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Thermoforming / Rigid

Thermoforming / Rigid Packaging NFC for packaging applications Compostable food packaging with a matching look and feel Beologic expands its product portfolio with the BeoBase family of compostable and food-approved compounds. They come in various grades for a myriad of applications. Food packaging is the most obvious application, but a bunch of new opportunities lies ahead, only limited by the inventiveness of the bioplastics designers. Brownish is the new green Organic food is rapidly increasing market share, and bio-conscient consumers expect bio packaging. Some time ago, food-approved compostable compounds became largely available to produce appropriate packaging for food: organic as well as non-organic. The only remaining drawback, however, has been the look (and feel) of the disposable packaging. Although genuinely compostable, the green or black trays, cups, lids, cutlery… do not look as compostable as they really are. They somehow create a cognitive dissonance: the food is OK, but how about the packaging? Not surprisingly, food producers are seeking bioplastic packaging that exudes as much confidence as the trusted brown paper bag. Changing behaviour and legislation remains high on the agenda Even more than the increased awareness of consumers, legislation and regulations have urged food producers to enhance the environmental sustainability of their packaging. Action on plastics was identified as a priority in the recent European Strategy for Plastics of the European Commission, to push European businesses and consumers to use resources in a more sustainable way. The Beobase family of compostable compounds The development and production of natural fibre composites (NFC) did not start today. So far, NFCs were mainly meant for objects, such as decking profiles, furniture, toys and fencing. The recent variety of grades and the food approval make the compounds of the Beobase family now also suitable for a whole new range of applications. In its efforts to offer disposable packaging, Beologic presents a new range of bioplastics with or without natural filler, such as wood. The Beobase family of compounds offers a total solution for a new generation of packaging that is compostable, with a matching look and feel. The expectation is that the bio food lovers will more readily buy the appropriately packaged products. In reality, all of the consumers will enjoy the advantages of compostable packaging, as it offers them more options for disposal than the expensive residual waste or PMD-bin (plastic, metal, drink cartons system as found e.g. in Belgium or the Netherlands, or the so called “yellow bin” as found e.g. in Germany) . Variety of grades for the manufacturers Bioplastics of the Beobase family come in the following grades, each of them targeted to specific applications: • Sheet for thermoforming • Film • Extrusion • Injection • Blow moulding • 3D-printing As can be seen in the box below, many of the grades are suitable for several applications. Sheet for thermoforming • Food trays and plates • Paint trays • Seedling trays and small plant pots • Soup bowls • Coffee cups and lids Film • Plastic bags • Plastic mulch Extrusion • Lolly sticks • Straws • Rods for cotton swabs • Cosmetic pencils • Safety meshes • Drain pipes Figure 1 – Compostable food trays not always look compostable Injection moulding • Plant pots • Coffee cups • Chopping boards • Cutlery • Tooth brushes • Tokens Blow moulding • Bottles • Canisters 3D printing • Toys • Prototypes 12 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/18] Vol. 13

Excellence in Bio Plastic Packaging By: Marc Thometschek, CEO Beologic & Innologic Sint Denijs (Zwevegem); Belgium Standards The use of compostable compounds is consistent with strict European and private regulations. • Beobase compounds comply with the European Standard EN13432 that prescribes the requirements for packaging recoverable through composting. • Beobase compounds feature the TüV Austria ‘OK compost label’ (formerly Vinçotte). In other words, they are guaranteed as compostable in an industrial composting plant. Development and production, all-in-one Since its start in 2000, Beologic’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities have evolved side by side, so the company is now considered market leader in the supply of customized natural and mineral-filled compounds. Beologic’s engineering network provides extensive customer support: product development, problem analysis and optimizing existing production processes. Besides the standard compounding, the Beologic’s plant includes both traditional and cryogenic milling to create biobased polymer powders. Innologic is Beologic’s contract engineering unit. Customers and extruders who work with non Beologic technology are equally welcome to call upon the services of Innologic. Produced exclusively from pure plant-based, renewable resources! | Our premium range from renewable raw materials Figure 2 – Beobase compounds feature a look and feel that matches their compostable properties With Joma Nature® we offer a select range of our Spice Grinders and our Securibox® as an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional products – sustainable and CO 2- neutral. For our environment, we aim to protect our natural surroundings and secure a livable world for our children. bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/18] Vol. 13 13

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