 50 Kingfa Sci. & Tech. (USA), Inc. S27023 37 Lubrizol S12115 5 Magna International Limited S22195 24 Mathelin Bay Associates LLC S11022 2 Meltem Kimya S16201 9 Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. S23189 26 MP3 Srl S30111 40 NatureWorks LLC S28147 38 Novamont North America, Inc. S20202 17 Nylon Corp of America S19125 13 Pittsburg State University S11026 3 PolyReps, Inc. S26011 33 Reverte Minerals America S14161 7 Rhe Tech Inc. S24167 32 Rowa, Inc. S18121 11 RTP Company S22091 22 SACO AEI Polymers S11119 4 Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. S20125 16 Steinwall, Inc. S26071 35 Sunking Trading (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. S30172 41 Toray S36085 49 Total Corbion PLA bv S35085 46 Tradepro, Inc. S22035 21 South Hall Level 2 - Meeting Rooms PolyOne Corporation Eastman Chemical Company West Hall Level 2 - Exhibit Floor Glycon Corp. Resirene University of Massachusetts Lowell West Hall Level 2 - Meeting Rooms Jarden Plastic Solutions Nexeo Solutions Leistritz Room S210 Room S230D W4363 W9009 WL16 Room W231A RoomW202B W6571 Come and see us and many other bioplastics exhibitors at NPE2018 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA from May 7-11, 2018. Under the slogan “We’v got it covered”, the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) invites to NPE2018. Besides machinery, auxiliaries and conventional plastics NPE will again be a showcase and technology exchange for polymers derived from renewable resources such as corn, castor beans, soybeans, potatoes, tapioca, and many more. bioplastics MAGAZINE will again be an exhibitor (S19198, South Hall Level 1), so come by and say hello. Visit us at booth S35085 to learn how you can make the switch to PLA bioplastics Luminy ® Biobased • Compostable • Innovative Luminy ® PLA is 100% biobased in accordance with EN16785-1 and industrially compostable in accordance with EN13432

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