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Content Imprint Mar / Apr 02|2018 3 Editorial 5 News 8 Events 29 Chinaplas Preview & Show-Guide 40 NPE Preview & Show-guide 46 Application News 52 Basics 53 10 years ago 54 Suppliers Guide 57 Event Calendar 58 Companies in this issue Publisher / Editorial Dr. Michael Thielen (MT) Samuel Brangenberg (SB) Head Office Polymedia Publisher GmbH Dammer Str. 112 41066 Mönchengladbach, Germany phone: +49 (0)2161 6884469 fax: +49 (0)2161 6884468 Media Adviser Samsales (German language) phone: +49(0)2161-6884467 fax: +49(0)2161 6884468 Michael Thielen (English Language) (see head office) Layout/Production Kerstin Neumeister Print Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala Ltd. 1004 Riga, Latvia bioplastics MAGAZINE is printed on chlorine-free FSC certified paper. Print run: 4.500 copies Thermoforming / Rigid Packaging 10 Sustainable meat trays 12 NFC for Packaging Applications 14 Biobased-food-packaging-throughthe-eyes-of-the-consumer Materials 16 Green plastic made of milk protein 33 The virtues and challenges of the PHA-platform Report 17 Easy-to-use bioplastics LCA tool 38 Studying “Bioplastics” in Maastricht 48 Polyamides from fish waste and more Toys 18 Biobased plastics capture the toy industry 19 EcoTruck from WPC 20 New generation of toy bricks 22 Toy bricks from bio-PE (Cover Story) 24 Natural Creative Clay with a social aspect 24 Fluffy friends - stuffed with PLA fibres 24 Toys made from cellulosic plastics 25 First biobased LEGO-elements to come this year 26 A box full of creativity 28 Could a Koala soothe a teething baby? From Science & Research 36 A big step toward 100% biobased and biodegradable polyester 50 Keep bugs away with bioplastics Spain 44 Compostable plastic solutions from Spain 48 Polyamides from fish waste and more bioplastics magazine ISSN 1862-5258 bM is published 6 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (169 Euro for 6 issues). bioplastics MAGAZINE is read in 92 countries. Every effort is made to verify all Information published, but Polymedia Publisher cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any losses that may arise as a result. All articles appearing in bioplastics MAGAZINE, or on the website are strictly covered by copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied, scanned, photographed and/or stored in any form, including electronic format, without the prior consent of the publisher. Opinions expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect those of Polymedia Publisher. bioplastics MAGAZINE welcomes contributions for publication. Submissions are accepted on the basis of full assignment of copyright to Polymedia Publisher GmbH unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing. We reserve the right to edit items for reasons of space, clarity or legality. Please contact the editorial office via The fact that product names may not be identified in our editorial as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trade marks. bioplastics MAGAZINE tries to use British spelling. However, in articles based on information from the USA, American spelling may also be used. Envelopes A part of this print run is mailed to the readers wrapped in bioplastic envelopes sponsored by Plastiroll Oy, Finland. Cover BiOBUDDi Follow us on twitter: Like us on Facebook:

daily upated news at News Total Corbion announces successful start-up of pilot plant in Rayong, Thailand Total Corbion PLA, (Gorinchem, The Netherlands) recently announced that it has successfully started up its 1 kTpa PLA pilot plant in Rayong, Thailand. The pilot plant started up in December 2017 and over the past two months has produced a broad range of Luminy ® PLA resins. “Our customers have been looking forward to testing and validating our Luminy PLA resins” says Senior Marketing Director, François de Bie. “With the successful startup of the pilot plant, Luminy PLA from the pilot plant is now available for customer sampling”. In addition, the pilot plant is being used to train operators and to get a head start on the required product certifications and regulatory needs. In future, Total Corbion PLA will also be able to use the pilot plant for product development. With the start-up of the pilot plant, Total Corbion PLA is gearing up to become a world scale producer of PLA: on the same site, Total Corbion PLA’s Lactide plant is being expanded to 100 kTpa and a 75 kTpa PLA polymerization plant is under construction. “Since ground breaking in November 2016, the project has amassed more than 2.2 million safe working hours to date”, says Simon Goldney, Plant Director. “The PLA polymerization plant is on track to deliver its first commercial quantities of PLA during the second half of 2018.” Quality inspection of Luminy PLA biopolymer pellets produced from Total Corbion PLA’s pilot plant in Rayong, Thailand. Upon completion, Total Corbion PLA’s production facility in Thailand will produce a broad portfolio of Luminy PLA neat resins: from standard PLA to innovative, high heat resistant PLA, to satisfy customer requirements for a wide range of markets from packaging to consumer goods, fibers and automotive. MT Picks & clicks Most frequently clicked news Here’s a look at our most popular online content of the past two months. The story that got the most clicks from the visitors to was: Toughening up PLA (20 Feb 2018) A major drawback to the use of PLA in many applications is this material's brittleness. Now, researchers at Tennessee-based Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the largest US Department of Energy (DOE) open science laboratory, have created a new, super tough PLA simply by mixing a low amount (0.5–1 wt %) of organoalkoxysilane with PLA. more at Magnetic for Plastics • International Trade in Raw Materials, Machinery & Products Free of Charge. • Daily News from the Industrial Sector and the Plastics Markets. • Current Market Prices for Plastics. • Buyer’s Guide for Plastics & Additives, Machinery & Equipment, Subcontractors and Services. • Job Market for Specialists and Executive Staff in the Plastics Industry. Up-to-date • Fast • Professional bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/18] Vol. 13 5

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